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    CHARACTER THREAD: Chimera Nightfall

    CHARACTER THREAD: Chimera Nightfall

    Selena Wade

    Storyline: Chimera Nightfall

    Description of physical appearance

    Race- Human
    Gender- Female
    Age- 25
    Hair color- Blonde
    Eye color- Blue-Gray
    Build- Voluptuous
    Height- 5’6”

    Selena has certain innocence about her and yet she also possesses a natural sensuality. Her blonde hair is down to her waist but is often worn in a pony tail or twisted up. She has an open honesty in her gaze. She has one scar on her right thigh from falling out of a tree when young.

    A) Personality - Selena is intelligent and outgoing. She has a certain sense of fun and a zest for life. Men are drawn to Selena but most fear being rejected by her. In truth she is a gentle and kind person, but most never discover this because they feel insecure around her because she is attractive.

    She is rather morose on a personal level because of a bad relationship she has just gotten out of. Now with her Aunt disappearing she is depressed.

    Short History – Selena has just come out of an abusive relationship with a man much like Alex Shoenburg. This arrogant and self-centered man used Selena’s trusting honest nature to play her for a fool. She is hurt and not at the best of terms with men at the moment. There is a great deal of mistrust and fear in Selena when it comes to men.

    C) Talents – Selena has a gifting of compassion and empathy. She can seem to reach any animal or human in pain. Selena has no special abilities that she knows of but she has a gift for many of the arts. Theater, music, dance, painting, sculpting and writing.
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    Re: CHARACTER THREAD: Chimera Nightfall

    Re: CHARACTER THREAD: Chimera Nightfall

    Name: Dr. Elieazer Colson

    Nickname: Eli

    Age: 34

    Appearance: Eli’s of average height, probably around 5’8”. He wears glasses and his dark brown hair is starting to get flecks of gray, giving it a slight salt and pepper look. When he’s in the lab or just working on some experiment, he usually wears a white knee-length lab coat over his clothes to protect them. Otherwise, he’ll wear jeans and a t-shirt or a nice pair of trousers and a polo shirt.

    Personality: generally easy-going, and it typically takes a lot before Eli will get mad about something. However, there are some things that will immediately grate against his nerves, and he’ll either lash out right away, or wait a few moments and then confront the person who ticked him off.

    History: Eli was always one of the “gifted” ones in terms of academics. He was able to graduate from high school in his early teen years and went on to get his college degrees, graduating with a doctorate in genetics in his mid-twenties. He jumped at the chance to work on the Project, but soon after he started, he butted heads with Alex Shoenburg. As a result, he tried to steer clear of Alex, but it was almost impossible for Eli to stay entirely out of Alex’s way.

    Thread: Chimera Nightfall
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    Re: CHARACTER THREAD: Chimera Nightfall

    Re: CHARACTER THREAD: Chimera Nightfall

    Dr. Amanda Parker

    Storyline: Chimera Nightfall

    Description of physical appearance

    Race- Human
    Gender- Female
    Age- 29
    Hair color- Red
    Eye color- Green
    Build- Athletic
    Height- 5’9”

    Appearance- Taller than most women and her hair flows down her back when she doesn't have it in a pony tail which she typically does. She wears glasses and has freckles on her cheeks. If she loses her glasses, she is at the mercy of her companions if she has any. Because of this she does have spares that she keeps in a pack. She is athletic since she jogs daily about four miles every morning.

    Personality: Friendly usually to a fault. However she is a bit standoffish if someone starts to flirt with her. She doesn't typically trust such motives.

    Talents: She works in a lab for bio-electrical engineering.
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    ((NOTE: IF you have an idea and would like to build one of these NPC's into a PC, then please PM me, let's talk! ~Cyberwing))

    Leader is a Lion-human hybrid. He possesses a high IQ and he is cunning. It was Leader that first discovered the way to remove the inhibitor chip. Leader is the one that located the abandoned military base and maze of old mining shafts.

    He has stolen computers and lab equipment, then proceeded to steal the scientists to create his own lab set up to work on the problem with the Chimeras. They are not a viable species, they are all sterile. This is the problem he has been forcing the scientists to work on by means of coercion.

    Alex Shoenburg- Director of the Institute for DNA Research. Connected to some of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world. Alex was Leader's teacher, so the cunning and ruthless manner in which he behaves was learned from none other than Alex. However Alex never dreamed Leader would discover how to defeat the inhibitor chip and become independent. Now, he is being pressured to find the Rogues and the scientists and clean up the MESS he has made before it's done for him.

    Alan's Father- The character of Alan joined Selena and Eli once he learned they were looking for a missing scientist like his father.
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