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Thread: Neshephton

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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Tavaris swallowed at her gaze again. He felt for sure she would like to send a dagger into his heart even as she accepted his apology. The symbol he wore made her angry he knew. He nodded, "I will tell them what they are miss." He sighed. "I will leave you as you wish. Good luck." He watched her walk toward the inn and frowned. He felt as miserable as he had before. He needed a drink and didn't feel like going back just yet. So he started looking for a bar to drink away these feelings.

    As he walked he mumbled, "A week of penance too after that. She's right though. Today proves the order is filled with hypocrites."
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    It was high time Brother Jas cleaned out the collection box. It was a job he had been waiting on for several weeks. But now was the perfect time; no one was around, no one was scheduled to be around. Everyone he had expected for business, whether penance, or blessings, or what-have-you, had already come. No one would disturb him.
    With a small basket in his hands, he walked over to the collection box. Carefully and quietly, he undid the lock. He looked at the chest's contents and sighed.

    "This thing is so blooming filthy," he said in frustration. He took a rag and a bar of soap from his basket. But... "Water!" he cried, "Auh, what a fool!" He looked over to the basin not far away and grinned. "Well, I don't think it would hurt to use a little holy water, eh?" He chuckled to himself as he wet the rag and continued, "After all, the money chest aught to be sanctified once in a while, what with all the filthy lucre it holds." Once he felt the rag was sufficiently cleaned, he returned to the box. "Ugh, and what filthy lucre at that! This thing is an absolute--"
    "Excuse me, Father Jas."
    Brother Jas bashed his head into the side of the box. He groaned in pain as he grasped his head. Turning, he saw Jaela Mehn standing over him. Not intentionally, but Jaela's shear size made it hard for him not to stand over someone.
    Jas sighed as he winced from the pain, "Brother Jaela," he said through his teeth, "How many times have I told you to call me Brother Jas, brother, not father."
    "Forgive me, fath--uh, brother." Jaela said apologetically, "Are you all right?"
    "I'll be fine. It just smarts awfully. Well, what can I do for you, Jaela? I needn't say that your visit is unexpected."
    "I, uh, I need some holy water, brother Jas."
    "More?" Jas said in surprise, "But Jaela I've already given you three bottles this month, and this is the third month in a row your tally has been so high. What are you doing with it all?"
    "I just... want to be careful."
    "Jaela, really? Lie to me?"
    Jaela hung his head, "I'm sorry, father. Brother! Brother."
    "Jaela, I have known you for a long time, long before your family died."
    "Before my family was murdered, you mean."
    "No, I said what I did for a reason. Yes, they were murdered, but you hang on that point too much, and I know how you are given to anger. When you moved into Neshephton, I did not forbid you, though I worried for you and feared you intended to do something foolish. Ever since I have gladly given you holy water, since your demand over these years has been reasonable for warding and protection. Now you are asking for well more than is needed. At first, I assumed you were getting it for others, but now that you have openly lied about it..." Brother Jas sighed, "Jaela, have you... are you trying to be a vampire hunter? Because, if you are, I must say it is the most foolhardy thing you have ever done, and that is saying a lot, because I know the things you've done, like when you--"
    "Brother, brother, brother, brother, brother, brother, brother, brother," Jaela repeated. Brother Jas was very excited and was talking rapidly, and Jaela did his best to calm him, even gripping him firmly by the shoulders. "Brother Jas, I am not trying to be a vampire hunter. I just need some more holy water."
    Brother Jas looked at Jaela with pity and said, "Alright, Jaela. I will give you some more holy water on one condition. Pledge to me, by your honour, that you will not use it in any manner of aggression against the vampires, either presently or in the future."
    "Brother Jas, why would you think such a thing?" Jaela replied with a bit of offense.
    "I know how you are, Jaela, and I know how revenge is. It blackens the soul, and I do not want to see you become like the monster you hate."
    "Why do you think I would do something like that?"
    "There are two reasons, Jaela. The first is that I know you are pugnacious, not one given to forgiving when you have been wronged. We've talked about that many times in the past. I fear where your anger or despair may lead you. The second is," Jas sighed again, dropping his gaze. He looked straight into Jaela's eyes as he said, "If my entire family was slaughtered the way your family was, even I would want vengeance for it."
    It was Jaela's turn to sigh, "I can't say that I don't want vengeance, not entirely; if it were to me, I'd love to see every vampire a smoldering pile of ashes in the noon sun, for more than just personal reasons. Though, mostly personal reasons. But the real villain, the murderous dastard who slaughtered my wife and my children, his judgment fell on him years ago. I promise you, upon my honour, I will not use this as a weapon against the vampires unless I need to."
    Jas frowned, but said, "Very well, give me a moment to prepare some."
    They walked out to the well, where Brother Jas filled a glass bottle with water from the well. After saying a word of blessing over it, he handed it to Jaela. "Here you are."
    "I'll leave the donation for it like usual."
    "No," Brother Jas said quickly, "Uh, not tonight. I freely give what I have freely received. If you feel you must, then bring double next time. I'll never know, at any rate," he added with a wink.
    "Thank you, Brother Jas."
    "Do me a favor, Jaela? Be careful, okay. You are a dear friend, and I would hate to lose you, either through death or corruption of the soul."
    "I will, brother, I will."
    Jaela left as Brother Jas returned to cleaning the collection box.

