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    [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    The City of Falurst is the largest independant city that sits on the borders of three neighboring kingdoms. It is a wealthy city that thrives on trade between the three kingdoms. Merchants from far and wide come to Falurst to sell their wares, or buy rare merchandise to bring home to sell at five times the price they paid for it in Falurst. Curious travelers come to Falurst as well, to see the wonders of Falurst's rainbow caverns. The entrance to these caverns is located in the center of the city, and leads into a large expanse of caverns, where the rocks seem to glow in a variety of colors, and a large salt-water lake at the bottom appears to glow with a blue-green light.

    The City of Falurst is a neutral city that had never before seen war in its nearly five-hundred years of existence. When kingdoms were at war, Falurst was often used as neutral territory where representatives of the warring nations could discuss deals, treaties and surrenders. Despite its neutrality, the city militia is trained to peak of perfection. Whether they are upholding the law or defending the city against mosters, they are more than ready to fight off any invasion. The walls of the city are thick and high, able to withstand blows from giants. There is even enough grain and dried foods in the storehouses in Falurst to feed Falurst's immense population of over one million people for six months. This is beneficial, especially now, considering the city currently is under siege for the first time in its existence. Not from any other warring kingdom, but from the fae of Faewood, a magical forest that lay half a day walk to the south.

    Most of the people in the city don't know what happened, or why the fae suddenly laid siege to the city. A week ago, they started showing up, walking trees and mystical fae creatures of all types. The farmers and workers of the land that worked outside the city walls hid in their homes or ran to the protection of the walls of the city before the gates to the city closed. The militia stood their ground on the walls of the city, keeping the fae from entering the city, while everyone else remained safe, but trapped, inside the city walls.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Narm had heard many tales of the great trade city of Falurst. A city rich in history and wonders. After he had concluded his meditation in the area, he decided to stop in and check it out. He had arrived just after dawn. The morning sun casting huge shadows off of the high walls and towers. As he stepped into the city he was met with the same expressions he finds whenever he enters a city, curiosity.

    Although the Cyclops are not a very populous race they seem to be very well known in cities. But even though Narm always feared his large Eye would be off putting to the other races, they instead seem to be awe struck. Whether it was his calm nature or huge, soft, smile, Narm didn't know. But he was always treated the same, as some gentle giant. Children laughed and waved, women smiled and blushed, men puffed their chest and nodded in respect. Narm remembered asking a older couple long ago why they looked at him with wonder. They had different responses but the same reason. The man told Narm that he knew the giant could see him as the young, strong, warrior that he still was inside. And the lady simply smiled and thanked him for reminding her how beautiful and carefree she had been. Narm knew that they could not see their youth the way he did. So he never understood why it brought them joy. But for some reason, people loved knowing he could see them at their best. It made them happy and in turn brought a huge smile to Narm's face. The kind of soft, wide, smile that only the broad jaw of the Cyclops could achieve.

    Narm was barely inside the wall when it caught his eye. The wall itself was a masterpiece. Nearly five hundred years old and completely constructed by hand. Narm was enthralled with the organization and precision of the labor. He walked along the inside of the wall for hours. He let his hand glide gently along the ragged stone as he walked, drifting his 'past sight' far back and watching the walls construction. By the time he had finished watching the walls completion it was well past noon and he was famished. He decided to grab a bite to eat at the nearest pub before heading for the Rainbow caverns.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Reayan | Roia

    Reayan ran quickly through the streets of Falurst, dodging past people and other obstacles in his way. In his right hand, he carried a large loaf of freshly baked bread that he had just stolen from a nearby baker. Behind him, in hot pursuit, were two of the city's watchmen, eager to catch him and toss him in the city dungeons. Reayan laughed as he ran, as if this were nothing more than a game to him. In reality, this was far more than a game, it was a matter of survival, not only for himself, but for his sister as well. No one else would take care of them, so they were forced to take the food they needed to live.

