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Thread: [IC] Abducted!

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    [img=left]http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31[/img] Mahn

    Mahn didn't even turn around when the cyborg asked him the question he had heard over a thousand times. He wasn't there to give them the information they wanted, just what they needed to know. That was be enough.

    He would have encased Braddick in no time, but for some strange reason, he wanted to know what the murderer had to say.
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    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    James Braddick

    Braddick sat alone in his concrete prison cell, the only available light coming from a one foot square glass window, which happened to be 3 feet thick. Tartarus was an inhospitable volcanic world, with an atmosphere composed of mostly sulfur. There was no oxygen to be found on the surface, and the only living creatures on this planet were in this very prison. He looked over the dried pools of blood on the ground. The guards hadn't bothered to stop by his cell since that event. Apparently 6 or so of the guards had family members aboard the Tarsonis orbital embassy, the one which was accidentally reduced to floating space debris during his assassination of a very influential prime minister of one of the core worlds. Five of them never made it out of the cell alive, and the sixth one would most likely require a few organ transplants along with severe reconstructive surgery. There was nothing left to do now but wait for the guards to come and take him to his own execution. But it wasn't as if Braddick didn't have a surprise for them already. He was pondering over his newest escape plan when some strange man materialized in his cell, along with what appeared to be an android. The guy didn't resemble any human species he knew of, and Braddick had killed a whole lot of humans over the years. This guy looked more like a walking jigsaw puzzle. Either way, Braddick's first reaction was to rip off a piece of his bunk and use it as a makeshift knife to take the man hostage. But the guy didn't look much like a prison guard, so he doubted the other guards would even care much if he snapped the man's neck. The android itself looked like something out of a junkheap. They must have retired that model centuries ago. It was then that the jigsaw man said something strange, to which Braddick could only respond.

    "Well, the entrance was most certainly impressive. I have to give that to you. Though I thought the prison was jamming teleporter frequencies. So that leaves me with one question....Who the frack are you, and what in the hell are you talking about?"
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    [img=left]http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31[/img] Mahn

    Normally, Mahn just wouldn't talk to one of the abductees and he would give away only the needed information, but to him, this particular mass murderer was just not a regular subject, his skilles needed to be honed even further.

    "We didn't teleport in here, Braddick. My traveling is beyond the technology of your time so I won't try to explain it to you."

    With a thought, Mahn made a bubble start forming around Braddick. "You'll be trained in your ways. You need to experiment loss and pain. You'll kill someone dear to you and, only then, you'll be brought back to your reality and your time. You'll play a big role in the ripples of time, but for now, your no longer the owner of your life. You'll be coming with me."
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    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    James Braddick

    Braddick looked at the guy with an emotionless expression on his face. Just who the hell did this guy think he was? Braddick had led countless numbers of soldiers across dozens of worlds, laid waste to entire cities, and single handedly killed untold numbers of people. Who was this guy to say he needed training? Then the jigsaw man said something that made Braddick's blood boil...'you are no longer the owner of your life.' Braddick would have slit this man's throat in an instant if it weren't for one simple thing: jigsaw man obviously had a way to get him out, one which would involve far less effort than Braddick's own plan. And so he decided to play along for the time being...

    "Well I was going to use some water from the sink and that power conduit I dug out of the wall over there to electrocute the guards when they came to get me. Then I was going to steal their key cards, kill my way to the security room, and then open all the cells in the entire prison causing a riot, so I could conveniently hijack one of the transports in the landing hanger, and make my way off this rock during all the chaos...But seeing as you're willing to help me skip all that, we'll do it your way. Good luck trying to find someone dear to me though, I don't do loss and pain...."

    Jigsaw man obviously didn't know who he was dealing with. Braddick couldn't possibly conceive of anyone who was truly dear to him. He wouldn't even consider his own mother dear to him. Chrodos families were based more around respect and loyalty than they were around love. Either way, all that respect and loyalty garbage died along time ago, along with practically his entire race of people. As far as Braddick knew, he was one of the only few of his race left in the galaxy. Not to mention whatever reality jigsaw man claimed he was taking him to couldn't possibly be any worse than Braddick's own. And so he simply stood up as the strange bubble consumed his form, and waited to see what would happen.
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    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Re: [IC] Abducted!


