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    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Fritz Keller

    Greta's older brother. When he was old enough to enlist in the military, he quickly did. He made sure though that Greta left with him for Berlin. He wasn't going to leave her behind with their father like their mother and older brother Luther did when they left home. Fritz is a member of the Luftwaffe. Although his status AWOL now because he and his friend Flynn were attacked when they were on leave and have been held prisoners for two months.

    Flynn Harper

    Flynn is a member of the Royal Air Force. He and Fritz became good friends when they were assigned together in Afghanistan. He is quite stubborn and despite two months of being a prisoner, he is still mouthy and trying to free himself and Fritz.

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    AJ McComb

    AJ is a veterinarian at a no kill animal shelter. He is trying to adjust to raising his teenage niece after his sister died of ovarian cancer. When Evie told him she was dying, he didn't think twice about agreeing to be Eden's guardian. Evie had taken care of AJ after their father ran off and their mother committed suicide when he was a teenager. He and Eden have always been close but its different since he has to act like a dad now. He's worried that he won't be as good at the job of raising Eden as Evie was.

    Eden McComb

    Eden was raised by her mother Evie until she died of ovarian cancer. Her uncle AJ has custody of her now. Her father ran off on her mother when Eden was just five months old and signed off his parental rights. Eden was extremely close with her mother and has always been close with AJ as well. Although he is her only uncle, he would be her favorite if she more then one. AJ has always been the only father figure in her life, although it's a big adjustment for of both them that he is taking care of her now. She's a good kid and smart but she's been acting out due to her mother's death.
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    Toby Sinclair

    Toby (former surname is Wisebaker) is a boy who went to Eden's school until his mother's new husband kicked him out of the house. Left to fend for himself at 16 years old, Toby decided to head off to Philadelphia to become a boxer like his idol, Bruno Sinclair. He was tricked into fighting in Dashia's death matches and was turned into a Lycan. Bastian gave his life for Toby, who was rescued by the community after Egor shot him in the leg with a silver nitrate bullet. He is an amputee and discovered that Bruno is his biological father. He is being raised by Bruno and Jasmine.

    Erin Summers

    Erin's an American woman that was on vacation in Russia that Vladimir found and forced Egor to turn into a Lycan. She is one of his sex slaves who didn't think there was much hope for until she realized she was pregnant and ran for the community in Budapest.

    Nikita Perov

    A cousin of Larissa, Vera, and Egor. She told Erin about the community and helped her escaped the Markovs so she could keep her baby.

    Claudia Morales

    Claudia is Nathan's last victim. She is originally from Mexico and was trying to find a better paying job to take care of her infant son Mateo when Nathan bit her after he raped her. He left her to die but luckily she was found by Chase and Helen. Helen turned her into a Hybrid to save her life.

    Brock Jordan

    Brock is a drug counselor from Australia. His little sister, who was a foreign exchange student in Budapest, got addicted to drugs and he left his home to try and help her get clean. Although he often looks more the part of an addict then her because he has tattoos on his arms and lip piercing. Both were turned by Andrej as soldiers for his war against the Vampires.

    Melinda Jordan

    Brock's younger sister who is a recovering drug addict.

    Luna Stein

    Luna was one of Nathan's girls he acquired in Germany. She was used as an example of what happens when you get pregnant in the Coven. Nathan sold her son Kaiser to Dashia at birth. Luna was rescued in Vienna and later reunited with Kaiser when the Markov's slaves were freed.

    Kinia Hajnal

    A news reporter for Channel 12 that was recently turned into a Lycan.

    Gaston Legrant

    Gaston is a leader of a cruel Lycan Pack that has recently from an alliance with some remaining members of Viktor's Coven to survive in a world where humans know about them.

    Update: Gaston was killed by Vencel for threatening to kill Dulcia.

    Orson Legrant

    Gaston's younger brother. He doesn't fully agree with kidnapping the New Haven kids but he would never dream of questioning his brother.

    Update: Orson was killed by Larissa when he tried to rape her. Although Vencel took the blame for it instead.

    Dulcia Mester

    After being raped by Gaston, the preschool teacher was forced to be a part of his Pack and play "nanny" to the children that were going to be kidnapped. Dulcia has a 2 year old daughter named Charma who she is raising with Vencel along with his niece Mila.

