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Thread: Neshephton

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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton


    Vallan rapped gently on the heavy wooden door that stood before him. Carved intricately out of oak, it was infused with a scene from the middle ages depicting a vampire arising from a sea of skulls with a look of rapt pleasure. Such scenes would be considered obscene today, given the endless concessions to the human vermin that littered the streets, and it spoke of the power their ancestors had wielded in many regions during that time.

    The rest of the hallway felt like it was pulled though time from ages long lost. The solid stone walls were rough but surprisingly warm and dry. Wrought iron sconces lining the walls had been converted back to holding oil lanterns, which filled the hallway with the bitter smell they emitted, the only sign that all was not right in the world and that this structure had not escaped the uprising. Paintings and artifacts lined the walls, depicting scenes from prominent battles, portraits of previous owners and other important items that time had forgotten. That the building stood at all was surprising as many houses of this type had been pillaged by raiders and most of the materials and furnishings stolen.

    Lost in thought, Vallan heard a voice come from the other side of the door that said, “Come in”.

    Turning the handle and pushing gently, he was stuck with the smell of musty old books. This brought back long buried memories from his youth where he worked in the libraries under the strict tutelage of the lore masters. These were not particularly fond memories for Vallan and he suppressed them for the moment as he had business to attend to and did not need the distraction.

    He slipped into the moderately sized room that had been meticulously decorated with artifacts whose value Vallan could only guess. He spotted an elderly man sitting behind an enormous desk that contained the only clutter in the entire room, stacks and stacks of documents and folders. As well, various busts, weapons, statues and artifacts were on proud display in every space large enough to contain them. A bookshelf with large tomes and volumes of every kind dominated the back wall of the room, and were surely the origin of the musty book smell that permiated.

    The Man at the desk showed the weariness of a life that had seen too many years and no longer burned with any passion. He was not an unpleasant man, he had simply lost the spark that made life special and simply seemed to be filling a void at this point, living only to fulfill the role he had played for so long.

    “It is I, Magistrate Mullaca, at your service,” Vallan replied using his most formal tone. He bowed deeply with his right arm touching the floor in the ancient sign of respect and subordination.

    “Vallan, you’re here. Did you come alone?” replied a suddenly animated Magistrate.

    “I did, your Honor,” Answered a smiling Vallan. The elderly man relaxed visibly at the answer and gestured for Vallan to fill the empty seat across from him, which he did.

    “Did you bring what I asked?” asked the anxious man behind the desk.

    Nodding gently, Vallan pulled onto his lap the satchel he had carried. Reaching in, he pulled out several small plastic bags, which he placed on the desk before the elderly Magistrate. After ten bags had been retrieved, he closed his satchel and addressed him, “Human blood, to your exact specification.”

    “Outstanding! Human, you say? My previous connection could only manage infused cow blood,” Mullaca said casually. He then pulled out two small glasses and started to fill them from one of the bags. Vallan waved his hand over one of the glasses, declining the offer. “I never touch the stuff, your Honor. Please take no offense.”

    He seemed not to notice that Vallan has declined his offer, but then he raised the first glass to his lips and drank it quickly. Letting out a sigh of satisfaction, he took a sip out of the second glass and placed it back on the desk in front of him. “You never indulge?” He then asked.

    “I seem like the type, don’t I,” replied Vallan. “But in my line of business, I need to keep a clear head and a keen eye. In this way, I continue to provide my customers with excellent service.”

    The old man nodded in agreement, seemed to relax visibly in chair and the years in his face seemed to drop away suddenly. He took another sip from the second glass, reached under his desk, pulled out a small leather pouch and placed it in front of Vallan. “I think this is the amount we agreed to?” He said.

    Vallan picked up the pouch and placed it in his pocket. He then stood and bowed once more and said, “I thank-you for your business Magistrate, and I encourage you to tell your friends about my services, but not too many.”

    Vallan then rushed to the door, leaving the enraptured Magistrate to his devices. Laughing quietly to himself he walked down the hall whistling a light tune.
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Rachel Connor

    Rachel was running late, she kept getting stopped by people who knew her from Emma's tavern. They wanted to make small talk and ask what today's special was. She never realized how people she knew from working at the tavern or how long a short distance from the tavern to the university would actually take her. She rushed down the street trying to be polite to people like her parents had taught her to be and she wasn't watching where she was going. She ended up running literally into Chase's back. She gasped as she dropped her books and school supplies all over the street. Her face turned bright red when she realized what she did.

    Oh my God! I am so so sorry.

    She said dropping to her knees to gather her stuff. She was so nervous after what she did, she started to ramble.

    I was running late and I didn't see you guys there. I should have looked. I'm really sorry. I-
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Chase Bardou

    Chase raised an eyebrow at Jackson. His cousin was never one for sightseeing.

    Oh and what will you be sight-

    He growled under his breath when Rachel ran into his back. He dropped the heavy medical book he was carrying on his own foot which caused him to growl under his breath again.