    In front of him, a large, well-built, man stood, prepared to be a good citizen and capture the thief fleeing from the guards. Reayan saw this man, and didn't change his direction. He easily could have, but he had a better idea. Sure it was risky, but he had learned that risk was often necessary. Instead of turning, he ran straight at the man, as if he were going to run right over him. The man chuckled. He saw this youth running at him. From his perspective, he looked like a scrawny human girl, which was definately no match for him.

    As the man started to lunge forward to grab Reayan in a bear-hug, Reayan quickly ducked beneath the man's arms, and stuck out his leg to trip the man, and helped it along with a push from behind. The man was caught off balance and tumbled forward, directly into the path of the pursuing guards.

    So long, suckers!

    Reayan said and turned a corner into an alley as the guards struggled to get up. Reayan didn't stop running, but continued to turn up and down the alleyways that he knew like the back of his hand. He had managed to avoid capture again, but this time was much closer than before. Reayan smiled, the adenaline from the chase giving him a slight sense of euphoria. Sure, he'd much rather not have to steal to survive, but if he did, he sure did enjoy the thrill of the chase.

    After a few more minutes of running, Reayan stopped running. He was at the door to an old abandoned house. Pausing for a brief second to catch his breath, he looked around, opened the door, and walked inside.

    I'm back.

    He said as he walked into the small one-room domicile. Lying on a worn out straw mattress, left behind by the previous owner, was his twin sister, Roia. Roia was shorter than her brother, and had no hair at all. She was also extremely thin, almost appearing malnourished. Despite that, the facial features of both made it clear to anyone who looked at them that they were twins. She pushed herself up in her bed, noticing the sweat matting Reayan's dirty brown hair and streaking his dirty face.

    You were running from the guards again?

    Yeah, but I got away, and I brought us some bread.

    Reayan broke the bread into two pieces, taking the smaller part for himself, and handing the larger portion to Roia.

    You know I don't like that. What if you got caught?

    Roia said as she took the offered bread.

    I wasn't caught. I'm too quick for the humans. Besides, we need to eat. No one is just going to give a couple of "Half-Elves" food or money.

    Roia lowered her head. She knew it was true. If only there was something better. Someone who would care enough to help them.

    I still don't like it.

    Reayan frowned. He didn't like when his sister was sad.

    I know, Sis. I'm sure something better will come along. Maybe the attacking fae might be an opportunity for us. I don't know.

    Roia didn't say anything, she simply nibbled at the bread. Reayan looked at his sister for another minute before sitting down next to her on the bed, eating his own portion of the bread.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Now don't you do anything rash, Hamund. I taught you better than that.

    **The hulking teenager, refered to as Hamund, nods his bowing head to the weak voice that emanates from the sickly, older man that lies on the bed before him. After a few coughs the bedridden man continues to speak to the towering, grey skinned younger man.**

    Read up on your history, lad, this city is known for peace, not war. They'll find a peaceful way to end this siege and we'll be free to go.

    **Again the Hamund nods quietly to the old man's words.**

    I've lived long enough for war to finally come to Falurst, and I promise I'll be alive long after peace has been restored.

    **This time the old man pries one of his pale, shaking hands out from under his blankets and places it on one of the Hamund's large hands. The man's wrinkled hands look entirely too small and frail compared to the granite like hand of the other. The teenager stiffens his wide jaw. His large, protruding brow tightens with thought. He leans a little closer to the sick man. For a moment his wide body resembles a small hill or boulder, his hair is dark, grey grass sprouting out of the top of his head. He leans down and carefully places a single digit onto the old man's sweat covered forehead. The lone finger covers all of the man's forehead. Softly this mountain of a young man speaks to his sick elder.**

    Of course you will, Brother Ashlin. And I will refrain from any foolishness. I will just go out and purchase some more food and medicines. And I will pray for you. Perhaps there is something goddess Afiena can do to hasten peace and your recovery.

    **Ashlin smiles at Hamund. His eyes drift closed, he feels sleep and the fever calling him towards unconsciousness. But still he speaks softly to Hamund.**

    Bless you, Hamund.
    Lad, I want to tell you-
    If the worst does happen- I couldn't love you more if you had been my own flesh and blood.