    Elisha Mester

    Dulcia's mother who is very religious and a control freak.

    Update: Elisha was killed by Jasmine and Bruno for attacking Oliver, Dulcia's father.

    Aspen Yeats

    Aspen is Fritz and Zabel's teenage daughter. Fritz rescued her from Gaston. Aspen had been abused by foster parents in the past and had ran away from her last home when Gaston and his Pack had abducted some teenage prostitutes. She was Gaston's favorite and she is pregnant with his child. Despite that, Fritz and Zabel welcomed her into their home and are raising her.
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    Dashia Markov

    A rich Vampire woman who runs an illegal fighting ring. She sometimes does business with Nathan, buying the newborn baby boys to have her trainers raise for her bloodsport. Sacha is one of the children she had bought from Nathan, although she is still angry that Nathan decided to take him back. Her family keeps up appearances by having legitimate businesses as well, although Dashia loves the bloodsport best. She is always looking for new fighters.

    Update: Dashia was killed by Bastian after he helped Toby get free.

    Vladimir Markov

    Vladimir is Dashia's brother. He runs illegal games and also takes help out his sister with her bloodsport if she needs to be away on other business. Like all Markovs, Vladimir holds Lycan slaves. Although he prefers female Lycans as his slaves and unlike his sister he is not above forcing them to have sex with him. He treats the female Lycans horribly and is also good friends with Nathan Betancourt.

    Update: Vladimir was killed by Ali when he was trying to enter to the community take back his slaves.

    Egor Perov

    Egor is Dashia's main slave and a Lycan. The Perov Family has served the Markov Family for centuries, not realizing that many Lycans rebelled against the Vampires under Lucian's rule. If Dashia sees a human she likes, she has Egor turn them into a Lycan to compete for her. Egor was raised to believe that Vampires are superior to Lycans. He has no choice but to serve her.

    Larissa Perov

    A female Lycan who is one of Vladimir's sex slaves. She had been taught to at an early age to do whatever her master commanded. She is also a cousin of Egor's. The Perov family has always been slaves to the Markovs and have no idea they are about 600 years behind the times.

    Vera Perov

    Larissa's second cousin and one of Vladimir's sex slaves. She is three younger then Larissa and was recently sold to Claude.

    Bastian Powell

    A Jamaican fighter in Dashia's sport. He used to be a wrestler in the Caribbean Islands but he got greedy and decided to join Dashia's bloodsport instead. A mistake he now regrets. Dashia assigned him to help train Toby.

    Update: Bastian was killed by Dashia for helping Toby escape.

    Taras Perov

    The only surviving member of his generation. Taras in the uncle to Larissa, Vera, Egor, and Nikita. He is also a surrogate grandfather to Janna and Gabe's kids.

    Halina Perov

    Halina is a distant cousin to Larissa's part of the Perov Family tree, although all the kids called her "Aunt Halina" anyway. She was one of the breeders before being rescued. She has six children but only three are living. Kuzma is her youngest and only surviving son. He was a fighter who is now blind in one eye. Her daughters are a 14 year named Liza and a 7 year old named Zina.

    Kuzma Perov

    Kuzma is Halina's son. He is her oldest living child and her only surviving son. He was a fighter for Dashia before he was rescued the night Dashia was killed. He is blind in one eye thanks to another fighter.

    Liza Perov

    Liza is Halina's 14 year old daughter. She lost her virginity to Vladimir and is starting to adjust to life in the community.

    Zina Perov

    Zina is Halina's youngest child. At 7, she is still pretty innocent and very outgoing despite starting life out as a slave.

    ((Corey and I will share them depending on story posts))
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    Ming Bardou

    Ming is the adopted daughter of Chase and Rachel. She was born in China. She lived a happy life for almost nine years until her biological father died and her mother remarried. She married a businessman who moved the family to Guangzhou which is more strict of the one child per family law. Ming's mother got pregnant and her stepfather didn't allow her to get an abortion right away. Instead he waited to decide what do with the baby until the gender could be determined. When they learned the baby was a boy, he sold Ming off to a prostitution ring to keep the son he always wanted. Ming was moved around a lot until she finally ended up on the ship that came to Budapest. She was turned into a Vampire by Topaz and Claude. Although she feels some shame about her past, she is happy that she found new parents who love her and is excited to become a big sister.

