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    GodWorld: The Seige of New Bacros

    GodWorld: The Seige of New Bacros

    General Vorn

    The looming shadows draped across the ground by the massive hulls of Malice's Hellfire battle cruisers approached the city of New Bacros. Ten story tall mechanical spider like creatures lumbered their way across the landscape while other weapons of war, from hover tanks, artillery cannons, to two story tall walking battle mechs followed. The machines approached from all sides, surrounding the city and blocking off any routes of escape. The the fear tearing through the city dwellers at this exact moment must have been unfathomable. The machines stopped in a holding pattern, while overhead, a unique looking hellfire battle cruiser emerged into view. It was the Fist of Malice, the flagship of General Vorn, the right hand of the God of Annihilation himself.

    General Vorn was a rather special case as far as Malice's followers went. His people, the Kaleesh, achieved immortality by implanting their brains into cybernetic bodies. Their mechanical genius was unrivaled by any species in the galaxy. And it was because of this, that Malice set his sights upon them. It had been quite some time since the God of Annihilation tricked General Vorn's people in surrendering their souls to him. Now, much of the weapons used in his army were derived from Kaleesh inventions. Most of the Kaleesh were simply stripped of their souls and made into mindless drones of Malice. This, however, was not the case for the greatest military leader of their race: General Vorn. When first building his army, Malice required leaders who could command his forces, for he could not be everywhere at once. And so it was that Malice left the General's soul, and his entire mind, in tact. But to ensure loyalty, he implanted a great deal of false memories and psychic blocks to General Vorn's mind.

    Inside the command deck of the Fist of Malice sat the General himself, looking out over the city from his view screen. This was yet another stop in what the citizens of Godworld came to call "The Great Purge." General Vorn had lead the forces of Malice to victory against countless foes. He had annihilated fleets, burned cities, and personally bested the leaders of his enemy in personal combat. But that was all in the past now. Without any armies to fight or ships to destroy, there was only one task left for the greatest of all of Malice's generals: seek out opposition to his one true god, and eliminate it.

    Though Vorn was loyal to Malice without question, this new campaign was growing tiresome. It had been so long since he had had a worthy opponent. Burning cities and cutting down civilians, though entertaining at first, grew quite boring. They were simply unworthy of facing the power of the General himself. Now, with the construction of the Apocalypse Cannon complete, Vorn hoped the Great Purge would soon come to a close. For those who did not obey Malice unquestionably, would be subject to its awesome power.

    "Dispatch the berzerker squads and launch the cybrix nerve gas. Prepare the Kaleesh Terminator and Assassin squads for departure. I shall be leading them personally. This city shall burn in the name of the one true god..."

    Vorn spoke in his echoing, mechanical voice as he stood from his command chair. It would have been far simpler to bombard the city from outside. But Malice wanted to instill fear in those who refused to worship him, and so fear is what they would get.

    Two dozen missiles screamed from the hull of the Fist of Malice and into the skies above the city. They would explode releasing green clouds of gas above the skyscrapers and radio antennae, which would slowly descend into the streets below. This was the cybrix nerve gas, a concoction devised by Malice's own scientists, that when inhaled, would lead to psychopathic delusions, causing paranoia and fits of homicidal rage. Vorn was going to make the city tear itself apart. Screams of fear shot out all over the city as its very own civilians began to murder one another. And they would soon grow louder. Flashes of light all over the metropolis gave rise to Malice's berzerker squads. They were large, dog like creatures, undead and fused with metal. They were nothing but cannon fodder in Malice's army, but the mindless beasts were particularly good at striking fear into the hearts of mortals. They spread out all over the city, hunting down anything with a soul and tearing it apart in their jaws.

    More flashes of light erupted as waves of towering mechanical soldiers began to appear in the streets. These were the Kaleesh. The Kaleesh Assassins were lightly armored, energy blade wielding machines, built for nothing but close combat and speed. They would leap onto the sides of buildings, and scatter into the streets in search of victims. Vorn himself, however, lead the Terminator squads. The Terminator squads were slow, heavily armored, and heavily armed shock troopers. They marched in lines and were armed with particle cannon weaponry, making them a moving wall of death. The caped figure of General Vorn would appear with a flash in front of a squad of these death machines.

    "Groups 3 and 4, fan out down the left street. 5 and 6 to the right. 1 and 2 shall follow me. Kill anything with a soul...."

