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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    As the door started to open it slammed shut and Drogen's broken battle axe stuck out of the door. "Can you wait five minutes?" That was all Drogen said as he began gathering his things.
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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill


    ::Aerin looked over her shoulder when she saw the broken battle axe preventing her from slamming the door.::

    I guess so but I thought you had to rest.

    ::She did feel a little bad and selfish. After all she knew Drogen wasn't a hundred percent recovered. She decided she'd make it up to him later some how.::
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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill



    Drogen cocked and eyebrow at Aerin. "And be here where everyone finds out your gone? I don't think so.First person your Grandmother'd be after is Me cause I'm an outsider.... I'll take my chances with the wilderness over angering a Mage of any Creed,Color or Continent." Drogen put his armor on and singed cloak.He put his shield on his back and pulled his Axe from the closed door and picked up the bag Aerin had brought with her then drop when startled.... "Sides,these might help..... Ready?"
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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill


    ::Aerin shrugged a little with a small smile.::

    Yeah you'd be the first one she would go after. She doesn't trust outsiders. Not after my father...

    ::Although she never was told exactly her father had did to get banned from the village or why he was so horrible that her grandmother said no one could talk about him. She supposed she never would, not if she stayed in Ruhig that is.::

    Grandmother might be old, but she is still a powerful White Mage. She would probably cast Holy on you if you were still around after she knows I'm gone.

    :oubt filled her for a moment. She did love her grandmother and knew she was loved but Grandmother trying to control her life and decide who she should be with was too much. Although Aerin knew that this would uspet her grandmother, she felt she had no choice.::

    I'm ready, oh wait. The innkeeper....

    ::He and her grandmother were close friends, he would no doubt tell Grandmother that he saw Aerin and Drogen leave the inn together.::

    I'll go first and head towards my house. Then you leave. Meet me in the garden, besides I don't think this dress is really the best thing to wear walking. Okay?
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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill



    Drogen chuckled a bit then went to the window. "I wouldn't worry to much,The wedding has brought out a lot of cheer and when I left they where having a round of the Cup.... I don't think it'll be to hard but non the less Catch you later...." Drogen hopped out the window and disappeared into the shadows and was gone....
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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill


    Well at least some people are excited about it, I would be excited too if I wasn't supposed to be the bride.

    ::Aerin watched Drogen hop out of the window and then headed downstairs. She smiled at the innkeeper.::

    So how is the outsider doing?

    Oh fine. With the herbs I gave him he'll be better in no time.

    That's good.

    It is, well it is late. Good night.

    ::Aerin said and left to go to her house. She walked back in side and quietly walked upstairs to her room. She wanted to hurry but she thought the noise would wake her grandmother. Lady Kira was a light sleeper at times. She opened up her closet and frowned at the clothes. Mostly dresses, not fit for travel. Finally she grabbed a pair of dark pants and a pink shirt to wear. Quickly changing, she grabbed a backpack and packed some of her things and stuffed the ring in her pocket. She figured she and Drogen could sell it and get some money for it. Making sure she grabbed everything she felt she needed she walked out into the hallway. She looked towards her grandmother's door. Part of her thought she should just walk away but she knew she wanted to see her one last time. She quietly opened the door and looked at her grandmother sleeping. She thought of much she did love Lady Kira. She had raised her, the only family she had but tonight was the final straw. It had pushed Aerin past her limit.::

    Grandmother...I do love you. I'm sorry I have to go.

    ::She blew a kiss to her grandmother and quietly shut the door and headed outside to wait in the garden for Drogen.::
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    Ylana groaned in pain. Her head was throbbing, a good indication that she was still alive. She opened her eyes, despite the pain, and tried to see where she was. Her vision was still blurred, and the increase of light brought a wave of nausea to her. Quickly she shut her eyes and groaned again, trying to hold back the bile building up in her stomach.

    <<Kupo. You're awake. Are you alright, Kupo?>>

    At first, Ylana didn't recognize the language. Her mind didn't seem to want to work properly. It took a moment for her to realize that a Moogle was speaking to her in its own language.

    My head hurts.

    She replied and immediately regretted it, as the nausea returned even more forcefully. This time, she wasn't able to hold back, and she rolled over and vomited. The vomiting did nothing to help alievate her pain.

    <<Kupo. I guess you're not alright, Kupo.>>

    The moogle replied with sadness. As soon as the vomiting ceased, Ylana tried to open her eyes again. Everything was still blurry, and the little bit of light didn't help her head in the least.

