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Thread: [OOC] Abducted!

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    Exactly. They will be trapped in this island and some will have more freedom than others, depending on the plotting for each character. Those allowed to wander "freely" will surely build supporting groups and enemies. Lots of them.
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    I'll try and post my main character tonight. I'll let Jacen introduce my secondary character as we will be arriving together. It's my Son's Birthday today (He's 3), and I'm swamped with Cake and presents.
    Irony, it's like goldy and bronzy only it's made out of iron.

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    Ohhhhhhh! He's turning 3!!! That's just so nice .

    Tell him Uncle Meteoro sent him a battery meteor .
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    Ok, I did and he looked at me like I had a horn growing out of my head.
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    My Character's Name will be Regan Thorn, who is 8.

    She's a gifted child who seems to have some magical abilities. Her parents don't really know what to think, but they support her as she has been a model child.
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    Good, now the girl has the name of the Exorcist's girl

    It's going to be scary
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    Re: Abducted!

    Re: Abducted!

    Strangely enough, after all this time, my account is still active......Who would have thought? Anyway, I'm not exactly sure how this whole story is going to work out, but unless we are planning on reviving Godworld in some way, this seems like a good place to bring back Admiral Kain. What can I say....the old battle axe with a stick in his butt amuses me.
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    Hey, Cap, it's great to see you . I'm so glad you decided to drop by. And yup, this story can be whatever we like. As for GodWorld, anything's possible, it can be revived as well.

    Anyway, about Abducted! we can start thinking about what we would like to do and next week we can start building it. You know, once we're back to work so we can have some fun on the net .
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