    **The monk opens his eyes to a blurred and empty room. Hamund is gone, and probably has been gone for some time. The fever is making consciousness and time a difficult thing to hold on to. The old monk isn't entirely sure he had told Hamund all he had tried to say. If this is all of the time left to him Ashlin would wish to speak his feelings to the only family he has left in the world. But instead his illness and fever may have robbed him of that.
    **And so he instead tries to focus his brilliant mind on the reality he has awakened to.
    **Connery's Inn, a third floor guest room. The old monk lies in the only bed that occupies most of this room. The covers are drawn up and around him, with only his wrinkled and pale features peaking out. His weary eyes open ever so slightly to try to see the world through a feverish haze that has settled over his senses. The modest room is blurry to his senses. Gradually he begins to understand the nearly empty dwelling he lies within. One last blink reveals someone standing at the foot of his bed, who was not there three blinks ago. The monk gasps at this instantaneous presence. He begins to tightly grasp his blankets in hopes of throwing them off and rising from the bed, but he lacks the strength for any such actions.
    **The presence within the room smiles down at the weak old man. Her grinning lips are a deep shade of red, yet show no signs of warmth, only cruelty. Her skin is as smooth as marble and a pale shade of grey. Her hair is a light brown cascade of silken strands that flows down towards the small of her back. Her body is slender, yet extremely tall. She wears a scarlet gown that begins with thin straps on her grey shoulders, eagerly embraces her every seductive curve and ends with a wide skirt that billows out over her shapely legs. The monk can't help but notice how human this giantess of a woman looks. Except for her size and grey skin he would swear she was one of his kind. Although the moment his vision clears enough to precieve her red eyes her inhuman nature becomes obvious. Eyes that would not pity the monk's passing, they've enjoyed the sight of far too many deaths for such a reaction.**

    Ashlin, you're not looking well at all. Oh my, have you fallen ill? Why would such a thing happen to such an honorable man? Surely a man of his word is in his goddess' favor more than one that would break his vows. Surely, Ashlin.

    **Ashlin''s wrinkled features twist in rage as he hears the towering woman's voice.**

    Away from me demoness! Leave an old man to his sickbed. I'm keeping my promise. But this- this siege has delayed us-

    **There's more to say but a coughing fit makes any further talking nearly impossible. The woman turns away from the monk, and a moment later turns again to face him and hold out a glass of water for him to take.**

    Oh, but our bargain was for the boy to be brought to me when he turned sixteen, and not a day later. When you failed to return on that day I was so worried about you... I just had to send a little plague sprite to check on you... and to remind you that there was a promise to keep.

    The- the siege- we were on our way and- and- the siege-

    Is a good excuse... But not good enough to explain why it has taken you an entire year to make only half the journey to me. This siege hasn't gone on for that long. Now return the boy to me. My sprite will allow you to live long enough to do that much. After that, your fate is entirely up to how generous I am feeling when I see you next.

    **The large woman in red leans down and kisses the old monk on his forehead. She smells like crushed men and burnt dreams. Her very presence feels like a bolder that is about to smash open his skull.**

    Be well, Ashlin, and may your goddess guide you towards honor and good health.

    **The world once again slips away from the old monk. And once more he is all alone, his visitor evaporates as mysteriously as she had arrived. Ashlin is left to sleep amongst fevered dreams and a promise that will haunt him till the end of his days.**
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege


