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    Anybody 'Hiring'?

    Anybody 'Hiring'?

    Any adventures in current need of new blood?

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    New blood is welcome everywhere. Especially in vampire based RP's.

    I guess it depends on what type of game you're interested in.

    I know the Teen Titans storyline could use any additional heroes and/or villains that it can get. I'm sure the same could be said for the "Formerly known as the Justice League Embassy" storyline as well.

    The Cross Gen forum always welcomes new players. Are you familiar with the Cross Gen comics? That's not necessary to play on the forum, because there are many helpful posters that will be happy to bring you up to speed on anything you need to know. And some of the storylines on the CG forum don't even require any knowledge of CG comics.

    Maybe if you told us what kind of game you're in the mood for we can help you find something.

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    Real quick:

    CrossGen Universe deals with god-like beings and the mortals that have to deal with them.

    Of course, there is more to it than that, but that about sums it up in as much as saying "Super Heroes fight Super Villans" for DC and "Mutants trying to live in a world that hates them" for Marvel.

    As for story openings. Aerysh, the planet of chance, is one that has barely started. It is very loosly based on Final Fantasy VII in that there is Aerik, which is the equivalent of Materia. It is a world of technology, magic and Aerik.

    Aerysh is Kalen's homeworld that he's finally returned to after years of being away, only to find that his home kingdom no longer welcomes him home (shoots him out of the sky). Kalen is a knight and a mage who has been granted mysterious power from a well of power. He travels with Isianu, a female werewolf mage, who also gained power from the same well, and Dagda, a young man from another world with a strange tattoo (he calls a demon mark) that gives him strange powers. (Kalen is my character, Dagda is Mattson's, Isianu is Joe's)

    There are openings for natives of the world. Check [gotopost=69101]this post[/gotopost] for a description of the world, its people, and its culture. Check [gotopost=69307]this post[/gotopost] for the current situation. Finally, check any other posts by "Kalen Lycoth" "Isianu" and "Dagda" in the same thread. The other posts in that thread are an alternate story, taking place on another part of the world.

    Other openings exist as well, and we can definately help you find one.
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    Yup. *As Q and Jas were saying, there are plenty of entry points, that's why we usually ask about what genre would you like being involved with. *There are funny quests, deadly settings, plagues, future gone wrong storylines... *basically every storyline has its unique aftertaste. *

    So, what would be more of your linking?

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