    And so the General walked forth, lines of mechanical drones programmed for nothing but destruction following his path. Fire and explosions rang out all throughout the city as the chaos began.
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    Re: [IC] GodWorld: The Seige of New Bacros

    Re: [IC] GodWorld: The Seige of New Bacros

    General Vorn

    The mechanical general lead his death squads through the streets of New Bacros, cutting down anything in their path. Civilans ran screaming through the streets with schizophrenic delusions, covered in the blood of their neighbors. Women, children, even animals were cut down by the particle weaponry of the Terminator squads. There was no challenge in this, and Vorn knew it. The only glory he would receive from this battle would come from the approval of his God. Other than that, slaughtering civilians provided little amusement.

    As the General marched through the streets with his mechanical soldiers, a war cry came from an adjacent alley.

    "Death to Malice!"

    Could be heard through the air, as a man wearing a respirator, immune to the nerve gas swarming through the city, and dressed in a vest of explosives charged out of the alley toward Vorn and his followers. The Terminators turned to aim their weapons at the charging man, but it was too late. The man pressed the detonator in his hand, setting off the charges that lined his vest. A massive explosion tore though the streets, cutting through the nearby buildings and ripping through lines of mechanical soldiers. In all of this, Vorn did nothing but stand there. Much of the nearby buildings fell on top of Vorn and his soldiers, burying them in rubble. But the Kaleesh were far more durable than that. A shockwave tore through part of the large debris pile, blasting rock and steel away as the mechanical General stood once more. The only sign of battle on his body was the tattered remnants of his cape. Robotic arms and severed legs began to crawl out from the pile, seeking out their respected owners and fusing back into them. The Kaleesh designed their cybernetic bodies with the ability to repair and reform, using advanced nanotechnology. And in a matter of minutes, the once burnt and crushed soldiers stood once more. Only those whose brains were damaged from the explosions lied dead, for the brain was the only organic part of these mechanical warriors, and was essential for all functions.

    Another battle cry shot out through the air as human soldiers, protected from the gas by respirators and armed with all manners of firearms appeared in the windows and on the rooftops of nearby buildings. They opened fire on Vorn and his soldiers, much of their weaponry proving to be greatly ineffective against the armored hides of the Terminators. Vorn could have killed them all in a single instant, but they were not worthy enough to experience the powers that Malice had granted him. And so the General leaped into the air as he drew his energy blades, landing upon a rooftop swarming with enemy militia. His Terminators back on the ground took aim at every living soul in sight, blasting away through the windows and walls, killing everything that lied before them. Several foolish soldiers charged at Vorn, brandishing the butts of their rifles. With a hiss and a flash of light, Vorn cut them down with his energy blades, spinning them in full 360 degree circles like only a cyborg could. He jumped through the air once more, this time coming down with his large metallic talon-like feet atop the head of another soldier. Vorn spun his blades once more cutting down any nearby soldiers, as he rotated his body around his mechanical waist, and flung the corpse of the soldier clutched in his foot off the side of the building. Only four soldiers remained, and they were already scurrying for the fire escape. With a flash of light, the General teleported in front of them. His mechanical arms split in two, the lower limbs reaching inside his tattered cape for two more energy blades. And with a hiss he spun all four, dismembering the frightened men that ran from him. But he was sure to leave one alive. He withdrew his blades and picked up the dismembered but still living soldier. The blades had cauterized his wounds instantly, and Vorn made sure not to use the blades' pain inducer function against him, for he needed the man to talk. And so the General loomed over the man with his towering mechanical frame and looked into his frightened eyes.

    "Tell me where your leader is....And I shall make your death as painless as possible...."

    Vorn spoke in his echoing robotic voice. This man was an idealist, a "freedom fighter," as they were called. He would not break easily, but Vorn has his ways.

    "G-g-go to hell.....You monster. Death to Malice!"

    The man shouted as he spat in Vorn's metallic face. Suddenly a surge of electricity shot through Vorn's hands and into the man, but it was no normal electricity. It lit up every last neuron in the man, making him feel like every single inch of his body was in the most extreme amount of pain imaginable. The General had to only do this for but a few seconds before he paused and spoke again.

    "I shall not ask a second time...."

    "O---o----ok.....They have their headquarters in an old food processing plant in the the abandoned industrial section of the city...But its defended like a fortress..."

    The man gasped out....

    "Your pathetic mortal defenses are nothing to me....But since you have given me what I desire, I shall honor my words..."

    And with one twist of his metallic hand, the General snapped the mans neck, and dropped his lifeless body to the ground. He sent a telepathic command to his soldiers below to continue their progress. And with a mighty leap, the General took off towards the abandoned section of the city.
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