    It was late into dusk as Jaela crossed the bridge back into Neshephton. He showed the guard his identification and passed through quickly. It was still early enough, but he wanted to hurry, and would feel much safer once he was back in his home.


    An arrow pierced the stag's neck. It had little time to panic before it succumbed to death. A cloaked archer with the hood drawn up came to the place where the game lay. Kneeling beside it, the hunter plucked the arrow from the kill. The hunter looked at the arrow for a second. The wooden shaft was covered with fresh, crimson blood. the hand holding the arrow wavered for a moment, then brought the arrow closer to the face. Shallow, gasping breath could be heard from beneath the hood. The arrow rested about an inch from the face for several seconds before the tongue reached for it. The tongue ran up the shaft, lapping the warm blood as it did. There was a slight sigh of relief as the tongue withdrew.
    The archer swallowed. A slight whimper came from under the hood. The head shook "no," and the archer spit in disgust. The arrow was thrown to the ground. The hunter fell to a sit. After a few moments of motionlessness, a sigh was released. The hood was thrown back. The hunter brushed a few matted locks of wavy brown hair from her face as she took a knife from her belt. She then began into the deer, preparing to cut away all the viable meat from the kill, wandering silently how many more time she would concede to her feral impulses.
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Two men walked in the halls of one of the most glorious Radiant Churches around. one was dressed in a monk's attire, the other looked to be a farmer. The farmer looked to be in his late forties.

    "I just don't know Father. I feel like I need to be somewhere else; but I'm happy here. I just can't get rid of this feeling."
    "Out helping me with the crops?"
    "No; not farming. I mean, I feel like I'm supposed to be somewhere, to do something. But I don't know what."
    The older man walked silently, in thought until he said, "Well maybe you should be out trying to find whatever this is."
    "It's not that simple. I like it here, I feel like I'm doing something to help people who are, like I used to be, find God."
    "Well choose one or the other."
    Zeff frowned. His father had never been much help in these matters. He put his arm in front of his father. "We cannot go any further. Up ahead is one of the Cardinals offices. I'm not even allowed near it."
    "Hm. I see. Look son, follow your heart. That's all that matters. And know your Mother and I support your decision all the way."
    Zeff smiled and embraced his father. The Father broke away and said, "I'll be back at the house, if you decide to help with the crops instead." He teased with a smile; and he walked away.
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    A strange young boy watched Tatianna from the shadows. He knew if any of his kin caught him out here, he would likely be in big trouble. Being a Lucianos, Duncan tended to be a bit headstrong. He was supposed to be asleep in his room for another two hours but all the excitement about his Uncle Rex disappearing and then of course the Summer Gala was in a week... there would be all sorts of delights during the Gala and he was most looking forward to the fireworks.

    Duncan was trying to play detective and find clues to his Uncle Rex's disappearance. However this newly arrived human caught his eye. Although he had his vampiric appetite under control, he was intrigued by her. Deciding to test her, Duncan pretended to fall down the stairs.


