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    [OOC] Final Fantasy RP: Locations

    [OOC] Final Fantasy RP: Locations

    Arrellill is a world divided by science, magic and religion. Three kingdoms, each representing a different ideology, stand against each other for dominance.

    This thread is for keeping track of locations of importance on Arrellill. From the largest of kingdoms, to the smallest of buildings. If it is important to the story, it should be posted in here.

    [gotopost=14533]Holy Principality of Arcesso[/gotopost]
    [gotopost=14569]Kingdom of Guldaran[/gotopost]
    [gotopost=15001]Opera Tec Empire[/gotopost]

    Cities, Towns and Villages
    [gotopost=14683]City of Farashin[/gotopost]
    [gotopost=14832]City of Svenru[/gotopost]
    [gotopost=14566]Town of Terab[/gotopost]
    [gotopost=14563]Village of Ruhig[/gotopost]

    Other Locations of Interest
    [gotopost=19131]Dagger Fortress[/gotopost]
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    Kingdom: Holy Principality of Arcesso

    Government: Theocratic Council: A group of 12 of the most powerful and wise summoners govern the lands. They believe that they were chosen by the gods to rule. Collectively they are referred to as, appropriately, the Council of Twelve. Summoners in the Council of Twelve serve a life term, meaning they remain in their position until death of voluntary retirement.

    When vacancies appear in within the Council of Twelve, it falls to the Diviners to choose the next Summoners to fill the vacancies. The Diviners involved in the selection will isolate themselves to communicate with the Gods. Their isolation can last anywhere from 24 hours up to a full lunar cycle, but when the period is complete, they are always unanimous in their decision.

    People: The people are collectively referred to as Arcessons. The Arcessons, though, are a very divided people within their own kingdom, separated by a very rigid caste system, in which it is impossible (even a crime) to associate with others outside their caste, beyond their assigned associations. The only exception to this is the Summoner and Diviner castes. These two castes have been known to intermarry, but Summoners from a combined caste family can never be part of the Council of Twelve.

    Summoners: These are considered the elite Arcessons. They hold the highest stations and highest respect within Arcesson society. The only things higher than Summoners are the Accersitus (The summoned) and the Gods. Summoners have the ability to call forth the Accersitus to aid in a variety of circumstances, from council to battle. They are also the priests and priestesses of the society. The Council of Twelve is composed only of Summoners.

    Diviners: The next step down in the caste system are the diviners. While they are lower than the Summoners, their position is still one of great honor and respect. They are considered heralds for the gods. They are the intellectuals and scholars of the society. As speakers for the gods, they are also the ones responsible for choosing the Summoners for the Council of Twelve.

    Bourgeoisie: These are the merchants, bankers, and other business-type people. They are responsible for the daily commerce within the kingdom.

    Commoner: These are the common, run-of-the-mill, working class people. They tend to be hard-working and poor. They make up the largest percentage of the kingdom.

    Servants: While called servants, a servant is little more than a slave. Servants can be found in Summoner, Diviner and some Bourgeoisie homes.

    Dalits: Often referred to as "Untouchables" are almost considered as outcasts. They may have once had a caste, and were stripped of that, due to crime, dishonor, or uncurable disease (seen as a curse from the gods). In other cases, they are simply born from other Dalits. They are shunned by the rest of the society, and tend to live as vagrants, scrounging for whatever food or drink they can find. Even a Servant is better off than a Dalit.

    Beliefs: The Arcessons are a very religious people that have a number of gods they believe in. In addition, they have a belief in reincarnation, as opposed to that of an afterlife. Their rigid caste system is indicitive of that belief. They are always striving to improve their station in life, so that the next life can raise them higher on the caste ladder, until they achieve the honor of becoming an Accersitus (a summoned being). It is believed that the Accersitus are the immortal souls that have finally found true wisdom, complete knowledge, and live in a true paradise with the gods. In addition, they believe that a person who follows magic or science gets reincarnated as a monster, an ungodly creature bent on death and destruction.

