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Thread: [IC] New Tricks

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    Re: [IC] New Tricks

    Re: [IC] New Tricks


    From the way he was watching her, she thought he’d agree. Her heart was pounding. What was she doing? She just met this guy in the supermarket of all places. True, it was more likely to find someone decent in a grocery store than in a bar, but still. She didn’t know this guy from Adam, well except now she knew him as Sergei. It was a nice name – it suited him. She tried to draw her scattered thoughts back to focus on what was happening right in front of her.

    As Sylvia watched for his response, she saw something like resignation come across his face. ‘Damn. Is he married?’ she thought to herself and quickly made a ring check. She didn’t see one, but you never knew these days. He was still smiling at her – still interested – but he seemed…tentative. And then she knew why.

    Sylvia stood unmoving for a brief moment, eyes slightly widened in surprise. He was so...honest…and responsible…and sweet. Since when did guys like this actually exist? He could have just taken her up on her all-too-plain offer and never mentioned the kid – she would have been none the wiser. Sylvia was at a loss as to why he brought her up instead of making some other random excuse for not going out tonight, until she realized that it was because he had priorities. Priorities were something she understood very well.

    The fact that he knew his calendar and picked a date said that he was an organized kind of guy – and that she had made it onto his list of priorities. Sylvia realized that the seconds were ticking by and noted that he was watching her intently, trying to judge her reaction. Finally, Sylvia smiled at him. It was a smile that said ‘you intrigue me’ instead of the more lust-associated flirtatious ones she had been firing at him earlier.
    “I think I’d like that.” she said, moving to pluck the piece of paper from his fingertips. “Homemade pizza sounds better than anything out of the freezer. As for toppings – whatever - I’m easy.” Sylvia shrugged to indicate that she was open to him making whatever he felt was his specialty, but blushed slightly when she realized that she had just used a double entendre. Clearing her throat, she jerked her chin to the side as though she was trying to flip her hair over her shoulder and smiled again at Sergei.

    “So I guess I’ll see you Sunday. Or maybe before – you never know.” She started to walk away, then looked over her shoulder. “By the way, welcome to Budapest.” Before she jinxed herself, she rounded the corner and let out the breath she had been holding. She had a date. Tossing random things into her basket, she hurried out of the store, a smile on her face. When she got back to her apartment, she had forgotten about being hungry and just hopped into bed. Four hours until she needed to get up – but she didn’t care.

    She had a date.


    When Sergei approached the till to pay for his items, he would notice the elderly Asian man distinctly minding his own business. As he was about half-way through ringing in his items, the man spoke without looking up. “No mushrooms.” His eyes flickered up to Sergei’s and he explained himself. “Every week she come here – buy pizza. She never buy pizza with mushroom.” This information was followed by a wink before the man’s voice changed and intoned “Twenty-three, forty-five, please.”
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    Re: [IC] New Tricks

    Re: [IC] New Tricks

    Sergei Baikov

    Sergei had expected a momentary pause, people had to weigh out their thoughts on a situation before agreeing to commit to something that they might regret. For all he knew, maybe kids made her uncomfortable, or she didn't like them, he had no way of knowing until Sylvia responded and even then that wouldn't be a definite indicator to him on her declining dinner. It could have just been as simple as she was lonely and wanted company, Sergei understood that. But, he wasn't about to parade a bunch of women in his house around his daughter for some selfish gratifying needs of his own.

    Sergei didn't buy into that crap that a man has needs, a real man in his mind thought of the other person before himself. Of course, that wasn't always a popular view amongst his colleagues and friends. Even Yuri had encouraged him with a "friend" of his after his divorce. She was nice and all, but Sergei was not in the mood for a shallow relationship and things had been so tough for he and Marianna then. But now, they were getting a new start, not exactly one he had chosen, but he wanted to be positive about it.

    When Sylvia took the paper from his hand and accepted the offer, his charming smile seemed to reflect joy in her decision. This meeting had moved from a potential pick up for the night, to something worth cultivating and growing into a decent relationship. This pleased Sergei more than just a night or two of casual sex. Even the slip of the tongue that caused her to blush cemented in his mind that he would rather get to know Sylvia better, before they both committed to such an intimate act. His charming smile returned.

    "Home made Pizza on Sunday it is then. I look forward to it Sylvia."

    He watched as Sylvia walked away, and spoke his thanks at her welcome to Budapest. Welcome to Budapest indeed. This move was definitely showing more positives than negative at the moment. Sergei finished up his shopping and went to the check out. He gave the Asian man a smile at the tip as he paid for his things.

    "No mushrooms, thanks I'll remember that."

    Sergei headed home to the still snoring Yuri and peeked in on his sleeping angel. Not even Yuri's snoring stopped Sergei from finding rest, and peaceful rest at that. He fell asleep thinking about Sunday, and how it finally seemed that things were looking up for him and his family. He had a date. And he had a good feeling about Sylvia.
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