    **Climbing to this roof was a mistake. This is what Hamund quickly realizes as he stands within the shadow of a bell tower that adjoins the cities church. He had hoped this, one of the tallest buildings within close proximity to the city's walls, would provide a platform for him to jump off of and over the wall. But despite topping suck a large church the roof is nowhere near long enough for the teenaged troll to get enough of a running start before the leap. The troll is certain he could make such a jump, but great speed is essential to this task. And for trolls that kind of speed requires big open spaces, and not a church's roof. This place can't accommodate his needs. Also, as he stands on the top of the church he becomes greatly aware of how far he'll have to drop should he manage to leap over the wall, and the stone-like man isn't sure if even his powerful body can withstand such a fall, nor would Brother Ashlin, that he would have to carry during this escape. With a defeated sigh the troll scholar backs further against the bell tower and away from the light of day that presses in against the protective shadow that he hides within. Hamund knows all to well that the touch of this sunlight will begin to petrify his grey skin. Without wanting to risk any exposure to this dangerous light Hamund climbs back inside of the church. He picks up his large monk's robe from where he had placed it for safe keeping. He fits it over his mountainous form, allowing the dull blue garment and its large hood to help hide him from the touch of daylight, as well as the sight of others. Though his great size often attracts attention his robes signals to others that he is an agent of the church, and out of respect for that few ever seek to inspect this silent giant any further than a curious, yet distant glance. Hammund makes his way deeper into the church, which is empty at this time of day, but will probably fill later this evening as worshippers complete their days work and find solace in the troubled times that are consuming their lives just beyond the great walls surrounding the city.
    **Hamund kneels before an idol of Afiena and whispers a brief prayer. After a solemn moment the troll rises and continues on his way. The idea of jumping over the wall has fallen to its own death, thankfully before taking any real casualties, and now Hammund exits the church to resume his original task, to purchase medicines for his ill mentor, and food for the both of them. The prayer may have soothed his spirit, but the troll's body will need a large lunch to truly feel better. He draws his robe in tightly around his body, pulls his hood down low so that none of his face shows and tucks his hands into his pockets. Soon none of his grey skin is left unshielded from the suns rays as he steps onto the streets and begins making his way towards the market district..**
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Illia Sei

    The light of day was coming over the hills and striking the walls of Falurst. The world around her was awakening yet for all the noise that signaled the beginning of something new, she walked among it in silence like a spirit. Her pale, bare feet walked across the dirt ground with her webbed toes spread as if to feel the very texture of the earth beneath her feet. She knew she was receiving glances, looks but she kept her eyes on the ground where she walked. It was not done out of humility but because she was trying to figure out what was wrong. Just moments ago she had passed one of the large gates that lead out of the city. They were barred shut, tight, and there were guards all around them. She gave them a glance from beneath her hood and moved on.

    She followed the wall, far from the gate and then reached out a hand and touched the cold stone that composed it. Immediately she drew her long, webbed fingers back. This wall trembled just as the walls of the caverns did. The whole earth seemed to tremble as she continued her walk along the wall. What could cause such a thing? She found an answer when she was walking within the large marketplace of the city. The Fae were walking and they brougt their forests with them. But the one answer she could not find through listening was what the fae wanted. Illia Sei pulled her hood up closer around her pale face and adjusted the well-wrapped spear-like object on her back. She would have to go back and tell her people. So she maneuvered her lithe form through the market, on its outskirts, hoping to be an unnoticeable as possible.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Yehlee had a pack full of herbs and potions, a few changes of clothing, her dance slippers and party dress. She had taken all the money she had saved and was riding the donkey only she could ride. Ruper was obstinate with everyone else but he seemed to become malleable with Yehlee. She was always gentle with him and her father accused her of spoiling him from a colt.

    Yehlee was quickly struck full in the face with the folly of her unplanned flight. The caravan owner took most of her money just to let her join them. Yehlee made it to Falurst with only her pack of herbs, her staff and the dress she had on. Even Ruper had to be sold once she arrived in Falurst to provide lodging for the first week and food. Yehlee sat completely disillusioned on the modest little Innís courtyard wall. Tears for Ruperís loss still fresh on her cheeks, frustration at her own irresponsibility, Yehlee sighed unhappily. ĎAlways running off without thinking!í she could hear her father now, íÖdo you ever use the head put on your shoulders, Yehlee?í Right now her answer would beÖ obviously not. In her haste she had to admit she did not plan, but to her credit she didnít have much choice. If that wealthy Baron tossed any more money about in front of her avaricious aunt, the woman would have screamed SOLD and shoved Yehlee into a life of pure misery! Yehlee had to make a quick get away, there had been no other solultion.

