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    New Game Forum Request Thread

    New Game Forum Request Thread

    This thread is established for players who wish to create a new forum for a game/campaign that they have planned. I do request that you start a thread in the Adventurer's Guild and fish for players before requesting a forum. I'd rather not create a forum that is never used. Even if you have only one person who is joining your story, that should be fine.

    If a game forum is inactive for three months or longer, it will be moved into the Game Archives. If there is desire to return to the game setting later, it can be recovered from the archives.

    Only members in good standing are able to request Game Forums. Typically that means they have to have at least 100 posts and have participated in other games previously. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.

    One exception would be linking to your account on another roleplaying forum so that we see that you will stick with the setting. We do not want to create forums for someone that is going to be here for a week and abandon us.

    Those wishing to start a setting without the minimum requirements or without providing a link to their profile elsewhere are welcome to begin a setting here in the Adventures Guild. Once the setting is established, it will earn its own forum and the current thread will be moved into it.

    Feel free to invite people from other sites to join your setting. We always need more members.

    Are you moving an existing setting here, let us know. We may be able to retrieve your previous thread and place it in the archive.

    Copy the form below into your post and please answer all the questions.


    Campaign/Game Name:

    Brief Description:

    GMs (if any):

    Number of Confirmed Players:


    Explanation of form:

    The Campaign/Game Name will be the name used for the forum.

    The Brief Description is a brief description of the campaign/game setting that will appear beneath the forum name. Please no more than two or three sentences.

    GMs is where you would list yourself and/or any other players that would have GM status over the forum. A forum does not have to have a GM, if it is more community game oriented. If, on the other hand, you want to have more control over your setting, assign yourself as GM. Leaving this blank assumes no GM.

    Number of Confirmed Players means players aside from yourself. You should have a couple new players if you want to start a game, but can open a forum with as little as one new player (aside from yourself).
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    Campaign/Game Name: Dragons Haven

    Brief Description: A world Bonded dragons, their humans, and the Scáth(evil dragons). The Bondeds and Humans are constantly at war with the Scáth

    GMs (if any): Mrs_Lt_Emerson, Ellesar

    Number of Confirmed Players:

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    Game name: Arcanium
    Brief Description: The land of Arcanium is in turmoil with the Humans at war with the Elves and their dragon riders. The Schlyvokk are stirring up trouble for everyone. The shifters are being forced into hiding or solitude. The Tyenhok Warriors to the north are taking advantage of the choas and raiding towns in the north. And demons prowl the lands just looking for ways to create more trouble. Whose side are you on?
    GM: Red
    Number of confirmed players: at least 2
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    Looks like Lairston got Arcanium set up already. You're ready to start threads in the forum.

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  8. The following user said "Yay!" to Meteoro's post:

    Jason Sanborn (10-24-2011)

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    Campaign/Game Name: Fall of Civilization

    Brief Description: The Zombie Apocalypse has come and a handful of humans are just trying to survive in a scary new world.

    GMs (if any): Jenny and Corey

    Number of Confirmed Players: At least 4.

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    created. Sorry I didn't notice this before.

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    It's okay, thanks for creating it Gary.

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