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    Name: Starron

    Location: A far off edge of the known universe.

    Surface Conditions: The surface is flourishing with plant life, but no animal life. Large cities, towns, and villages cover the land, each one deserted many years ago.

    Ruler/Owner/Governing Body(s): None.

    Primary inhabitants: None.

    Places of Interest:
    Jasmin Cottage: Jasmin's old home is located on the outskirts of a small seaside villiage.
    Isabel's Home: Isabel's small home is located in a forest grove. It cannot be seen from outside the forest.

    Unique Planetary Conditions: Well, it's deserted. Only plant life grows here. No animal life or humanoid life seems to exist.

    Brief History: Starron was once a planet teeming with life and civilization. The people ofthe planet were technologically equivalent to that of late 20th century earth. Jasmin, the Dexter Goddess of Justice, had made her home on this planet soon after Altwaal divided the houses. Her friend, Isabel, followed shortly afterwards.

    Jasmin later fell in love with a young Sinister God, Meteoro. While Meteoro visited the planet, he developed an unknown disease that Jasmin discovered, and attempted to find a cure for. The day she found the cure, she also told Meteoro that she was pregnant. This enraged Meteoro, and in the confrontation, his anger combined with the disease, caused the temperature on the planet to become superheated. Every living thing on the planet died. It nearly killed Jasmin as well, and she was forced to make Meteoro forget about her, Starron, and her unborn child.

    Plant life has since returned to the planet, and Jasmin has left the planet, and Isabel was killed by Lawbringer VMPR, leaving the planet truly deserted.
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    Name: Garntark

    Location: The Rob In Star System, The Raven Constellation

    Surface Conditions: Earth-like planet. Large ancient cities of technology are on the planet, yet, the cities are run-down, as if they had been abandoned for many years. Smaller towns and villages that have some population can be found scattered across the world.

    Ruler/Owner/Governing Bodies: None.

    Primary inhabitants: Humans and Zombies.

    Places of Interest: Yet to be discovered.

    Unique Planetary Conditions: This is a planet of Zombies. Humans do exist, but they are small in number.

    Brief History: Hundreds of years ago, the humans of this planet studied ways to extend their life spans. They tampered with genetics and managed to find ways to extend the lives of their physical bodies. Unfortunately, the extension also caused a loss of mental capacity. The people who underwent this procedure were turned into zombies.

    The zombies hunted down and ate humans. Others that they bit or scratched, but they didn't kill, were infected with the disease, and later became zombies themselves. As a result, the numbers of zombies across the world increased, while the humans decreased in number each year.

    Today, there are few pockets of human civilization scattered across the planet. They live in walled towns and villages, attempting to keep out the zombies. The time that they are most alert is at night or on dark days, when the zombies are able to come out and terrorize the people.

    Note about Zombies: Zombies are sensative to sunlight. A mutation over the years has caused their skin to burn in sunlight. Also, bright lights blind them. They can move, even in daylight, if they need to, but they suffer from doing so.

    Zombies can only be killed by decapitation or incineration. They can be incenerated if they are exposed to sunlight for at least two hours. Zombies do not "heal" from wounds, but at the same time, they don't bleed.

    If a human is infected by a zombie disease, they have 24 hours before they become a zombie themselves. A cure has been found for the disease, but it must be administered within the first 24 hours for it to be effective.
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    Name: Mystik

    Location: Somewhere beyond Elysian space, close enough to be known by the First, but far enough away to be beyond most First's interest.

    Surface Conditions: A planet full of lush vegetation and teeming with life. Technology is a mixture of pre and post industrial age yet powered by magic. Some cities rely heavily of machines and technology to thrive while there are still some smaller cities and villages who have shut them off from the major advances in technology trusting only in their magic to survive.

    Ruler/Owner/Governing Bodies: Kael, Sinister God of Magic.

    Primary Inhabitants: Humans

    Places of Interest: Kael's Palace.

