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  1. Software Development

    It can be a trying thing making software. I spent the last week adding the blog and blog comments to the activity stream. I thought it would take an hour but I overlooked something in the other streams that were already built into the activity stream.

    That meant it went from an hour to days as I scratched my head trying to figure out what I forgot.

    But finally I noticed the little thing that I forgot last night and there you go. We have the blog and comments working in ...
  2. No to Privatizing the United States Postal Service

    You some times hear the mantra that the Postal Service needs to be privatized. They claim that it will be better organized and cutomers will get better service at a better price. That sounds really good. You'd think they'd hurry to do this if customers will get better service at a better price.

    But in the real world, theories don't always hold water. Take for instance the Fedex Smart Post. That's a nice name but how does it compare to the USPS Priority Service? Well on November 3rd, ...
  3. Where no god should ever tread: Part 1

    The sun set slowly on the horizon, and Mychael couldn't stop staring at the red glow that outlined the mountain range in the distance. "What am I doing here," he asked as he turned towards the house.

    The house. Not his house because he was a wandering god. Exiled from his home and all those he knew. Now he dwelled in a modest house that helped him to hide his true nature. Gone were the days and years of granduer and extravagance. The thatched roof barely kept out the rain ...
  4. Angola Rodeo... Unbelievable

    It is with extreme horror that I discovered this article just a few minutes ago. I cannot believe that here in the 21st century that such a thing would be allowed. Let alone allowed in the United States of America. I don't care if the prisoners are volunteers or not.

    This is not Rome or the ancient world. There's no excuse that they used to use that people are less then human because they are not Roman or whatever nationality the ancient people was. This is the modern world and there ...
  5. The Pirates

    The Pittsburgh Pirates certainly hit a brickwall at July 31... They had been so fun to watch up until that point. It had been the first time in years that I was still watching every game that late in the season.

    But they have returned to their normal form of the last 18 years since August 1st. Its a shame really. They were doing so well.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with about that time, they shipped off a couple of young relievers that were doing well for a couple ...
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