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  1. Lairston's Avatar
    yeah they were great days.

    And the current software is stuff that we dreamed about in class

    stuff like form designers rather then points on screen
  2. Jason Sanborn's Avatar

    Ah yes, the old DOS days. I remember them well.
  3. Lairston's Avatar
    Yeah having a gf is awesome!!!!

    Yeah it stinks. but I'm actually having a great time learning the newer technologies with formal training instead of just learning by myself.

    It means my programs will be better and not doing things that a DOS programmer would do lol
  4. Jason Sanborn's Avatar
    I'm glad to hear about the girlfriend.

    Sorry to hear about the financial aid difficulties, though. If it isn't one thing, it's another.
  5. Lairston's Avatar
    Yeah money is an issue for me.

    I stopped because I finally got a girlfriend though.

    Money became a problem after the seminary decided I couldn't have financial aid anymore and thus my funds dried up and I stopped going to the seminary with three classes left in the degree....

    I'm now in computer classes. Which I'm actually enjoying far more.

    And I'm trying to come up with something that will bring in some money. I have multiple software projects to release. When they finally are done.
  6. Jason Sanborn's Avatar

    That's kept me away for a long time. Just starting reading some web comics again recently. At least those are free.
  7. Lairston's Avatar
    yeah I think they have forgotten what made these characters last all these decades...

    I have yet to see anything to make me want to start buying again. And lots to keep me away.
  8. Jason Sanborn's Avatar
    I don't know what DC's been thinking. If they've been thinking, that is.
  9. Lairston's Avatar

    He now is named Shazam and he has a cowl thing.

  10. Jason Sanborn's Avatar
    That bad, huh?
  11. Schwuldubist's Avatar
    That is a fantastic quote. Absolutely wonderful.
  12. Jason Sanborn's Avatar
    "Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning." - Rich Cook
  13. Schwuldubist's Avatar
    Fantastic patience is needed for programming. I give you kudos. I personally dropped out of IT as a major because I couldn't stand the tedious work of programming. So good job there Lairston, I truly appreciate what you did.
  14. Lairston's Avatar
    Thanks M

    I'm glad you like it
  15. Meteoro's Avatar
    Yes, it's working. I think it's a great feature
  16. Lairston's Avatar
    Thanks Jason
  17. Jason Sanborn's Avatar
    You did a great job on the comic script. Can't wait to see how the other projects turn out.