    Yehlee sighed and wiped away her tears. Enough of that, it wasnít helping anyway. Yehlee hopped off the wall and walked off to see if she could apprentice to a local healer. At least get an idea of where she could be of benefit.


    The local healer did indeed take her in as an apprentice, more than likely to keep her from becoming competition. Little did she realize, within two weeks of her arrival she would be working long days into the night on wounded from a battle that would soon erupt. Yehlee was working on her own now as her mentor had no time to keep tabs on her. People began to send for her directly at the Lazy Dog Inn. Things had unfolded and now she was able to pay for her room and board. Yehlee wished she knew how this fracas started and how in the boughs of juniper she could stop it! She sat in her usual spot in the corner of the Innís dining hall working on some broth and bread after seeing to everyone she could aid at the last skirmish site. She was so weary she almost could not keep her eyes open long enough to eat.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege


    Soft sobs rolled out from the Queenís bedroom, reaching the sharp ears of those that had served her for as long as they could remember. Looks of concern passed among the faces of those gathered outside the Queenís home. It had been three days since the tragic news had been revealed to the Queenís youngest and now it seems the only living daughter, Muriel. She had refused any comfort from anyone, not even her animal friends. They had watched her countenance fall as the news had been revealed to her, the ethereal light that seemed to surround all of her kind had dimmed to almost nothing as she grasp the remnants of her motherís crown and a piece of wing she believed to be from her sister Lilly. She had quietly walked into her motherís bedroom as the tears had begun to fall and closed the door. For three solid days they had her the soft sobbing come from the door, with out ceasing. She had neither slept or ate in all those days curled upon her motherís bed holding onto the only thing left of her family.

    Three days ago, it had started out so beautiful as Muriel and flittered about the vegetation in the forest bringing the morning dew for their nourishment. Her mother and sistersí were off to speak to their aloof cousins. She had often wondered how they had come to look as they do, imagining it must have been the result of indecision on their part as whether to be born of fae kind or as apart of the forest, so the magic decided for them, making them a little of both. She had finished her duties and sat upon the leaves of the roses watching the sunrise and life in the forest waking from its nightly slumber. She had chatted with her friends the animals as they went about their morning duties, greeting them with a warm smile and occasionally playing a game of hide-n-seek. It had been a beautiful morning, but as the day had begun to fade in the afternoon sky a feeling of dread over took her and her fears were made real by the news of the elder of Primrose Valley.

    She found no strength now in her limbs; she was weakened by her lack of sleep and food as she lay there upon her motherís bed, delicately holding on to the battered and tarnished crown and the jaggedly torn wing. Her world had changed suddenly in only a momentís time. There was an innocence lost and her mind felt as numb as her soul. Nothing of this tragic proportion had ever befallen her kind before, what had changed? Her sobbing had finally subsided, but her eyes continued to flow with tears as she stared at nothing. Her mind was a fast flurry of misery and thoughts. She was in charge now, it was up to her to bring order to her people and decide what must be done. Her heart ached, for the first time she found it difficult to think through this problem.

    Still holding her motherís crown and her sisterís tattered wing, she stepped outside of her motherís bedroom for the first time in three days. There was a hushed tone among the fairy folk of Primrose Valley as Muriel stepped out into the light. Many faces bore the marks of sorrow just as Murielís did, she could feel their pain as fresh and sharp as her own making it all the harder to step foot out before them. The shyness that was always evident in Muriel crept into her wounded soul making it difficult to form words before her motherís people, her people. She cleared her voice and with a barely audible voice she spoke.

    Elder man Oak, you are sure that there were no survivors?

    Her spoken words only made him wish he did not have to answer her question. He had known Muriel since her birth and he held a special place for her in his heart. Muriel was kind and gentle, a loving soul that deserved only happiness and good fortune, not this. His head bowed in sorrow as his long gray crinkly eyebrows furrowed with his forehead as he answered.