    Brief History: Kael made his home on this world shortly before Altwaal created the Rift. He had a direct influence on much of the development of the world, and infused many with their magical abilities.
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    Name: Eden

    Location: In the Pamoja Galaxy, five galaxies away from the Elysia galaxy.

    Surface Conditions: 90% Earth-like surface while 10% is actually a grey gaseous state. Several invisible wells of energy flows through the planet such as universal, magic, and negation. Eden has eleven visible small moons of various colors orbiting the planet. The Grey moon is the only one that doesnt orbit around Eden. It stays hovered high above in one place and shines only over the gaseous part of Eden.

    Ruling & Governing Bodies: The Empress is the ruling position over all of Eden. Under the Empress are a few established kingdoms scattered throughout the land such as the Kingdom of Thames. Other kingdoms have yet to return from the colonies out in space.

    Primary inhabitants: Gods and humans.

    Places of Interest:

    Edens Gate: This is the land touched by the gods where beauty is everywhere. At the center is the Grand Palace where the Empress houses her family. The current Empress is Honors Angel.

    Town of Tchets: This is the largest town in Edens Gate. The Empress palace is several hills to its east. The town is where the first colonials from Tchetna have touched down and made their home at. The towns spiritual leader and governor is Emissary Ellysand.

    Other Places of Interest: Almasi Desert, Tembea Forest, Weupe Expanse, Shanjari Waters, Baramot Plains, SFuri Caves.
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    Saber Vortex

    Saber Vortex

    Planet Information:

    Name: Saber Vortex
    Location: Matrix Quadrant
    Primary Thread: The Saber Vortex
    Surface Conditions: Green, lush, and full of life. Green fields, forests, and a small ocean. The only thing not beautiful on the planet, it the Wastelands. A dark desert where Anubis began his attack long ago on the planet.
    Ruler/Owner/Governing Body(s): Until their deaths: Sojourn Fan and Optimus Prime. Their daughter, Honor's Angel, is the current ruler now.
    Primary inhabitants: Villagers who live in various small towns and wild animals.
    Places of Interest:
    -[gotopost=17837]Aurora's Hidden Cabin[/gotopost]
    -[gotopost=18251]Cat Claw's Pub[/gotopost]
    -[gotopost=17833]Countries of the Saber Vortex[/gotopost]
    -[gotopost=17840]Dexter School of Training[/gotopost]
    -[gotopost=17838]The Palace[/gotopost]
    -[gotopost=17835]The Wastelands[/gotopost]
    Unique Planetary Conditions: The planet is a perfect balance between wildlife and human kind. Small villages were built so that humans could sustain their lives without missing their link to the peaceful world that surrounds them.
    Brief History: SF found the planet in the Matrix Quadrant and decided to claim it was her and her husband's planet. It is a peaceful and full of life until Shadow of Trigon appeared and set out to destroy all life there was revenge on them. Then the Olympian/Titan battle came to make things worse. However, with the Matrix Repair Crew and Janassa and Cesar's help the planet and all life on it was restored. The Saber Vortex is a more beautiful than before and is the jewel of the Matrix Quadrant. SF and OP loved their home very much and later established the Dexter School there. After their deaths, rulership of the planet was passed onto Angel.

    Past posts for this thread can be found here:

    -The first Saber Vortex thread on the old Crossgen Boards.
    -Saber Vortex I thread on new Crossgen Boards
    -Saber Vortex II on new Crossgen Boards
    -Saber Vortex on Comic Book Review
    -Current Saber Vortex Thread

    Just some neat facts:

    -Winner of the Ophelia Awards "Favorite RP thread" award of 2004
    -First RP thread to hit 1000 and 2000 posts on New CG Boards. (Volume I on those boards)
    -Place where part of the Titan/Olympian Battles took place which was the winner the Ophelia Awards "Best SL" award of 2004
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    Re: Qwa-Worlds...