    Mythology: Arcesson mythology is deep and detailed, often encompassing the many different religious rituals and rights, as well as telling their own version of the history of Arrellill. How much of the mythology is true is a subject of frequent debate among the other kingdoms, which has caused more than its share of wars through the ages.

    The chief deity of Arcesson mythology is Bahamut. He is seen as both a creator of all, and a destroyer of all. Arcessons believe that it was he that created the pantheon and the Accersitus. In turn, the pantheon of dieties created by Bahamut proceeded to create all of Arrellill, while the Accersitus served as the counselors to the emerging people of Arrellill.

    The Arcesson mythology tells of three brothers in the distant past, who had a disgreement. One brother decided to follow after forbidden magics, while another brother decided to forsake the gods and pursue science, only the youngest and most devout of the brothers remained faithful to the gods. From the decendants of the three brothers, the three kingdoms were formed.

    Summoners and the Accersitus: Summoners and Diviners are the aristocrats of Arcesson society. The Summoners act as priests and priestesses to the people. They begin training at an early age on how to speak to and call upon the Accersitus for aid. Some of the more powerful Summoners can even call upon the gods for help in times of need. It is rumored that an extremely powerful Summoner could even call upon Bahamut himself. Sommoners that call upon the gods are few in number, and none in recent history have ever called upon Bahamut. One of the requirements for being part of the Council of Twelve is the ability to summon the gods.

    Gods (by power):
    Bahamut (God of Creation and Destruction)
    Leviathan (God of the Seas - Water)
    Titan (God of the Earth - Earth)
    Ramuh (God of Spring and Storms - Lightning)
    Ifrit (God of Summer - Fire)
    Odin (God of Autumn and War - Air)
    Shiva (Goddess of Winter - Ice)

    There are too many Accersitus to list. They could be as simple as a smal fairy that can heal, or can be larger and more powerful. Most Accersitus, though, are simple messengers, summoned to give advice or counsel. The more powerful the Summoner, the more powerful Accersitus that can be called upon.
    (Note: Other unmentioned summons from other FF games could potentially be considered an Accersitus, keeping in mind that the gods are more powerful.)
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    Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy RP: Locations

    Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy RP: Locations

    Village of Ruhig

    Location: Near the Mountains of Zion in the Kingdom of Guldaran. It is located along the border of the other two kingdoms.

    People: Descandants of the White Mages who exiled themselves from the rest of Guldaran many years ago.

    Current Leader: An old wise woman named Lady Kira, she is a direct descandant of Lady Aerin. She is beloved by her people and her words treated much like gospel. The villagers call her "Grandmother" out of respect.

    History: White mages were once as common as black mages until the wars broke out between the kingdoms. While black mages and their bodyguards traveled the land to develop their powers, the white mages remain close to the towns. Their powers developed from aiding others and listening to nature. They especially love the mountains, where healing herbs grow. Then the wars came. Black mages and bodyguards moved to the center, they were the defense of Guldaran and at times also the ones to first start battles. The white mages gave support as they could, helping the sick, healing those close to death. But eventually it seemed war and suffering would never end and the white mages grew tired of it all. Too much blood, too much war. Their leader, Lady Aerin, decided it would best for her fellow white mages to find a more peaceful place to live. The mountains she decided, because it was already a place all white mages felt at peace with the world. Many black mages and bodyguards thought they were weak any way, few white mages knew any spells other than defensive ones and they were weak fighters. Although they still felt it was a betrayal the white mages were natives of Guldaran and yet they wanted to turn away from war all together. The Wise King Sven even thought so once too, until Lady Aerin saved him from death at the hands of his enemies. As he laid weak in bed and she stayed healing him, she made him understand that the white mages only wanted peace and although they loved their home it was too much for them to see it constantly destroyed. She also promised they would still aid the black mages and bodyguards when needed with their powers. Maybe it was her healing touch, maybe it was her beauty, or her words themselves but King Sven gave his blessing for the white mages to exile themselves from the rest of Guldaran. He promised them the Mountians of Zion as a safe place to live. And so Lady Aerin took the white mages with her to the mountains there they have since lived peacefully with nature and netural in the wars. They will assist any who seek their aid and only wish to be left alone.