    Yes Princess, we have searched the entire area for days and have come up empty.

    A sigh of sadness escaped Muriel. Did she really need to hear this again, grasping onto silk strings of hope that were not there? What will she do? Can she allow this atrocity to go unpunished? And what really did happen, there were no witnesses, just rumors and reports. She would need time to think, she needed rest and food. Time seemed to slow to the pace of the garden snail, trapping Muriel in the eternal moment of sorry.

    Very well. She whispered.

    I will eat and rest if I can, and then I will decide what must be done.

    She turned without a further word and returned to her motherís bedroom, crown and wing still delicately clasped within her hands.
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

    **The merchant district, the very heart of the city. Here traders, from every corner of Eryonne, gather in shops or street side tents and carts, to trade their products and make their fortunes. It is the trade here that attracts many travelers to this city. It is here that goods and services from distant lands can found and purchased. Even as nature is being hurled savagely at the walls of the city this district still thrives. Crowds of buyers and sellers fill the streets, shops and tents. The sound of salesmen talking the coins out of the people's pockets can occasionally be heard over the sounds of crowded streets and the thunderous assault beyond the city and its massive walls.
    **Hamund frowns from beneath the shadows of his large hood as he is confronted by the new prices for products. The siege makes these resources finite, and so the merchants have begun to increase some of their prices to reflect these difficult times. The robed troll shrugs at the high costs of the elixirs and herbs his mentor needs, these things are no doubt also needed for those that were wounded in battle, but book prices also going up only earns a displeased shake of the head. He had hoped to find a few hard to find tomes for Brother Ashlin to spend his bedridden hours enjoying, but at these prices reading is becoming a threat to their food budget. The large teen packs up the days purchases, which includes food for the next few days and medicine for the week, and makes his way back towards the inn, glad with the amount of gold he managed to hang on to. He also has need to smile at how well he's managed to hide himself from the other people. Normally Brother Ashlin makes all of the purchases and speaks on their behalf whenever needed, while Hamund remained in the shadows, trying to avoid letting anyone know he was a troll. But dealing with a an inn-keeper occasionally and several merchants today has gone surprisingly well. The robed giant knows all too well that if anyone knew he was a troll they would likely consider him a greater threat to them than the army of Fae attacking the walls around them. Hamund doesn't blame them, he's heard the same stories they all have, he's learned from other trolls the horrors their red eyed brethren have inflicted on countless others, trolls and other races alike.
    **Hamund's thoughts drift from himself and towards the others surrounding him, as he makes his way through the crowded streets. Everyone moves out of his way, not wanting to get in the path of what must resemble a slow moving hill in the shape of a man. Few are curious enough to try to see what is beneath the hood of Hamund's very large monks robe, but few put enough effort into it, everyone's more worried about Fae than they are about really big holymen. But Hamund does get to peer out and study those around him from beneath the shade of his hood. He's trained to study the various races of this world and catalogue all he sees. Mostly humans and elves populate this city. Other races blend freely into the crowds as well, but if Hamund guesses most of them are travelers. He focused on trying to determine as much as he can about random people, which is a remnant of an old game he and Ashlin played when Hamund was a boy.
    **The uncomfortable looking man, with long, pointed ears, wearing furs and leaning very closely to the flowers being sold in a shop is a wood elf, obviously trapped in the city and craving some contact with nature. A trio of red haired human children run by, laughing and staring at everything around them as if it had all just been created moments ago just for them. Their clothes are well worn and what isn't an assembly of patches shows sign of soil stains. Obviously rural humans, also trapped within the city. They're possibly taking refuge from one of the nearby farms. A cloaked woman carrying herself through the crowd with grace normally associated with elves, and stepping carefully on webbed toed feet...**

    Webbed toes?