    The one called Mahn appeared out of thin air in the middle of the offices of LW Smith...

    "Your detective skills need to be taken to the next level. Your paranormal abilities need to grow. You'll play a key role in your timeline and you're coming with me, now!" he stated.

    With that Mahn extended his hand towards LW who was sitting behind his desk. LW immediately sprang to his feet instinctually grabbing his fedora off of his desk. But before he could make another move, he was surrounded by a semi transparent bubble and vanished into the ether. A short trip latter the bubble vanished and LW was standing at the edge of some unknown village. Just up ahead he noticed several other people who did not seem to belong to the low-tech surroundings. A cyborg, exotic dancer (LW is from the 40's, what else would he assume an outfit like that was for?), a curious child, and a few non-descript normals were just up ahead.

    Taking a look around LW noticed a market place at the edge of the village, a beach off in the distance and a city on the far horizon, but the most remarkable sight was that of a floating city up above.

    "A floating city seems the perfect spot for the watchers to observe us rats run around this island maze. Perhaps I will have a word with our hosts?" LW spoke to himself, as was his habit.

    Then he bent down to retrieve his blue fedora from the ground. Brushing it across his thigh a few times to clear the dirt away before he placed it on his head. He then took a moment to adjust his tie prior to his body launching off of the ground at amazing speeds towards the city of the clouds.
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    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Terron (Ryan's homeworld)
    Tina Miller lived next door to Ryan Johnson for 2 years. She'd never noticed him, but he noticed her. Every day he'd time leaving his apartment, just so he could ride the elevator down with her. In the evening he'd wait in the lobby, pretending to check his mail, until she arrived home.

    This morning Tina Miller started her day as any other, but for some reason riding the elevator downstairs made her uneasy and somehow lonely. In the evening, the lobby of her apartment building seemed awkward and foreboding. Perhaps it was this odd feeling, this missing piece of her day, that distracted her from the man who'd followed her home. Maybe that missing piece would have saved her life.

    "Yawn," Ryan exaggerates as he stretches the sleep out of his limbs.

    "Figures. I'm in some science-fiction-fantasy-wonderland and the first thing I do is take a nap," Ryan thinks, "Boring as ever, Ryan. Well that's it, from here on out it's all action and adventure and stories of my past heroics." And with that, Ryan rises to his feet and heads off to the market he'd seen earlier. "First thing to do, get my name out there. People need to know who I am."

    Ryan walks up to a merchant, "Hello there sir, what sort of wares do you sell?"

    And before the merchant can reply Ryan loudly responds hoping some other island residents might take notice, "Really? We have something similar on my home planet, Terron. Have you heard of Terron? You haven't? Well that's a shame, it's quite a beautiful planet," and even louder he continues, "Now I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but you look like a trustworthy fellow. You see I'm Terron's most powerful superhero, Gladiator-Omega"
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    [img=left]http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31[/img] Mahn

    Back at Tartarus, the prison planet, Mahn studied briefly his new subject: James Braddick.

    Quote Originally Posted by James Braddick
    Well I was going to use some water from the sink and that power conduit I dug out of the wall over there to electrocute the guards when they came to get me. Then I was going to steal their key cards, kill my way to the security room, and then open all the cells in the entire prison causing a riot, so I could conveniently hijack one of the transports in the landing hanger, and make my way off this rock during all the chaos...But seeing as you're willing to help me skip all that, we'll do it your way. Good luck trying to find someone dear to me though, I don't do loss and pain....
    "I knew what you were going to do, Braddick, that's beyond the point. You're coming with me, now."

    The bubble growing around Braddick completed itself and the two of them plus the MICU android disappeared in an instant, only to reappear at the Bright Universe, the same place where the Goddess Minity had been captured, this time at one of its worlds within what has been called the Matrix Quadrant.

    In front of them was a massive red dragon; singing of all things. Time stopped around them and only the newly arrivals and the firey creature were aware of the situation.