    Tatianna noticed the young lad watching her but thought nothing of it. After she passed she heard noise behind her and turned to see the child lying on the concrete of the sidewalk. Without a thought she dropped her bags and ran to his side to help him up.
    "Are you okay?" She asked, smiling at him. Duncan took advantage of the moment to study her. She was very attractive. Her silky blond hair brushed his skin and he noticed the faint scent of flowers. The sweet smell of her blood enticed him. Duncan looked up at her and scowled.
    "I'm great no thanks to you. Who are you?" Tatianna sighed with relief he was unharmed, ignoring his attitude.
    "My name is Tatianna. I just came to this place."
    "My name is Duncan, you know you aren't very smart to come here at this time of day..."
    "Why is that Master Duncan?"
    "Because many of the untrained vampires are on the prowl at this hour. They are the ones that don't pay attention to the rules."
    "The rules?" Tatianna asked.
    "In Neshephton, vampires are civilized and do not kill people. The vampires protect the people, or try to. There are a few though that go rogue and we have to hunt them down and exterminate them. They tend to start hunting about this time." Tatianna's eyes grew wide and she sat down on the step next to Duncan.
    "Really? The Lucianos are the ones that set this up right? I have done a little study before I came. After all I was hoping Neshephton would accept me." Duncan turned to look off into the shadows.
    "Consider yourself accepted Tatianna." Duncan replied imperiously and Tatianna eyed him with curiosity for a moment.
    "You are my first friend here in Neshephton, Duncan. I better get to my boarding house though... I... my bags!" Tatianna had been so engrossed in talking to Duncan she had not noticed someone snatch her bags and disappear into the shadows. Tatianna started off in search of them but suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder.
    "Don't, it's a trap to lure you into the shadows!" Duncan hissed.
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Ailen Fides

    In one of the marketing sections of Radiance City was a small clothing store owned by an elderly widow by the name of Elonna. She made all the clothing in her store; for men, women, boys and girls. She only charged what she needed to get by. Nothing more, nothing less. She didn't need much for herself, and as she had no family to will anything to, she felt it was best to give back to the needy and less fortunate in the city.

    Unfortunately, not everyone in Radiance City liked what she was doing. One such individual was Kellan Tigon, the CEO of Tigon Clothing. As far as he was concerned, she was taking business away from him, and he would not accept that. He sent negotiators to try to buy her out and lawyers to find a legal way to shut her down. When those failed to work, he attempted to use muscle to destroy her and her business.

    Fortunately, her plight became known to Ailen Fides, a Radiant Knight who had recently been excommunicated from the order. When the muscle came, he was there to send them back to Kellan Tigon with a message. Ellona's Clothing was off limits, and was under his protection.

    That was a week ago. As reward for his kindness, Elonna offered Ailen her guest room. Knowing that he was wanted by some in Radiance City, she kept her silence about his remaining there. She does not deny that he helped her, but denies that she knows where he is. Up until now he has stayed there, but knows he cannot stay much longer. He does not want his presence to bring harm on the kindly woman. He would need to find another place to live and soon. As much as he hated to admit to it, he knew he would probably have to cross over to Neshephton. He wondered, though, would he really be any safer there than here? For now, he would remain in Radiance City. After all, the enemy you know is usually better than the enemy you don't.
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Icarus finished his meal thankfully in peace. He left a generous tip along with the money to pay the tab and headed out. He received information that Ailen had helped Elonna and her clothing store from Tigon and decided that that would be the best place to pick up his trail. And to determine if anything needed to be done to correct any errors in doctrine that she might have picked up from him.

    He looked up at the sky as he stepped back outside and thought there should be time to speak with Elonna before it gets to late. He walked down the street toward her shop. When he reached the shop, he opened the door and it jingled melodiously. It brought a smirk to his face since he liked the sound. He walked inside and looked around.

    He saw Elonna and smiled, "Hello, I am Matheus Icarus. I heard that you were aided by a knight named Ailen Fides and I have been looking for him to speak to him. I know others have been as well." This was true. The news that Ailen had been excommunicated had shocked Icarus but at the same time he couldn't help but think it couldn't happen to a more deserving fellow. He out of habit reached up and touched the scar on his cheek as he thought about Ailen. "But I was hoping you might be able to give me a lead on where to seek him out. And how was he?"
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Gerret shook his head at the poor misguided knight. Once their kind were champions of a purity that could fell the darkness. Now, he doubted if more then a handfull held a spark of that valor. Before he could provide a touch of mockery to the knight's plight, he noticed the child. Bloody little Duncan. Sneaking out early to play detective no doubt.

