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    Character Biographies

    Character Biographies

    This is for all of your character biographies. This post will be updated as new characters are posted.

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    Name: Balathas

    Race: Elf
    Gender- Male
    Height- 5'11”
    Build- Athletic
    Age- Appears roughly 32 but his age is unknown
    Hair color-Brown
    Eye color- Black

    Personality – While under the influence of the metallic worm, he thought very highly of himself. Most do not care for him because of it. And he could be quite brutal with those he deems enemies or his prey

    Short History – While under the influence of the metallic worm, Balathas workd for Quentin hunting down those his master deems enemies. He had fallen for the lies that Quentin has told him. He believes that those that are fighting Quentin were the evil ones. He thought the brutality inflicted on the enemy is justly deserved. And he did his job exceptionally well since beginning to work for Quentin.

    Now he has been freed from the metallic worm and he has to deal with his past deeds. And he has to make amends. His victims are many and so he has enemies.

    And his memory is not all there anymore with the removal of the worm.

    Talent- He is an expert tracker and an expert with the bow. He also carries a sword but he prefers the bow.
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    Character Name- Tahlee

    Race- Elf
    Gender- Female
    Age- 130
    Hair color- Honey blonde
    Eye color- warm brown
    Build- slender
    Height- 5' 6"

    Artist/ Herbalist/ Healer

    Quarter Staff/ Long bow
    Description of physical appearance:
    Tahlee is simply beautiful, however she does not realize it. She has high cheekbones and almond-shaped eyes. Her honey blonde hair cascades down to her waist, but often as not it is in a single braid.

    Tahlee is an artist and is rarely seen without charcoal,brushes, vials
    of color and stacks of paprel in her backpack. Tahlee by profession is a talented herbalist/healer. She has decided to record some of what she has learned about healing herbs. She was trained in quarter staff and long bow.

    Tahlee is considered clumsy because of her penchant to be absorbed in other things and running into things or tripping. She is often distracted and when addressed sometimes it takes quite a while for her to respond.

    Most often she is dressed in soft black leather leggings, rich green
    tunic and leather boots. Hooded green cape that comes down to mid-calf.

    She wears a belt of many small pouches for herbs. Also wears a backpack, bow and quiver of arrows on her back. Carries a staff.

    During the saga of MoTD, Tahlee has been married twice. Once to Ralinor, the dreaded Quentin's (Ulcoquen) brother. After Ralinor's death (set up by Quentin) Tahlee went into exile and lived a solitary life for many years. Then the dragon call reached her and she met Sira.

    Her second husband Jessam was the love of her life she thought lost forever. He however had thrown in with Quentin and was sent by him to kill Tahlee and Sira. He instead brought them to Quentin. After a short time, Jessam was directed to execute Tahlee but found he could not. His hesitation started him down the path to being set free from Quentin's deception. Eventually Jessam and Tahlee were married.

    They now have twins who have been sent away to live with the dragons in seclusion until the threat against them is neutralized.
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    Name: Morelini

    Nickname: Lini

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf

    Age: 135

    Height: 5’10”

    Appearance: fair skin, pointed ears, waist-length dark brown hair. She also has piercing blue eyes that seem to stare into a person’s soul. She wears green leggings and a green tunic, with a pair of boots, and is able to blend in to her surroundings easily.

    Personality: she’s caring when someone’s in trouble, but fights when there is a just cause.

    History: her family was one of the few survivors of the tragedy that Minok unleashed on the inhabitants of the forest. There is still a small pocket of elves that live in the Great Forest and Morelini was born after that incident. She met Sira when Sira was a small child living in the village because Morelini knew Sira’s father, who was also an elf. After Sira’s father’s disappearance, Sira and her mother moved to the city, and Morelini had never seen the girl again until Morelini helped rescue Sira and Naya out of Wythiead. She comes and goes as she pleases, usually doing various missions for Jarrod or visiting family who still live in a village in the Forest.
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    Name: Sira

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf

    Appearance: shoulder-length reddish-brown hair, slate blue eyes, t-shirt, soft leggings. She usually wears her hair pulled back, and she enjoys being out in the fresh air.

    Personality: usually shy and quiet, but when she gets riled up, she's not a force to be reckoned with. she's protective of her friends and family and will do everything possible to protect them. She has a nasty stubborn streak at times and usually will act impulsively, not thinking things through before acting.

    Weapons: bow, sword, twin daggers with curious carvings on the blades. she's proficient in all of the weapons

    Abilities: she has the rare gift of being able to speak with the dragons no matter how much distance is between them. she is also the only one who is able to wield the Stone

    History: Sira was born in seclusion after Melena went into hiding after Quentin took control of the elven throne in Esgalostia. After Sira's birth, Melena tasked Tahlee and Morelini to find a good family for Sira to be adopted into in order to keep the child safe. When Sira was 2 months old, Tahlee and Morelini returned with the news that they had found a family, and Sira was separated from her mother and adopted to Anna (a human) and Faenon (an elf), who were unable to have children of their own.

    Growing up, Sira believed that she was half-human, half-elf. When she was young, Faenon disappeared while on a quest to locate Jarrod, and Anna and Sira journeyed across the desert to move to Himacha Valley, where they lived until Sira was 18. When she was 18, she left home in a quest to find the dragons with Morelini's help, running into Tahlee in front of Chisk's home when she finally arrived. Afterward, they received the quest to find Jarrod and defeat Minok, and Lukai and Miok, two other dragons, joined them in that quest.

    Once that was done, they journeyed to Esgalostia, the elven hidden city, to attempt to reclaim the throne from Quentin. They were successful, but since then, Quentin has been relentless in his attempt to get the throne back as well as try to get rid of the humans.
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    Re: Character Biographies

    Re: Character Biographies

    Name: Scorch

    Age: 450 years old

    Gender: Female

    Race: Fiery Dragon

    Appearance: Brilliant red scales of bright and dark hues.

    Personality: Scorch is rather insecure and thus over compensates for her already fiery temper. Prone to the short comings of her race of dragon, she would normally be a rather fun loving dragon. She secretly likes to play games and lie along the forest floor and let the smaller creatures slid down her scales.

    Weapons: Fire breath, claws and tail

    History: Scorch had been about 50 around the time of Minok's Deception. Insecure about herself, she was an easy target to be teased by the others. Fiery Dragons were already known for their temper, but Scorch's were becoming legendary. Scorch had been called before Chisk on more than one occasion for the results of her temper. One case especially had involved Scorch, setting a portion of the forests at the bottom of the Himacha Mountains on fire. It had been her insecurities and her natural tendencies toward anger that had earned her the name Scorch. To this day, she cannot remember what her birth name had been because she was always called Scorch by the others.

    It was that very day of Minok's Deception that her anger and the pain of being teased had driven her to find solace in the caves of Himacha Mountains. Winding deep into the very bowels of the mountain itself, Scorch had become lost and frustrated. Realizing that she would not find her way out of the cave that very day, she laid down to rest. Imagine her surprised when she discovered that her sleep would last 400 years and when she awoke, life would be very different from what she had known.
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