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    [IC] The Dogg Kingdom

    [IC] The Dogg Kingdom

    Wars have been around since the beggining of time. Wars were started because of greed, envy, anger, hatred, and discrimination. Though people long for peace, one usually aquires peace through violence. It's become a very common senario nowadays, and this story isn't very different.

    The ideas of peace on one end, led to thoughts of chaos to the other, and in result, destroyed each other in the end.

    Two legendary civilizations, The Dogg Kingdom and The Feline Dynasty, were silent rivals. To the regular folk of the nations, the two countries were at peace. But behind the scenes, murders, bribes, and disagreements took place. When the Emeror of the Feline Dynasty decides to try to make peace with The Dogg Kingdom in public, chaos over took the streets of both nations.

    The war continued on for many years, each army only getting stronger. These are the stories of the barbaric war between The Dogg Kingdom and The Feline Dynasty.

    Credits: Jessss!!! From AMR~!

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    Re: The Dogg Kingdom

    Re: The Dogg Kingdom

    [img=left]http://greywolf.critter.net/images/ironclaw/standups/mage-02.gif[/img] Empress Saria

    ::Emperor Henruss and his wife of twenty years, Empress Saria, were talking in the hallway. Soon Henruss was going to give a speech. He believed it was time for the useless feud to end. He knew his ideas weren't popular, it went against tradition and what the people of both races were raised to think. But change would never come unless someone took a stand. Henruss would do that. His wife though was worried.::

    Henruss, are you sure you want to do this? The people...

    I know what they are saying. I'm not deaf. But this is for the greater good. How will change come if no one takes a stand? I'm not scared Saria. I do it for our children. Russ is almost grown now. I don't want him to see what I have. I want a different life for him.

    ::Henruss said touching his wife's face.::

    I know, I just...

    You worry too much my dear. Just trust me.

    ::He said giving her a kiss.::

    Okay. It's almost time. You better pratice your speech.

    ::Henruss smiled and then looked over his notes. Saria decided it was best to put on a brave face for her husband. But she couldn't shake the feeling something bad was going to happen.::
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    [img=left]http://greywolf.critter.net/images/ironclaw/standups/knight-02.gif[/img] Russ

    ::Meanwhile their oldest and firstborn son, Russ arrived to hear the speech. Russ is 15 years old. He was greeted by Kayla. She was his sister and two years younger than him.::


    ::She yelled and gave him a big hug. They were very close to each other, considering their age. They had a set of triplet sisters and a baby brother. Russ returned the hug.::

    Good to see you too. Wow, you're growing up.

    You too. Does Mom and Dad know you're back?

    No, I just got here.

    Come on. Dad's going to be giving a big speech soon but he and Mom will be so happy you are here.

    ::Kayla said grabbing his hand and leading him down the hall. Not leaving him much of a choice.::

    But I'm supposed to wait for Kincaid...

    He'll catch up!

    ::Russ had been away from his family most of his life. Sent by his parents to be trained by Kincaid, the warlord. He came back time to time to visit them but most of his young life had been spent training. In the Feline Dynasty one must be a good warrior in order to be a good Emperor. And that was Russ' destiny. To become Emperor Henruss X one day.::
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    K Dogg woke up in his quarters of the Dogg Castle. He had heard that Emperor Henruss would be making a speech today. He didn't know exactly what it was about, but he was intent on finding out what Henruss had to say

    Hey, Crysknife. Let's go.

    K Dogg put on his armor, and laced his boots. K Dogg was still a young Dogg Knight, around the age of 17. He was one of the most feared Knight in the squad. Second only to his long-time partner, Crysknife.

    Hey, Get up. NOW. The Emperor is about to make his speech. K Dogg began to shake Cryknife, trying to wake him.


    K Dogg sighed and left to hear the Emperor's speech.
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    ((FYI: You can use [img=left] instead of just [img] to make the text flow around the image better, like I have with my images. ))


    Kincaid stood on the parapet walk above the main gates guarding entry into the courtyard of the palace. The courtyard and city beyond was bustling with activity. Felines from far and wide have come to hear the announcement of the Emperor, Emperor Henruss IX. Not only felines, though, had come on this day, Kincaid's keen eye had seen many doggs in the crowd as well. The presense of the doggs added to the already hightened tensions in the crowd. From his vantage point, Kincaid had already seen two brawls break out, both of which were quickly stopped by the city and palace guards.

    Lord Kincaid. What brings you to the parapets?

    Kincaid turned his head to the left slightly, to view the speaker. It was a black panther who bore the insignia of a lieutenant of the palace guards. Kincaid didn't need the insignia to know the man, though. He remembered helping to train him when he was a raw recruit.

    Just desiring a birds-eye view of the situation, Lieutenant Quisare. I trust your men are prepared for any trouble?

    If the doggs give us any trouble today, Sir, we'll be ready.

    And if the felines should start something?

    Felines, Sir?

    Kincaid looked back down at another fight that had just started outside the palace gates. Four felines against two doggs. He didn't know what precipitated this fight. Maybe a dogg looked at a feline the wrong way. It didn't take much.