    He sighed and started to head over to say something when he saw two greasy men grab the bags. With another sigh he circled around the alley and walked up tot he brigands. "Now now, my dear street scum, you should know the rules. You don't mess with targets that your betters have claimed. See the kid? His name is Duncan and he's a relative of mine."

    Gerret opens his mouth and points at the fangs for a moment. "And you all know what those are. Good boys." It was a short walk to go pick up the bags and start towards the mouth of the alley.

    As he heard the young lady approach, he set them down and took a seat on them. Lighting a fresh smoke, as he prior one was an unfortunate casuality in the intimidation, he blew a drag and looked at Tatianna. "Why, hello miss. You really should listen to the boy. If I weren't here, I dare say, I shudder to think what would have happened. My name is Gerret. You might say that I'm Duncan's uncle."

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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Tatianna gasped when she noticed the smoke, the boy was right! However then she heard the rich timbre of Gerret's voice come from the darkness, she peered into the alleyway. Happily, she saw her bags unharmed.

    "Why, hello miss. You really should listen to the boy. If I weren't here, I dare say, I shudder to think what would have happened. My name is Gerret. You might say that I'm Duncan's uncle."
    Tatianna visibly relaxed and she smiled. "I believe you speak truly! It appears I owe both you and Master Duncan a debt of gratitude, Sir Gerret. I shall endeavor to repay you after I find gainful employment." Remembering her manners taught to her by her parents she bowed her head respectfully to her benefactor.

    Duncan stood behind Tatianna with a decided frown. He was caught now! There was no getting around his Uncle Gerret! He liked his Uncle Gerret but also knew his behavior would not go without comment. Duncan huffed.

    "I warned her not to come to the alley..." he muttered under his breath in irritation.
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Gerret stood up. "Duncan, be a gentleman and get the girl's bags." He looked the girl over circling her. "Gainful employment, you say? Well, I could use an assistant during the daylight hours. That is if you don't mind working for a vampire. And please, no 'sir'. It makes me sound like a knight and in this day and age, thats rather insulting."

    He took a few steps down the street. "Now, I'm generally a lay about but I do pass on notes. And those in my employ are paid rather well. And it would afford you some protection from the lesser predators of the city."

    He stops and turns back to Duncan. "Well, now then, since you've helped me find a lovely new friend, I beleive I shant tell your mother of this. Still it is dangerous to sneak out early. But she hates me anyways and if you say you were hanging out with me, I suspect she'd be quite cross. Better for everyone this way." He smiles.
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Chase Bardou

    Chase and Jackson were walking through the woods towards Radiance City when Chase told his cousin.

    I can't believe how my dad was acting. You think we were pups.

    I'm sure my dad would have done the same if he wasn't hunting.


    Jackson stopped and looked at Chase.

    Are you sure you want to this? We can turn back.

    Yeah I'm sure. You know I've wanted to study medicine for a long time.

    I know, but why?

    You know why!

    Why do you want to "cure" us so bad? Are you ashamed of what you are?

    No! It's just....Why should our family be outsiders and hated because of something that isn't our fault? We were born this way, we leave the humans and the vampires alone but yet if either of them saw us they would kill us without question. Don't you want to stop hiding from the rest of the world?

    Screw the rest of the world! I'm happy the way I am and if they don't like it then oh well. But I guess this is important to you. So as long as you want to attend the university I'll be there. Someone's got to protect you tail.

    Jackson said with a smirk on his face. Chase returned the smile.

    Thanks Jackson.

    When the cousins got to the city they made an effort not to draw unwanted attention to themselves. They were walking towards the university when they were passing Emma's tavern. Jackson commented as he sniffed the air.

    Hmm...I think I'll be checking that place out while your in class. The food smells good.

    Yeah it does. So what exactly are you going to do while I'm in classes since you didn't want to study anything?

    Jackson's parents had tried to talk him into talking classes at the university because they worried he would get into trouble as he waited for Chase to get out classes but he refused. He wasn't interested in studying.

    I'll quietly sight see.

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