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  1. Jason Sanborn's Avatar
    I am so sorry this has happened to you, Tigs. There is no reason to feel guilty over your feelings. You were wronged, and it is horrible. I don't blame you for being upset and depressed over this. We will keep you in prayer, Sis.

  2. Quaxo9's Avatar
    I am so sorry, hon. I can't believe they aren't backing you up on this - what did you need 15 years and a bronze watch? I know it hurts to be betrayed by people you trusted. I'm sorry.

    As for the other - I have faith that you will find something to live for - to look forward to. There is a hope you can count on, even if it looks like the flame is flickering and dying, it won't go out. Simply don't let it. That probably sounds dumb, but I know - I know - the hope is in there and will remain there waiting for you to breathe on it and make it stronger.

    May we help feed the flame.

  3. Lairston's Avatar
    I pray things begin to go your way Tigers.

    I cannot stand bosses and the fact that they say one thing and do the opposite makes me sick.