    Yes, Lieutenant. Felines. There are many who disagree with the Emperor's decision, on both sides of the fence.

    Kincaid turned and completely faced the Lieutenant, staring him in the eyes.

    And there are enough doggs here to have a massacre on our hands. This is to be a time of peace, not of violence. It is our job to make sure it remains such, regardless of blood.

    The lieutenant looked away under Kincaid's powerful gaze.

    I understand, Sir. I'll make sure my men are on alert for feline trouble as well.

    Even nearing 65 years of age, he still inspired fear and awe among the felines. He was the most honored and respected of the feline warriors, and that honor was earned throughout his lifetime.

    Kincaid had become a soldier fifty years ago next month, on his fifteenth birthday. He grew up in a small village on the outskirts of the Empire. A village that was destroyed by the doggs in a border dispute a year before he became a soldier. At that time, Kincaid burned with hatred and yearned for vengeance against the doggs.

    Kincaid trained under many, now legendary, feline warriors. He drank in their teachings and learned how to fight. He fought with bravery and with honor and, when he was 22, he managed to save the life of the crown prince, Prince Henruss VIII. In recognition of his bravery, the Emperor Henruss VII knighted him and he joined the elite knights of the Feline Dynasty, where he continued to excel in the field of battle.

    A year later, Emperor Henruss VII died leaving his son, Emperor Henruss VIII as the new ruler of the Dynasty. When the new Emperor took the throne, Kincaid went between the field of battle and the palace as a personal friend to the Emperor and the royal family.

    In the years that followed, the bitterness and hatred that Kincaid had for the doggs began to fade. Whether it was the years of battle, or the wisdom that came from age, or a combination of both, he could not say for certain. All he knows is that by the time Emperor Henruss IX took the throne, Kincaid had begun to think more of peace. It was a thought that he didn't keep to himself, either, instead he shared that with anyone who would listen, including his friends, the Emperor and Empress of the Feline Dynasty.

    At fifty years of age, Kincaid stepped down from active duty to begin training young knights. His desire was to teach them not only how to fight, but how to seek peace. To begin to change the century old traditions and pave the road for the future. It was a task he had performed for five years, until the crown prince, Henruss X, was five years of age. At that time, Emperor Henruss IX granted him the title of Lord, and put the crown prince's training into Kincaid's hands. It was a task that Kincaid dutifully and joyfully carried out from that day until the present.

    Very good, Lieutenant.

    Kincaid nodded in acknowledgement then walked past the lieutenant. Young Henruss X, or Russ as he was called by family, of which Kincaid was considered a part of, was waiting for him, and he didn't wish to keep the lad waiting too long.
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    ((ooh.. nifty! Thanks Jas ))


    K Dogg

    When K Dogg arrived at the gates of The Feline Dynasty, he looked at the crowd, mostly Felines, but Doggs scattered all over. He was a little worried, because he saw a few of his fellow Knights among the crowd. He knows what they said they'd do the day before, but K Dogg didn't think that any of them would show up.


    He attempted to call several of them, but the size of the massive crowd prevented him from doing so. The whole Dynasty must have been gaurded by hundreds of Feline soldiers, and K Dogg didn't want to risk losing some of his valuable knights, as well as his own life.

    This would be the first time that K Dogg would listen to a speech from the Emperor since his first day as a Knight. That was already 5 years ago. He found himself, battered at the age of 12. He couldn't remember why or how he arrived at the Dogg Kingdom, but he knew he had to repay the Kingdom for their hospitality. And he did so by entering The Dogg Knights.

    So many Felines and Doggs around. And since things has been revealed, the Felines would love to slaughter some Doggs. This can't be good.
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    ((Thanks for the tip Jas. I was wondering how you did that. )

    [img=left]http://greywolf.critter.net/images/ironclaw/standups/knight-02.gif[/img] Russ

    ::Kayla lead her brother down the hall. Their father was mumbling his speech to himself and their mother was listening. Kayla smiled.::

    Look who finally showed up.

    ::Both parents turned and smiled at Russ. His mother hugged him and his father patted his shoulder.::

    You aren't my little cub anymore. He is growing up to be so handsome isn't he Henruss?

    Yes. Fine young lad. We'll have to keep the girls away from you.

    ::Russ just shook his head. It was good to see his parents. Since he was five he only saw them a few times a year. Although every time he saw them he felt like how those kids feel when family they don't see often size them up and pinch their cheeks. Actually his mother finally stopped doing that to him six months ago.::

    Look you're embarassing him.

    Yeah right. After my speech we'll have sit down and you'll have tell me how you're training is going.

    Well maybe if you guys didn't always send him off you would know.

    ::Kayla said with a bit of attitude in her voice.::

    Kayla! Mind your manners.

    ::Kayla rolled her eyes and Henruss said.::

    Kayla this is why...

    ::Then he looked at the time from a clock on the wall.::

    We'll discuss this later. I have a speech to give soon. Russ is Kincaid around?

    ::Russ wondered what was going on with his sister and then answered his father.::

    I think he is talking to some felines in the garden. He said he come in soon.

    Good. I'll want to talk to him when he comes.