    Re: Qwa-Worlds...

    Name: Losystus[img=right]http://qwaring.com/losystus.jpg[/img]
    Primary Thread: The Planet Losystus
    Location: A distant corner of the Milkey Way galaxy, several spiral arms away from Earth.
    Moons or Orbiting Body(s): Losystus has two small moons within orbit and an orbiting ice ring.
    Surface Conditions: Optimal for human survival, breathable air, tolerable temperatures and managable terrain. Nearly half of the planet is covered in water. Due to its unique rotational axis it's artic lands in the northern-most portion of the planet takes up nearly a fourth of the planet's surface, while the southern-most portion is only slightly colder than the rest of the world, with tropical conditions just north of it.
    Ruler/Owner/Governing Body(s): The planet is ruled by the Losys Clan, a family of gods and goddesses that also makes up the inhabitants only religion. The title of absolute ruler is shared by Queen Valeska and King Clarensis. Their descendants make up the remainder of the pantheon and hold positions of power within the governmental hierarchy.
    Primary Inhabitants: Losystus is one of the colony worlds established by humans nearly a hundred thousand years ago, and humanity still claims the entire planet. The planet is dominated by First, Secundae and many half-blood Elysians. The world also has a large wildlife population.
    Places of Interest: The royal palace of the Losys Clan, located high atop Mt. Miksa, which is surrounded by the ringed city of Losia, the capital city of all of Losystus. The palace is where the king and queen live and govern the entire planet.
    Technological Level: Since colonization one-hundred thousand years ago the civilization of Losysus has encountered several crippling disasters which has erased their space travelling capabilities. They still possess a high degree of technology and science, but since the arrival of their gods they have slowly began to adapt to a more mystical lifestyle. Their technology is more advanced than 21st century Earth (with advanced computers, mass transit accomplished via magnetically powered roadways and nearly automated vehicles, hoverships, and rudimentary bionics commonplace), but magic usage has been on the rise for centuries, with everyone owning at least six magically powered or influenced item, appliance or tool and nearly 60% of the population knowing at least a minor spell or two.
    Brief History: Losystus was one of the earliest colony worlds established during the big push for humanity to spread across the galaxy. It was also one of the hardest hit when Terragov vanished. Without support from home the colony fell victim to several ecological disasters it was ill prepared for and quickly began regressing towards a more chaotic civilization. The regression eventually equalized and their culture stabalized into a collection of rivaling city states that barely managed to hold the peace between one another. This condition lasted until Valeska arrived. Valeska was a First goddess of harmonies and had been travelling the cosmos seeking to bring human worlds to a peaceful, harmonious state. So wrapped up in her quest to bring peace and order to the poor mortal worlds she was unaware that her own world, Elysia, had errupted in civil war, the Secundae Rebellion, and so she was unprepared for an ambush by Secundae rebels on Losystus. The group of Secundae was led by Egidion, the leader of the rebellion. Egidion had sought out Valeka, because her powers to bring harmony could bring the rebllion to an end if it were used by the other First, so he wanted to eliminate her immediately. There was a massive battle between Valeska and the rebels, but in the end it appeared as if the First goddess was just too powerful for the Secundae to defeat, so Egidion had one of his Secundae, a young godling named Frazzner, perform a ritual based spell on Valeska that would prevent the goddess from becoming a threat on Elysia. The spell bound the goddess' energies to the life force of the planet. If she ever left Losystus it would kill every living thing on the planet, even the human population. Since Valeska was not only a Dexter but also possessed high morals she would never be able to leave since she couldn't allow herself to be the cause of so many deaths, no matter the cause. Wtih Valeska taken out of the war Egidion and his Secundae left Losystus, all except for one Secundae. A Dexter godling called Clarensis stayed behind because he didn't want a planet of innocent mortals to die because of anything he was involved in, and he feared that Valeska might decide to let the people of Losystus die so she could fight for the First or get revenge on Egidion. Carensis wanted to keep Valeska on the planet by any means necessary. At first the two Elysians were hostile with one another. They were enemies, but did not engage in anything more than battles of words, since there was no point to violence. Eventually, as the two of them realized that they were both trapped on this world for however long life remains there, they began to let their guard down and even work together to try to make this world their home. They took control of the world's many citystates in a non-violent take over, the already existing governments just gave up at the show of godly power, and together they began to build a better world for themselves and their people. As the decades rolled on they grew closer together, first becoming close friends and then being the only Elysians that they can have for company gave them a dependancy on one another, which eventually blossomed into love. Within fifty years time they were married. The first of their children was born shortly after.
    As the centuries progressed their children grew up and took mortal lovers and spouses and had half-god children. Those children grew up to have children of their own. And so on and so forth. Now Losystus is inhabited by the Losys clan, a family composed of descendants of Valeska and Clarensis, both of whom act as the absolute leaders of the clan and planet. Each child of the clan specialized their godhood in controlling some specific aspect of the world (the animals, the clouds, the sunshine, the thunderstorms, the planet's ring, ect). Also each descendant was born with a unique variation of Valeska's binding to the planet's life force, but it was a twisted version that would make leaving the planet lethal to them instead of the inhabitants. So leaving the planet would kill anyone born into the Losys clan.
    Currently the Losys clan rules their world in a perfect world order, in absolute harmony with the human inhabitants and the natural order of the planet. They even managed to successfull fight off a Negation invasion during the War. Despite that invasion attempt life on Losystus is a perfect utopia for it's people and essentially trouble free paradise for the gods and goddesses of the Losys clan.
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    Re: Qwa-Worlds...