    **Hamund mutters to himself as he studies this woman. He notes other elven traits, but also some aspects of her that aren't found in most elf races. A hunch creeps up from the troll's gut and through his overly analytical thoughts. He and Brother Ashlin spent several weeks on the western coast studying sea elves. There was a sea elf city just off the coast, and Brother Ashlin was able to make contact with one of their hunters, who often traveled to shore in order to hunt surface animals. Surface meat was something of a delicacy for the people of their underwater city. Through this contact Brother Ashlin was able to negotiate several more meetings with various members of the sea elf population. Through these meetings Hamund and Ashlin tried to learn all they could. One thing they learned is that sea elves normally don't stray too far from their home, since they are dependant on water for their survival. If they do travel they normally follow the coast, to stay close to the water. But finding a sea elf so far from the coast is unheard of. Unless there is a source of water for them to follow. But the nearest lakes and rivers would be a little too far. Unless...
    **Hamund begins to follow the suspected sea elf. He recalls hearing about the salt lake within caverns beneath the city. This woman could be from that lake. This lake, and the cave that houses it, could extend beyond the city and present Hamund and his mentor a means of escaping the city. Hamund just has to speak to her and find out more. He speeds up his pace slightly in hopes of catching up to the sea elf, but he slows down immediately after. He remembers that he is a troll, and the terrible tales spread about his people were known to even the sea elves on the western coast. Speaking with this woman might prove problematic if she discovers what he is. Hamund knows he isn't likely to get help from someone that is terrified of him. And so the teen trolls keeps his distance and continues following the woman, while pondering what he should do next.**
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    Re: [IC] The City of Falurst: A City Under Siege

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    Illia Sei

    The sun was causing a problem. Illia Sei chanced a glance up into the glaring heat source from her hood and then tugged it closer to her cheek. The cool material was still the tiniest bit damp from coming out of the Rainbow Caverns under the cover of nightfall, but it was beginning to not be enough. She needed water and was conscious that the easiest alternative would be to head home, but she was also aware of the hulking shape that was following her. She wasn't sure what it was, and she was even more unsure of who it could be. This was one among few of her trips to Falurst during the day. She rarely ever went alone, but none of her clan seemed inclined to care about the world above them, preferring their secretive existence above all else. Regardless of what her clan thought, she had a small predicament on her hands. She needed water but she would not dare to lead a stranger into the lap of her home. Fool she was not. She had another place in mind.

    As carefully as she looked into the bright sun, Illia Sei glanced back at her unwarranted guest; a hint of deep blue eyes and silver hair and nothing more before she turned back around. Like a fish in water she glided against the currents of people. her head remained down to avoid further detection. She wove her way through the rest of the marketplace and then turned a left down a wide street. It was a residential area full of two and three story high tenant houses and family run shoppes with laundry hung on thick rope lines across alleyways. Stone and wood mixed to provide sturdy living and shudders adorned many of the small buildings that lined the roadway. Signs hung to display the wares being sold and an occasional peddler passed them. Soon the crowds grew few and the street quietly echoed with the rumbling and shaking of something too man-made to be thunder. It was around a bend in this road that Illia Sei walked, recalling times traveled in the distant past through this area of the town in search of water. At the center of the lane where it criss-crossed another road sat a fountain worked with stone. Water filtered through it, brought to the surface by a series of aqueducts beneath the more fortunate parts of the city.

    In the middle of the sunlight, because the tall buildings offered her no shade in the middle of the road at the high of day, Illia Sei pulled at the well-wrapped trident on her back and set it to her side. Carefully she leaned her masterpiece up against the stone ledge of the pooled water and unlooped from beneath her cloak a water bag. It looked like it was made with the glittering body of a large fish when the sun touched it just so and it most likely was. She unfastened one end and drank heavily from its opened spout. She tilted her head and arched her back so that her hood began toslide down her silver hair. it was a lusty action, but one she almost could not help. She felt the water, warmed from travel, slide down her throat and craved more. She dipped her water satchel into the fountain and relished in the feeling of fresh cold water on her skin. Her eyes closed and she sighed and allowed herseld this one small pleasure. She kept her head tilted so that she could hear him when he came. He would come. It was hard to not notice such a huge being following her.
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