This is a welcoming thread to anyone who has no clue about this game but would like to participate.

The general idea is that "Abducted!", even if it has several pages and various threads, is an easy-to-join game. The concept is pretty simple: There's this being called Mahn who abducts people and creatures from different times and places and brings them to an island that is stuck in between time and space. All kind of creatures can be seen at the island, which is cluttered with cities, villages and tribes of all kind. This means that this is a multi-genre game, where you can play whether a centaur, an astronaut, a gangster, or even Freud.

Mahn's goal is to change his timeline (he comes from a very far far far away future) and to do so, he's going to play chess with the people he abducts and he will force them to attain certain goals before they are relocated in their own realities. So, Mahn will try to turn them into murderers, peacekeepers, mothers, or simply force them to be away from a certain moment where the ripples of their absences will change the path of destiny.

The game's goal is also to explore different kind of characters who could evolve into their own settings and roleplay games if people are interested enough. All in all, "Abducted!" is an experiment where you can try whatever character and genre you feel like.

So, do you want to be "Abducted"?

The first thing you need to do is say hi over at the "[OOC] Abducted!" thread. It is not required that you read previous posts, since that's the place where the planning and the discussion takes place.

And if you want to take a look at how this game is played, you can check the In Character thread where the story began. Just keep in mind it's not necessary to read the whole thing.