    Re: Qwa-Worlds...

    Name: Veriosk[img=right]http://qwaring.com/veriosk02.jpg[/img]
    Primary thread: Veriosk
    Location: orbiting the Red-Claw Binary Star system
    Surface Conditions: 30% of the planet's surface is covered with water, 5% desert, 15% artic, 20% jugle/forest and 40% mountains.
    Ruler/Owner/Governing Body(s): Qwaring's Clone#1 is the planet's current monarch, while he's away the royal "Advisor-guy" is in charge and Veriosk has a large number of councils, ministers, congresses and senates which were either created on a whim by the clone or survived being whimmed out of existance by one of the clone's chaotic orders.
    Primary inhabitants: Humans, with a very small wildlife population, which is mostly isolated to nature enclosures or zoos
    Places of Interest: General Godspital, The royal palace (which ressembles an upside down pyramid), the diamond mountain (a mountain made of diamond), the Grand Temple of Healing (an advanced hospital, where the Verioskians have perfected technological and mystical hybreedized medical treatments, their medical capabilities are legendary), Qwaring's clone#1's summer home (a giant mansion built ontop of a volcano), Verioskian House of commerce (a government building made of solid gold) and that palace that QC#1 gave to SF and OP as a wedding present.
    Unique Planetary Conditions: Due to advanced medical technology/magic the air and water of the planet has been given minor healing proporties. Those who live on the planet can expect to have their natural lifespan increased by 250% and injuries heal five times faster.
    Brief History: Years ago the planet was taken over by Zakaure the tyrant lord. His reign was complete and unopposed up until his escape rocketship was stolen by Qwaring. The theft showed the enslaved citizens of the planet that it was not futile to resist Zakaure's rule, plus it got them thinking about why a guy with absolute power would need an "escape rocketship" unless he had reason to be afraid that he might have to flee Veriosk at some point. When Qwaring's lair arrived on the planet, seeking a new secret location to rest on, Zakaure claimed it as his throneroom, using it as a symbol of the strength of his empire. When Qwaring and his clone arrived they defeated Zakaure in combat, and according to the citizens of the planet it is their law to appoint the person who defeated their monarch as new ruler. So Qwaring's clone#1 became the emporer of Veroisk.
    The clone began leading the planet to financial ruin. The efforts of Neo Avatar, Qwaring and every responcible citizen of Veriosk has managed to stabilize their economy and civilization. Also the fact that the clone is offworld most of the time helps to minimize the damage he can do. But despite the damage being all but undone many of the Verioskians wish to get rid of their emperor and so have tried hiring an assassin named Fetch to eliminate the clone, but this has failed numerous times and any further schemes of the conspiracy against QC#1 remain unknown.
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    Name: Maze

