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    Offial Unofficial Negation Comic

    Negation #10

    Book opens with Chomper pouncing on Kaine at Komptin’s command. The page has Chomper on Kaine teeth bared. Flipping

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    Official Conversation Thread for the Official Unofficial Negation Return comic

    So I was googling Negation stuff last week and I stumbled across Jenn's page where she had posted my Negation script!
    Thanks Sojourn!

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    False Flags (Historical - World War II Era)

    Gerhard Einsbrect

    Kraus' cautious optimism was not comforting in the slightest. It meant that the doctor thought the virus was working. Even

    Quaxo9 Today, 09:23 AM Go to last post

    Personal Announcements (which affect RPing) - Part 2

    Oh, my, it sucks that brother lost his job like this, but yay for a new one! Sometimes we need to fall to get up for something better!


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    Monkey Kitty

    Things Past (A Backstory Thread)

    Six Months Ago

    It wasn't easy for Rossi, even after that day by the lake. Seeing her brother again was wonderful. Seeing

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    Monkey Kitty

    Things Past (A Backstory Thread)

    One Year Ago

    The girl stood by herself in the crater of a poisoned lake. She was battered and bruised, though none of it was

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