    Over time because of their own exile, the white mages' numbers have lowered. Their village is very small and people are related to almost everyone by marriage or blood. Although few directly came from the bloodline of Lady Aerin, who is veiwed as the greatest of all white mages. She and Lady Kira are the only two white mages who are known in recent history to have mastered the greatest white magic spell called Holy.

    Outsiders are treated with caution but are still aided in their times of need. Some are welcomed into the village though if they wish to stay and marry white mages.
    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Niebuhr
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    Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy RP: Locations

    Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy RP: Locations

    Town of Terab

    Location: Located in Guldaran on the border with the Opera Tec. It is a medium sized town.

    People: Humans who are either trained as Black Mages or Bodyguards. Rayleen's father is a head trainer of the bodyguards and Ivan's father is govenor of the region.

    This is the hometown of Ivan and Rayleen.

    Recently some technology is trying to be introduced into Terab much to the dismay of the elder members of the town. However some of the youth are embarcing it.

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    Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy RP: Locations

    Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy RP: Locations

    Kingdom of Guldaran

    Rulers: King Aht (Black Mage) and Queen Cecila (Bodyguard)

    There are also govenors who oversee the daily operations of the various cities in the land. Ivan's father is one of those govenors.

    People: Humans who are divided into two classes. Black Mages who are trained in powerful spells and Bodyguards whose duty is to protect the Black Mages and are strong fighters.

    A third class is also known but rare. The White Mages can only be found in the Village of Ruhig since King Sven allowed Lady Aerin to exile her people to the Mountains of Zion.

    Backstory: Black mages start with knowing low level spells of fire, ice, water, and thunder. They travel their kingdom to advance their powers and learn more powerful spells past the elements. Black mages are weak fighters, their strength is in their magic which drains them from use. They are protected by bodyguards who are assigned to them. These bodyguards are very strong physical fighters but use little magic.

    Children show at an early age if they are either black mages or bodyguards. It is decided on their 13th birthday which class they belong to and on that birthday they are assigned their partner who is of the opposite gender. This is done so they learn to respect and honor the other gender, a foundation of marriage. Also the pairings become close friends. More times than not the black mages and bodyguards marry each other when they matured to adulthood. There is no guarntee though that a bodyguard is male or a black mage is female (although it is more common). For example the King is actually the black mage and the Queen is his bodyguard.

    Black mages must travel their kingdom to develop their skills and learn more powers. The boyguards are assigned to protect them because of both creatures who exist and enemies of the wars. The bodyguards as they protect their black mages become even stronger physical fighters. Because Black Mages and Bodyguards become very strong, these classes have been embraced and supported over time while the white mages have fell to the side. Many feel that healing magic served little purpose in the needs of offense magics and physical strength to protect the kingdom.

    While all Black Mages develop the element powers to full potential, a chosen few learn the greatest black magic of all, Meteor. Their King, a hero of one of the wars, was the last known Black Mage to master that spell.

    Mode of transportation: Transportation Crystals

    Beliefs: Guldaran believes in the power of magic and physical strength. The people also believe deeply in marriage and respectful relationships between men and women. Neither gender is of lesser value than the other.

    It should be noted that although Guldaran has a king and queen, there are no servants or slaves. The people of Guldaran believe that every person has worth. People are born to one of two classes, each that serve a vital purpose. Black Mages and Bodyguards balance each other. People might hold menial jobs in peace but they are paid for their jobs and are to be treated with respect. It is done because in times of wars, a person who was just a maid could be the most valuable warrior.

    King Aht himself was the son of a farmer before he became a hero. He believes is fair treatement of his people and equality. He rules his kingdom like republic then a monarchy.

    Notable people:

    Lady Aerin: Considered to be the greatest of White Mages and founder of the Village of Ruhig. She is one of the few White Mages to master Holy.

    King Sven: The King of Guldaran who allowed the White Mages to exile themselves.

    Lady Kira: Current leader of the Village of Ruhig. The only other person known to have mastered Holy besides Lady Aerin in recent history.