    "Dragon. You have a destiny to fulfill in your world and that destiny is slipping by your paws. You'll come with me and we'll make sure that destiny is attained."

    Another of these transparent and organic bubbles surrounded the Dragon and the four of them made their exit of this world, for how long, it would be anyone's guess.

    They reappeared at the village in the island stuck between time and space, where some villagers were rioting as a result of Minity's moves and some others were extremely confused at Ryan's, now Gladiator-Omega's, statements.

    Mahn released MICU-2829, James Braddick and the Dragon from their bubbles.

    "You'll live here for the foreseeable future. Each of you has a goal to attain and you won't be returned to your time and place before you accomplish it. Some of you will know what you have to do, others don't."

    Without another word, Mahn vanished.
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    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    James Braddick

    Braddick watched on, severely impressed, as the three vanished and reappeared in space, abducting a massive dragon before vanishing once more. Braddock had been to the far ends of the galaxy and back, and never in his life did he actually see a real dragon. There was no possible way something like that could exist. What jigsaw man said must have been true, his technology was far beyond that of the people in Braddick's time. Soon he appeared on that strange island world, and the jigsaw man said but a few words and vanished. Braddick observed the village before him. It was obviously low-tech, thousands of years behind his reality. And then his attention drew upward to the floating city above. It had to take a whole lot of power to keep that thing in the air. That was where he had to be...But he wasn't in any sort of a rush. He'd figure out a way to get there even if he had to saddle up the fire breathing reptile next to him and ride it there. Right now something else puzzled his mind. What goal was he supposed to accomplish? The jigsaw man said he had to kill someone dear to him. There wasn't even someone dear to him in his own reality, how was he supposed to find anyone here?

    "I'm out of here tin man...you're on your own..."

    Braddick said to the android as he walked closer towards the rioting town. Right now this wasn't about the future time line or this supposed goal of his. Braddick didn't even have an imminent desire to leave this place. It wasn't like he had anything important waiting for him back in his own reality. But the jigsaw man perked his curiosity. What was this bloodline that Braddick was supposed to erase from history, and why? Why would the guy go through all the trouble of picking him of all people? Jigsaw man certainly seemed powerful enough to kill someone on his own. Braddick had questions, and he needed to get the attention of the man that abducted him...There was only one way Braddick knew how to draw attention to himself. And after he got these answers, he fully intended to sever the man's jugular.

    It was time for the carnage to begin. Braddick made his way towards a large mob of civilians, all brandishing torches and blades of all sorts. They seemed to be a bit too busy setting fire to a wagon to pay attention to the 6'3" serial killer making his way towards them. With on large spring, Braddick jumped into the air and came crashing down on the shoulders of one of the men in the very center of the mob, snapping the man's spine in half in the process. If he didn't have their attention before, that surely changed. The crowd burst out into a bloody roar and charged inwards towards Braddick. They had no idea what was about to happen. With one quick jab of his palm, Braddick caved in the skull of the first man to reach him, gripping the victim's blade in his free hand and lashing out at those around him. And now that he was armed, Braddick let loose with relentless fury. Arteries were sliced and blood spewed into the air. Every single blow made by the killer was planned precision, directed towards the most vital areas of the human body. And though, one by one they were being cut down, the mob mentality they shared at that moment in time only made the villagers push harder. Severed limbs sailed into the air as the crunch of bone could be heard. The entire fight lasted only a few minutes. And in the end, predictably so, Braddick was left standing amongst several dozen mangled corpses, covered in the blood of his victims...
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    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    ......lot of fun, eats Coco-Wheats everyones!

    The dragon was singing along when Mahn showed up. He listened carefully for a moment and smiled.

    Me like destiny!

    He proclaimed before he was taken far away from his home. Arriving at the small village, he looked around for moment.

    Hmmm....no look cool. Where me at?

    He started to walk towards the rioting, not really paying attention to the fact that many of these poor villagers were now screaming at the sight of him. Then he saw someone he knew. Minity, Lord Mattson's wife.

    Hiyas Minity!

    He said waving to her.
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    "Look! A Dragon, COOL! Can I play with it?"
    Irony, it's like goldy and bronzy only it's made out of iron.

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