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So I've been working on the comic mod for about a week now. I think its done. Now I just have to wait and see if the upload script actually works for Qwaring. And then I can release the mod on vbulletin.org and see what kind of reception it gets there. I have a page on my website already for it.

So this is the first thing I've done with php. And I found the language easy to follow since its similar to the c languages. Now creating code on the other hand is different simply because of all the little variations.

So my next projects are to try to get a virtual pet script to integrate with vBulletin and to make Living Avatars work with vbulletin 4. Should be fun.

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  1. Jason Sanborn's Avatar
    You did a great job on the comic script. Can't wait to see how the other projects turn out.
  2. Lairston's Avatar
    Thanks Jason


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