    King Aht: Current King of Guldaran. A hero of the last war and last known Black Mage to master Meteor.

    Queen Cecila: King's Aht's wife and Bodyguard.
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    Location: City of Farashin

    Also Known As:
    The Capital City of the Holy Principality of Arcesso
    The City on the Hill
    The Jewel of Arcesso

    Location: In the Holy Principality of Arcesso, on the top of a hill overlooking the Hedrian Ocean.

    People: Farashin is made up of a wide variety of people from every caste except Dalits. Dalits entering the city are sentenced to death for attempting to disgrace the city with their presence. Being the capital city, the Council of Twelve, the twelve summoners who rule the Holy Principality of Arcesso, live and operate here.

    Description: Farashin is known by many different names because of its purpose, its location, and its beauty. Being the capital city of the Holy Principality of Arcesso, it is the largest city in the entire principality. It is situated on the top of a hill overlooking the Hedrian Ocean.

    The main section of the city is what is located at the top of the hill. The Council Building, where the Council of Twelve operate from, is located at the highest point, where a sheer cliff goes down to the ocean below. The city is large enough to sprawl down the hill to a fairly large port at the base of the hill.

    The streets are all cobblestone, and the buildings are made out of stone, with the most important buildings (such as the Council Building) being designed in marble. The Council Building is also inlaid with various precious metals, such as gold and silver, which gleams when the sun shines upon it.

    Another important building, located a little down the hill from the Council Building is the Hall of the Diviners. This building is also made from marble, but doesn't have quite as much precious metals as the Council Building has. This building is where the Diviners convene, particularly the ones that assist the Council of Twelve in their tasks.

    In addition, there is plenty of lush greenery lining the streets and the buildings. From trees along the roads, to lush flowery vines on the walls and buildings. The beauty of the city, to any who have seen it, is beyond imagination, which is why it was also called "The Jewel of Arcesso."
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    Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy RP: Locations

    Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy RP: Locations

    The City of Svenru

    This is the capital city of Guldaran.

    People: Black Mages and Bodyguards who are considered the most elite of those respective classes. Also the center of its government and the home of King Aht and Queen Cecila.

    Svenru, is named after the Wise King Sven who by many is considered the one of the greatest of Guldaran's kings. His name is spoken like he is one of the gods. This city is located in the center of Guldaran. It spans twenty five miles outward on all sides. Svenru is where the kingdom's commerece, entertrainment, and politics are all centered. Most towns are within a few days walk of the city.

    In the heart of the city stands the Grand Palace of King Aht and Queen Cecila. A large stone palace with grand colors representing the elements it is a thing of beauty as are the other buildings in the city. Bodyguards, including Rayleen's older brother Iason, guard the castle. Only those of great importance, like the governors, are allowed in it.

    Small gardens can be found around the city, but its beauty is from the old
    architecture of the buildings and the castle.
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    The newest and most oppulant city in the Opera Tec Empire, it was built to be the new capital after a city planning board determined that Geoval was becoming rustic. The city was built by converting five elegance class airships into its frame and then expanded upon over the next ten years. When it was completed, it blocked out the sun to Geoval and most other areas nearby. Those who could afford to move up did while the rest were left behind. The laborers couldn't afford to pay for transport away or housing so they were assisted into governmental jobs keeping the city functoining. Most haven't seen the surface in years. However, in the spires of Solenda, life is decadent and only the best reside there. The other realms worry that someone may decide to use Solenda as a mobile weapons base and that worry may be well justified.


    Formerly the capital of the empire, it now sits forgotten by the people and slowly withering away. Only the poor, outcast, or encentric live there. The buildings are wearing down and the people aren't doing much better. Importing food is becoming a problem and there are only so many solar lamps to go around. The factories still run but the heads reside above with little care of the men below. Thankfully, the geothermal power station, which helped found the town and give it its name, still works.