    Location: Outer Rim in the Milky Way Galaxy.

    Surface Conditions: One of billions of Earth-like worlds scattered across the universe that has never interested any of the First, despite being a minor leyline vertex. The atmosphere is slightly denser and with a higher oxygen content than modern Earth's, much like in the Jurassic period. Maze doesn't have moons and as a result its tides are remarkably weak.

    Primary inhabitants: Primitive humans.

    Places of Interest:

    Residence of Estrecca. A spartan stone house in the planet's southernmost continent that Estrecca built after his arrival.

    Cave of the Spirits. The local shamans use this holy cave to contact with the spirits of their ancestors when they need guidance. Estrecca has discovered that the veil between the spiritual and material planes is unusually thin here.

    Governing Body: The Council of Shamans is the only organization worthy of the name in the whole planet, controlling a powerful coalition of tribes with a somewhat higher civilization than their neighbors in the northern reaches of the southernmost continent.
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    Planetary Archives.

    Planetary Archives.

    * Alchemy-13, moon (Alchemy-13, in orbit of Elysia, Ozz's Palace, Elysia's new Moon)
    * Antilles (ANTILLES - Last Galaxy of Hope)
    * Aquas (Aquas VI: The Water Giant)
    * Asteroid K (Asteroid K, a tiny moon adrift on empty space)
    * Attila's Garden Planet (Atilla's and Ally's retreat (former monestary))
    * Attila's Ice Planet (Somewhere… trapped in Limbo: Atilla2k, ~The Catacombs~)
    * Botannical Sanctuary (DESTROYED Botannical Sanctuary)
    * The Boss' Dark World (Dark Reaches the Universe)
    * Caliga (Caliga: A Dark World)
    * Canto (The machine world of Canto)
    * Cernosela (Cernosela
    * Chance's World
    (Chance's world: The Search for Penny)
    * Clemetria (Clemetria and the search for the Crux Orb, Clemetria, and the revealing of truth)
    * Colored Moon (Colored Moon)
    * Conto (The machine world of Conto, The return of MAGIN!!)
    * Crenna (Crenna, a World of witches)
    * Crour (Cruor: A Vampire World)
    * Coranias (Coranias - Planet on the Far Side of the Universe)
    * Crenna (Crenna, a World of witches)
    * Crylic (The Crylic, a Negation Outpost)
    * Demetria (Demetria, Cadador: The Floating Island of Demetria)
    * Dunamis Heka (The Planet of Dunamis Heka)
    * Duplicitous (Duplicitous......A quiet place Foxy found)
    * Earth (EARTH, Legends of the Pyramids, Legands of the Pyramids, Antarctic-Planet Earth, Earth-The Childhood home of K Dogg, Mil, and Tenise)
    * Eden (Eden: Return of the Queen, Eden: Legacy of the Four Guardians, Eden: Legacy of the Four Guardians, Eden: A Planet Reborn, )