    Where... <<Where am I?>>

    Ylana asked, remembering at the last minute to speak in the moogle's language.

    <<Kupo. Where the sun doesn't shine, Kupo.>>

    As Ylana kept her eyes open, her surroundings started coming into view. While her vision was still blurred, she could tell that the light was coming from torches lining the walls outside the dark room she and the moggle were in. She was lying on a cold stone floor in what appeared to be a cell of some kind.

    <<Why am I here?>>

    <<Kupo. I don't know, Kupo. I was here when the men threw you in, Kupo.>>

    Ylana tried to remember what had happened last. She remembered talking to Persia about playing the card game with the boys. Persia left and then.... What happened after that? Did she play the game? She couldn't remember. Trying to remember, only made her more sick.

    Persia. I need you.

    Ylana said after the latest fit of vomiting ceased. It was a simple call to a friend, somehone she hoped would have answers. A small light appeared in the center of the cell, forcing her to shut her eyes to keep from getting nauseated again.


    When Persia appeared, she saw Ylana lying on the floor, lying in a pool of her own blood mixed with vomit. The sylph immediately regretted leaving Ylana's side. If she was there, perhaps Ylana wouldn't be hurt now.

    The sylph flew down to Ylana and called upon her magics. Ylana's body became bathed in a white light. When the light faded, the pain in Ylana's head had diminished greatly, and with it, the nausea vanished.

    What happened?

    Ylana sat up, thankful for the Sylph's healing. She ran her hand along the back of her head, where the pain had originated from. There was still a little bit of pain, and a small bump, and she could feel the dried blood in her hair.

    I don't know. I can't remember.

    <<Kupo. We're prisoners, Kupo. Can you get us out of here, Kupo?>>

    The sylph looked at the moogle in shock, then took the time to look around the small room they were in. The moogle was correct, it appeared that they were prisoners, but where and why?

    <<Prisoners? What did you do?>>

    <<Kupo. I don't know, Kupo. I was home with me Kupama and Kupapa, Kupo. Later, I was here, Kupo. I just want to go home, Kupo.>>

    I can't remember anything since you left.

    Persia sighed. She never should have left.

    <<I'll figure out a way for us to get out of here. Somehow.>>


    The moogle exclaimed in excitement, jumping up and down, clapping its furry hands. The amusing sight made both Persia and Ylana smile, despite the seriousness of their circumstances.
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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill


    After a while, the pain throbbed him so much that it woke him out of the rest he was in. Slowly opening his eyes once more, he groaned and whinced as he raised his head to take a look around once more. he blinked his eyes a few times to re-adjust to the light and soon found himself replaying the recent events in his head. When he got to the end of his little tale, he exclaimed as best as he could given the circumstances...

    "I'm ...alive?"

    He whispered it out of sheer shock and incredulousness. As it began to sink in a bit more though, the smile he mustered made him erupt in excitement...

    "I'M ALIVE!"

    He burst out laughing, not caring whoever heard him. He was just so happy to have lived through that impossible situation that he kicked back and fell back onto Cid. When he realized that it was his benefactor that was beneath him, he hurried himself to see if he was still alive. It was hard to tell with his armor on...

    "Umm, sir? Geez man, I don't even know you're name but whoever you are, you gotta be alive so I can thank you. Sir?"
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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill


    Cid groaned and vaguely heard something. Until this exact moment he thought the first year hazings were the most painful thing he'd ever experienced. Granted the senior combat instructor's ego removing beatings came close. They called it discipline and a test of skill but any recruit would tell you it was cutting the legs out from under anyone who got too arrogent. Well, if he could remember that, he was probably going to live. May as well try moving.

    "OW! Ow! Ow owow ow."

    Right then moving is bad. What the hell is talking anyways? He opened his eyes and almost regreted it. With a wince of pain he tore the helmet off and let it roll away.

    "It worked? Well, the landing needs work."

    Cid leaned up and regreted it pretty quickly. His armor was all but worthless, his com systems even worse, but at least his staff was in one peice.

    "I had a tent and potions but those are scrap now. You probably didn't have anything right?"

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    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Re: [IC] Final Fantasy: Arrellill

    Following the sound of Cid and Xiro's voices, Ivan and Rayleen were planning to sneak up on them. Looking around a tree he saw both men. He looked at Rayleen.

    Stay right behind me Ray.

    He hand tighten around his sword.

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