    Opera Tec Empire

    The remainder of the realm is usually made up ofsprawling metropoli with some sort of technological marvel at its center and vast expanses of wilderness between. Airship transport allows areas to focus on a particular need while bringing in required supplies that area lacks. There isn't a caste system like the other regions mostly due to the fact Gil determines one's lot in life. And innovative hard workers can increase their Gil.

    The airmy (airial army) of the Empire consists mostly of war ships, drone ships, and jumper ships. It proves to be a popular way for a young person to get fast gil.


    Transport ships - These range from various sizes but most are unarmed, utilitarian, and lightly staffed. Their purpose is to take items from one location to another in the empire and they work on minimal cost with maximum effiency.

    War ships - The smallest of the airmy's vessals. They are built for speed and firepower and little else. Not much use against ground targets but great for interception.

    Drone ships - These ships are large,bulky and ugly. They look like the vessal has several domes fused to it. The truth isn't far off. Via remote link, specially trained operators can send out limited use unmanned drones for missions. The domes open and the drones drop out. They function erratically at best and beserkly if left uncontroled. The ships would have long been retired for good if it wasn't for the fact, drones are more acceptable losses then people.

    Jumper ships - Similer in look to a midsized transport ship, these house dozens of soldiers who repel down from the ship to handle ground based threats or operations that require a delicate touch. Jumpers are trained with a specific weapon based on a test and given impact absorbing armor.

    Cruise ships - the people traonsport and yachts of airships. Some work like aerial buses while others are status symbols with more gil paid in decorations then crew. An elegance class ship is the top of the line, large, showy and slow.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    Dagger Fortress

    Dagger Fortress was named for the peak upon which it was perched, Dagger Peak. Situated on the border of all three kingdoms, this peak jutted high above the rest, overlooking the mountains into each of the three kingdoms. Each kingdom had owned Dagger Fortress at one time or another, using it to their advantage against the other kingdoms. Now, though, none use it, or even dare to get too close to Dagger Peak, for fear of the curse.

    The curse, according to legend, was created during a battle between a Summoner and a Black Mage. The Black Mage was the more powerful, and appeared as if he'd win, but the Summoner turned the table by using forbidden technology to kill the Black Mage. This displeased the gods, and caused them to curse the peak by sending a great wyrm to take the fortress at its home. Many from each kingdom came to Dagger Peak to defeat the great wyrm and reclaim Dagger Fortress. None survived, and soon the fortress and peak was forgotten.
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    Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy RP: Locations

    Re: [OOC] Final Fantasy RP: Locations

    Obsidian Vale Prison
    Out near the wild lands where civilization hasn't arrived, the Opera Tec Empire constructed a prison to house the undesirables of their soceity. The worst of the worst were sent far away to serve their time and never menace man again. Rumor says that some prisoners are actually political. Other rumors say that the guards are more barbaric then the inmates they watch over. Even those who deliver new prisoners or supplies don't know for sure or don't care to ask. The entire area carries a dreadful feeling. The prison sits on a small island in the middle of a lake which is inhabited by large hungry sea serpents. The only way on is to fly officially but a secret route underground exists that leads to....

    Endcros Research Center
    Built near the shores of the lake, Endcros was constructed after the AI disaster that lead to the sentient ship flying about. With a rather horrific loss of life, the Empire moved all potenitally deadly research projects to an area where the only civilian losses would be inmates. Since then, most of the research there has been shrouded in secrecy. Tales of human test subjects for inhumane experiments are whispered as are tales of trying to use science with the other ways. If Obsidian Vale is a death sentence, Endcros is the fate worse then death. If one is sent out here their best hope is that they are headed to the nearby....

    Goodspeed Gate
    Beyond the lake one one side is a great mountain range. The only path through is the Goodspeed Gate. Surrounding the gate is an ancient and repeatedly rebuilt fortress designed to keep people out on both sides. No one in the Opera Tec Empire knows what lies beyond the Gate but frightful howls have echoed to the fortress. Still being exiled beyond the gate is a better fate then death. Enemies that aren't depraved enough for Obsidian Vale are sent past the Gate and thus far none have returned. Behemoths are said to roam the mountains but rumors of a city beyond is enough to make an exile brave the roads.
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