    * Elysia (Elysia: One Elysia, United First?, Elysia, The Council Gathering: Minity's Palace, Pyramidas, North of Elysia, House Dexter's Mighty Hall, Council of War at the Sinister Palace, House Uter (or Medius, if you prefer), Elysian Space, Elysia: The cliff where the Sinister School used to be, The Crystal Cave on Elysia, The Dragonfly Club, The Clockwork Citadel, Carsona's Couture, House Dexter, House Medius, House Sinister, Sil's Memorial (House Dexter), KLitke's Tower, Sinister School for the Selfish Arts, The Dogg House:Gonel's Food fight kingdom, preparing for war, The Forest of Lycantropia, a Nexus of Realities, The new Sinister Entertainment and Justice Building, "NEW WIDOWS CLUB", funeral house, Arkham Asylum for the Godly Insane, Bard's Sports Dive, Dark, Dank Sanctuary Catacombs, DESTROYED Swamp of Solitude, Elysia, Elysia Family Planning, General Godspital, House Dexter DESTROYED (patent pending), House Medius, House Medius, House Sinister, House Sinister: Ministry of Science, House Sinister: Ministry of War and Chaos, KLitke's Tower, LizardSnake's Quaint, Heavily-Fortified Bastion, Lookout Point, MC's Memorial Service, Minity's Floating Estate, Multi's Consortium (newly opened), Mystik Keep: Under Attack!!!, Nestl's DogHouse, Return of House Dexter, Ruins of Satorr's Sanctum, Sinister School for the Selfish Arts, Sojourn and Prime's Elysian Apartments, Son of Avalon's Hall of Heroes, The anti-Gods underground, The Burial of Meteoro | The Fight with Meteoroh of Cadador | Meteoro's Return?, The Crystal Cave on Elysia, The Ministry of Justice, The NEW House Sinister at Elysia, The New Multi's Potions Shopette & Resturant, The New Oan Bar & Grill, The Nun’s Beauty Saloon (We're Reptile Friendly!), Titan Gods Island, Xan's Imperial Palace)
    * Essmel (Essmel - A planet of samurai, magic, and mysticism, A planet of samurai, magic, and mysticism)
    * Faeria (Faeria, Faeria (bio), [IC] Fatum)
    * Fake Metallus Throneworld (The Fake House Metallus
    * Fake Planet M (Fake Planet M: Bizarro Glcjr's Black Market Cotton Candy Operation)
    * Ferrous The Planet Ferrous)
    * Forge world (Wayland's Forge, Destiny's Contest)
    * Gaelica (Gaelica)
    * Galacia (Galacia: The Dominion of the Seer, Galacia)
    * Galadthria (Galadthria- Minity's planet, Galadthria- Minity's planet)
    * Garntark (Garntark: Planet of Zombies)
    * Geaia (Geaia)
    * Gearnan (Lost Tales ~ Gearnen)
    * Grove (The Grove Planet: An Intergalatic Waystation, The Grove: An Intergalactic Waystation, The Grove: An Intergalactic Waystation)
    * Hennessy (A house in Planet Hennessy- la villa de k dogg)
    * Jo'briann (Jo'briann: Galactic Ice-World Prison, Jo'briann: Galactic Ice-World Prison)
    * Junqwarlcjr (The Junqwarlcjr Mountain Resort World, The Junqwarlcjr Mountain Resort World : Under new ownership!)
    * Lycanthropie (Planet Lycanthropie, Negation's land: Pennywise and Sovem's crossroad)
    * Ka'lasyndere (Ka'lasyndere: Burning Frustrations)
    * Kamiros (Kamiros)
    * Kelasar (Kelesar: A Gothic/Cyberpunk World, Kelesar: A Gothic/Cyber-Punk World, Kelesar: A Gothic/Cyber-Punk World)
    * Keres' world (A Hidden World of Bad Things..., The Planet Pandora)
    * Kobalty (Kobalty: Well of Champions, Kobalty, Kobalty: Doing good deeds, because that d@mn well is making me, Penny's Quest on Planet Kobalty)
    * Kontiltan (Kontiltan II: Kontiltan's Queen,Kontiltan II: A brave new world!, Kontiltan, Kontiltan: Under Sinestro's Protectorate, Kontiltan Keep: The road East...)