    Maryse Lambert

    Amy's older sister who lives in France with her husband Marcel, twin daughters named Corrine and Chantal, and son named Tristan.

    Marcel Lambert

    Maryse's husband who owns two successful restaurants.

    Noah Vogl

    Noah was Ingrid's boyfriend in high school. Although things didn't work out between them they remained friends over the years. Although it got a little awkward when Noah realized he was briefly dating Ingrid's mother Laura. Luckily Laura threw herself at Egor so it gave Noah an excuse to break up with her.

    Ivy Scottsdale

    One the workers in Nathan's brothel in Prague. Ivy is an American but was in Prague for her twin sister's wedding to a Czech citizen. After the wedding she and her friend Nora were on vacation in Prague. Nora went out on a date with Nathan and Ivy went along for protection because she didn't trust Nathan. The night ended with her friend dying and Ivy being turned into a Vampire and being forced to work as a prostitute.

    Regina Walters

    Noah's ex fiancée who dumped him two days before their wedding. Regina is a generally selfish person and also dislikes Ingrid for the sole reason she never believed that Noah and Ingrid could just be friends after they broke up.

    Update: Regina was killed by Janna after she bit Drake.

    Isaac Vogl

    Noah's younger brother who unknowingly got himself involved in the immortal world while he was on a trip in Budapest.

    Jurgen Haas

    Isaac's best friend since childhood. He and Isaac thought it would be a "great" idea to come to Budapest and prove the "Vampire Killings" weren't caused by real Vampires.

    Breena Edwards

    Once a courtesan in Viktor's Coven, after the community eliminated most of it, Breena run. She became the leader of the survivors and in a world where humans had plans to eliminate Vampires, she knew she'd have to make an alliance with Gaston's Pack to survive. Although she also hates New Haven for ruining the nice old life she used to have.

    Update: Breena was killed by Gaston after their plan to kidnap New Haven kids blew up in their faces.

    Ariel Caspi

    A former courtesan in Viktor's Coven, Ariel escaped with Breena and the few others when the community took out the Coven. She and Breena do not like each other and she doesn't agree with the plan for survival. However, she also knows that it is a dangerous world for immortals and isn't about to branch out on her own without allies.

    Update: Ariel was killed by Toby.

    Paloma Reyes

    Paloma met the community looking for her younger sister, Jacinta. They helped her find them but when she learned that Jacinta ran away because their father started to rape her upon learning that biologically she wasn't his child, Paloma when to confront him. He almost killed her and Chester had to turn her into a Lycan to save her life.

    Jacinta Reyes

    Paloma's teenage sister who was forced to please Harold in Gaston's Pack until the girls were rescued. She was turned into a Lycan.

    Chloe Grivas

    A 13 year old former prostitute and newly turned Lycan that was taken in by Ali.

    Klaus Sauber

    Paloma's rich ex boyfriend. Klaus is a successful businessman but has a taste for underage prostitutes. His favorite was Chloe and he met Gaston when he was picking up girls for his Pack. Gaston made Klaus a new member of his Pack.

    Klaus was killed by Gaston's Pack after Brody proved he was the one who compromised one of their safe houses.

    Brody Triggs

    The last member of Gaston's original Pack and loyal to the Alpha without a fault.

    Update: Brody was killed by Turner after he threatened to rape Elena in front of him.
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    Children that Corey and I created.

    Rafe Bardou

    Infant son of Rachel and Chase. He was born 6 weeks premature when Nathan attacked Rachel and turned her into a Vampire. Rafe had to be turned into a Hybrid to survive.

    Fiona Harper

    Infant daughter of Greta and Flynn. Biologically Fiona is Nathan's daughter but Flynn legally adopted her and is raising her as his own. Fiona is a Vampire.

    Mateo Haas

    Infant son of Claudia. Claudia didn't realize that Javier, Mateo's father, was married when they were dating. She is raising Mateo on her own because Javier doesn't want anything to do with the baby. Mateo was turned into a Lycan by Gaston.

    Astrid Haas

    Three year daughter of Jurgen. Jurgen is raising her on his own because Astrid's mother died in a car accident when she was only a few months old. Astrid was turned into a Vampire by Breena.