    ::Henruss then wandered off to look at his notes more. Saria told Russ.::

    Why don't you go see the cubs? All they have been talking about is you coming. They are in the nursery with Mischa and Tally.

    ::Mischa was the nanny of the royal family. She was almost as old as Kincaid. She had taken care of Henruss when he was young too. Tally was her granddaughter. She was 14 years old and Russ and Kayla had played with her when they were little. Since she was older now, she helped her grandmother with the triplets and the baby.::


    ::Russ said and he and Kayla walked off. When they were out of hearing distance of their parents, Russ asked.::

    What's going?


    ::Kayla was going to lie and say nothing, but Russ knew her better than that.::

    Mom and Dad are sending me off to some etiquette school. So I can be a "prim and proper" princess. It apppears I'm a troublemaker and I won't be good marriage material for the warlords' sons who come around soon asking for my hand.

    Marriage?!? Why they worried about that? You're only 13.

    Yeah well they sent you off with Kincaid when you were what? Five? They are always worried about the future. Besides it's so stupid why they even brought it up anway.

    What did you do?

    I sneaked out of the palace to meet a boy...

    Oh. You are a big troublemaker then. I told no boys.

    Shut up! It's not like that!

    ::Kayla said hitting his arm.::

    That's what they all say.

    ::Russ said and started running. His little sister had a look on her face and he knew she wanted to kick his butt. He ran into the nursery and saw Mischa.::

    Mischa! She wants to hurt me!

    Well what you do this time to cause that?

    Nothing I swear.

    Sure, I heard that far too many times. Now come and give old Mischa a hug.

    ::Russ hugged Mischa and stuck his tongue out at Kayla. Kayla just glared.::

    Just wait brother.

    ::The triplets screamed for joy when they saw Russ and tackled him. He started tickling them all. Tally walked into the room with the baby and smiled.::

    Look who came back.

    ::The baby wanted down too and toddled over to Russ and tried to beat him up too.::

    Stop guys!

    ::Russ said laughing and having fun. He missed his siblings. For a rare moment he felt like a child and not the future emperor with a big destiny and duty. He looked up a little shocked to see Tally. She was grown too. He gave her a smile.::

    Hey Tally.


    ::Tally said with a smile. She was a little shocked out how grown Russ was too. Kayla just shock her head at her friend and brother and looked down the hall. She saw Kincaid and walked over to him.::

    Hi! Russ is in the nursery. Oh and my dad wants to talk with you.
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    Kincaid smiled at Kayla as she approached, the way a grandfather would smile at a granddaughter. In some ways, his closeness with the royal family almost made him seem like a grandfather.

    Thank you, Kayla. Let Russ know I'll meet up with him later.

    Kincaid put a gentle hand upon Kayla's shoulder as he walked past, heading to meet with the Emperor. He found the emperor and the empress in the hallway a little further up.

    Emperor. Empress.

    Kincaid said and bowed with respect. Although he was more like family, and had known the emperor since he was a boy, he still treated his liege with the due respect.
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    Crysknife was still asleep on the floor. He had partied with the rest of the Knights the night before, talking about the commotion that they would like to cause after the speech.

    His slumber was decorated with dreams. Those of his past, about his whole life. He remembered vividly, though, the years he spent serving the Knights. He's been in service for over 7 years. But he's only been Captain for 3. He was the top Knight by far, but his drinking and lack of practice are his only flaws.

    He heard the clanging of armor, and he woke up

    What... Ugh... Where you going?

    Sir Kaenine, a young Knight who had joined the Knights last year, looked up and quickly straighted up to speak to his Captain

    Captain Cryknife, sir. Good Morning. We're on our way to hear Emperor Henruss' speech, Captain!

    Is it that late already? ARGH! Where Captain K Dogg?

    Sir, The Captain left about 2 hours ago, sir.

    Damn, you guys go ahead, I'll see you all there.

    Kaenine saluted, and ran out the door. Crysknife stumbled to get his armor and left for the Dynasty.

    He saw K Dogg walking, dodging other Doggs and Felines. Chasing after him would be pointless, right now. People moving would make it impossible. He decided to stand in a high area, and wait for the Emperor to speak before he goes after K Dogg.

    Tension was high, and he felt that he was being watched.

    Of course, he thought, There's Gaurds EVERYWHERE.
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    Re: The Dogg Kingdom

    Re: The Dogg Kingdom

    [img=left]http://greywolf.critter.net/images/ironclaw/standups/mage-02.gif[/img] Empress Saria

    ::Kayla smiled and told Kincaid that she would. She headed back to spend time with her brother who was having fun playing with their younger sliblings. Both the emperor and the empress smiled at Kincaid. Saria told him.::

    You know you don't have to bow. You are family.

    She's right. It's good to see you Kincaid.

    ::Henruss said shaking his friend's hand. Just as Kincaid was a mentor to Russ, Henruss always considered him one too. There was no one else Henruss would have trusted in training his son than Kincaid. And there was no other feline Henruss trusted with his own life.::

    You are doing a fine job training Russ. So how is my son taking to his training and are you being as hard on him as you were to me?
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