    * Lacon (The Destroyed Remains of Planet Lacon, Destroyed Planet Lacon and its remains floating adrift)
    * Las Vegas world (Las Vegas World, Las Vegas World: An Atilla2k Ally Doogie Wanda Jane Dragons Sanders Quaxo9 Adventure)
    * Lost Planet (The Lost Planet of the Dexter Star...)
    * m2damachine's Planet (MY planet)
    * Maze (Maze (bio))
    * Mystik (Mystik: The Home of Kael (Present Day), Planet Mystik: A First is Found)
    * Negator's Asteroid (That Long-Dead Asteroid In Space)
    * Nemesis' World (The Realm of Nemesis)
    * Obscurannia (The Obscurannia Asteroids at the Infinity Black Hole's heart)
    * Olympia (Olympia, the rocky world)
    * Ouron (Ouron RPG)
    * Oz (The Sprouse's Of OZ)
    * Planet M (Planet M: The Valkyrie Palace's Banquet, Planet M: Sir Gregorn and Vermin's World, Planet M, A Hidden Cave on Planet Meteoro, Fully Clothed People Beach™, Planet M: Glcjr's Freezing Dark World, Within a concealment aura on Planet M)
    * Polaris (Polaris:The Ice Planet)
    * Prometheum Planet (Qwaring's Secret Lair, [ur=http://www.cbreview.com/archives/rpthreads1/thread.asp?t=t0000206]The Prometheum Planet[/url])
    * The Protectorate Homeworld (The Protectorate Homeworld)
    * Q'guer (Q'Guer: Welcome to Trius City)
    * Quin (The Wedding of Neo and Sil)
    * Rache (Rache: Where a Goddess goes to Hide and Plot Revenge)
    * Reshnael (Reshnael: A Medieval World, Rechnael: A Medieval World)
    * Retesh (Planet Retesh: Home to I.c.e Motion)
    * Scion the Moon (Scion the Moon: Double funeral at the Hall of Heroes, Scion the Moon, Scion the Moon: Two Kingdoms, One Moon)
    * Shadow World (Return To Shadow World: House Diablo Homeworld)
    * Sitcom (Sitcom World)
    * Starron (Starron: A Deserted Planet, Starron: A Deserted Planet, Starron: A Deserted Planet, Starron: The Deserted Planet)
    * Targis (Targis: A World in Chaos)
    * Tchetna (Tchetna: A Dead Planet)
    * Tebryna ([/url=http://www.cbreview.net/archive-forums1/viewtopic.php?t=322]Tebryna: A Tropical Paradise[/url], Tebryna: A Tropical Paradise, Tebryna: A Tropical Paradise, Tebryna: A Tropical Paradise - Wedding Preparations, Tebryna: A Tropical Paradise)
    * Telona (Vision Quest on the world of Telona)
    * Terilga (Lucien Rising)
    * Terra (Terra: Terran's World)
    * Tigers (Planet Tigers, Planet Tigers: The Sinister School, Tigre the Moon of Planet Tigers, The Land of Tigers, Land of Tigers)
    * Topaz (PLANET TOPAZ SPrING BREAK! (with cheating wives!) cont., The Wandering Gods: A War In Topaz?)
    * Ultimate Unknown Utopia (The Ultimate Unknown Utopia)
    * Veriosk (General Godspital, the Next Generation, The Present Palace on the Planet Veriosk)
    * Vestual (Byrill, a kingdom on the moon Vestual)
    * V'nelcao (V'nelcao: A Negation Outpost, url=http://www.cbreview.com/archives/rpthreads2/default.asp?t=88]V'nelcao: A Secret Negation Outpost.[/url])
    * World of Hades (The Underworld of Hades)
    * Wyldearth (Shuya's Wyldearth, The moons of Wyldearth)
    * X'ann's World (X'ann- The Not-So-Lonely Dwelling)
    * Yama (Planet Yama: Deep within the Bleak Zone)
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