    Kaiser Stein

    One year old son of Luna. Kaiser was sold at birth by Nathan to Dashia where he was going to be raised and trained to be a death match fighter. When the community freed the Markov slaves, Kaiser was reunited with his mother. Kaiser is a Vampire.

    Ruthie Sinclair

    Ruthie is 10 years old and Toby's younger half sister. She and Callie's father was Walter. Pete started to sexually abuse her after she saw him burying her mother's body. Pete tried to suffocate and to save her life, Jasmine turned her into a Vampire.

    Callie Sinclair

    Callie is 8 years old and Toby and Ruthie's little sister. She was too young for Pete to sexually abuse yet but he still hit her. Callie was turned into a Lycan by Gaston.

    Sabine Yeats

    Greta and Fritz's younger half sister. Sabine is 7 years old and a human. She being raised by Helen and Tim. She was turned into a Vampire by Breena.

    Drake Vogl

    Drake is the adopted infant son of Noah and Janna. His birth mother, Tuva, was killed by Regina when she was going to use Drake in an attempt to break up the couple. He is a human

    Charma Mester

    Charma is Dulcia's 2 year old daughter who was recently turned into a Lycan by Gaston.

    Piao Bardou

    Ming's biological half brother who was turned into a Lycan by Gaston's Pack. He was adopted by Rachel and Chase.

    Gavin Diamant

    Infant son of Amy and Orin. Gavin's biological father is Nathan but Orin adopted him and raising him as his son. Gavin is a Vampire.

    Huan Hajnal

    A boy from China that was adopted by Kinia after he was turned into a Lycan and rescued from Gaston's Pack.


    Lycan boy whose Pack was killed by the HPL. Elzé is his younger sister. He and his sister live with Paul and Márton.


    Lycan girl whose Pack was killed by the HPL. Aras is her older brother. She and her brother live with Paul and Márton.


    Bianca is 7 years and was forced to be a prostitute by Rook after her aunt and uncle sold her to him to pay off their debts. She was rescued by Dulcia, Dmitri, Asif, and Orin. She now lives with Dulcia and her family.
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    Márton Szarvas

    Márton has been good friends with Paloma since they attended the university together. He owns and operates a paintball field. He is also in a relationship with Paul and his association with the New Haven immortals got him abducted and tortured.

    Pablo Montgomery

    Márton's ex who got upset he wouldn't take him back. Pablo was born in Costa Rica but was adopted by a wealthy American movie actor and one of his ex wives. Pablo grew up very spoiled and is still used to getting what he wants.

    Cheyenne Montgomery

    Cheyenne is Pablo's adopted sister. She was born in Haiti. Like her brother, she feels the world revolves only around them and willingly helped her brother make Márton's life hell.

    Update: Cheyenne was accidentally killed by Pablo when he was trying to shot a semi automatic gun at Márton.

    Maureen Landers

    A former CIA interrogator who was forced out for being too cruel. She's the HPL's interrogator now.

    Update: Maureen was killed by Paloma.

    Solomon Danko

    A HPL member and Cheyenne's boyfriend.

    Update: Solomon was killed by Asif and Orin for his role in the HPL.
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    Diego Mester

    Catalina's son and Dulcia's brother. His dream was to be a cop until he was kidnapped by the HPL and almost tortured to death. Dmitri had to turn him into a Vampire to save his life.

    Oskar Brandt

    The only surviving member of Gaston's Pack. When New Haven started to take them out, he had ran. Oskar is not ready to lie down and accept death, though. He has decided that to survive in this new world he needs to control the criminals who control the police.

    Laurel Cambridge

    A former courtesan in Viktor's Coven and a member of Breena's Coven. Like Oskar, Laurel ran when New Haven took out the alliance. She sticks with Oskar because deep down she knows she can't survive on her own. Although she doesn't mind telling him how much she disagrees with him either.

    Archibald "Rook" Rooker

    Going by the street name Rook, Rook has benefited greatly from New Haven killing Nathan and Elek. He forced Bianca to be a prostitute until she was rescued. While he doesn't truly like the idea of Oskar and Laurel being in charge of him, he'd rather work for them then have New Haven come after him. Plus being turned into a Lycan and given immortal life does have it benefits.

    Update: Holly killed Rook.
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