    Well you should-

    He turned around in anger and stopped when he saw Rachel on her knees rambling about how sorry she was. He was taken aback by how pretty she was. Since his family was isolated in their mansion he wasn't used to seeing girls, especially pretty ones. Chase stood there like an idiot not saying anything for a few moments, just staring at Rachel. Jackson watched his cousin's reaction and coughed very loudly with a smirk on his face.

    She should what?


    Chase shook his head, he felt like he was coming out of a daze.

    Not be sorry. It was an accident after all.

    Chase said bending down to hep Rachel gather her things. He handed her one of the books and was surprised to see it was the same one he dropped.

    You're in Human Anatomy 101 too?

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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Rachel Connor

    Maybe but I still should have been looking where I was going. My aunt is always-

    Rachel continued to ramble even after Chase said it was an accident. She always rambled when she flustered. She looked at him in surprise though when handed her the book.

    Yeah. You're a first year medical student too?

    Rachel asked him, the first time actually looking at his face and she blushed because she thought he was good looking.
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Chase Bardou

    Yeah, actually today is my first day at the university.

    Chase told her and helped her to her feet after they gathered up all of Rachel's things she dropped. He picked up his own book and said.

    I'm Chase Bardou and this is my cousin Jackson.


    Jackson said with a nod of his head.
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Rachel Connor

    "Chase...nice name", Rachel thought and smiled.

    It's nice to meet you guys. I'm Rachel Connor. And I...

    Suddenly a loud church bell was heard throughout the campus. The bell ran on the top of every hour and also signaled the start of classes.

    ...and we are now late for class.

    She said shaking her head, great way to start the first day of classes.
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Chase Bardou

    So we are.

    Chase replied and thought "not that you're a bad reason to be late." Jackson watched the looks between Rachel and his cousin and said.

    Well I got some sightseeing to do, have fun in classes Chase.

    ...Right....Where did you want to meet?

    By that tavern we passed.

    Okay. I'll see you this afternoon.

    Yup. Nice meeting you Rachel.

    Jackson said as he walked away. Chase then turned to Rachel.

    I guess we'd better get to class. Better late then never. Right?
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    Rachel Connor

    Rachel waved bye to Jackson as he left.

    Right, but I don't think the professor will probably see it that way.

    Rachel said as she and Chase went off to attend the class they were now late for.
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton

    "Duncan, be a gentleman and get the girl's bags."
    Duncan sighed and did as Gerret directed him, albeit dragging his feet reluctantly.

    He looked the girl over circling her. "Gainful employment, you say? Well, I could use an assistant during the daylight hours. That is if you don't mind working for a vampire. And please, no 'sir'. It makes me sound like a knight and in this day and age, thats rather insulting."
    Tatianna raised an eyebrow wondering what this man was doing. His eyes roving over her made her nervous and her heart began to race. When he finally spoke and mentioned becoming his assistant she was relieved, but then he said so easily he was vampire. She couldn't help the sudden fear that seized her; she swallowed and tried to contain her fear, she was in Neshephton and needed to expect it but had not expected it so soon.

    Tatianna had just said she owed him a debt for retrieving her things and saving her life, plus this was a job and she needed one badly if she were to survive. Tatianna raised light brown eyes to look bravely at Gerret. She tried to contain the wild pounding of her heart.

    "I shall be honored to render you what service I may. If 'sir' is unacceptable what shall I call you? It would be improper for me to use your first name since you are my employer, unless this is proper protocol in Neshephton?" Tatianna replied softly.

    Duncan snorted and stuck his tongue out at Gerret, behind Tatianna's back. "No fair... I saw her first!" He whispered, knowing only his uncle would be able to hear him with his heightened senses. The boy knew he was pushing it but it seemed his Uncle's amazing luck was still holding out, he could not help the bout of jealousy that seized his young heart.
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    Re: IC Neshephton

    Re: IC Neshephton


    Vallan looked at it, and he was pretty sure it was looking back. He then mumbled to himself that after centuries of dominance, Vampire cooking was still horrible. The restaurant itself was nothing special. Two overworked servers sat around one of the tables counting receipts. The place needed some work, and a bit more cleaning as was typical of inexpensive human food establishments. The red and white checkered tablecloths and the smell of old grease added to the dreadful atmosphere of mediocrity and a lack of pride.

    The man sitting across the table from him was Miles Selim, one of his assistants, who happily tore into a juicy hamburger with gusto bordering on lust. In between bites, he managed to say, “Looks like dog food. How can you eat that?”

    Vallan looked up from his plate and replied, “Dog food tastes better. I’ve tried it. You would think that after centuries, vampire food would have improved a bit. I mean look at this mess, they call it ‘Beef Imperial’, but it’s just a lump of raw meat in a puddle of blood. That’s all it ever is. Granted, we’re just not built to eat anything else, and even the meat passes a bit roughly, but sometimes I just wished they could do something…..else.”

    Miles just listened as he stuffed the last of his burger into his mouth, his cheeks puffing out in protest, and grabbed a second burger sitting on his plate.

    Vallan simply shook his head in disbelief and said, “Now on occasion I do try Human food. I can’t swallow it, because that would just cause complications that I would rather not get into, and nothing with garlic of course, but I do like the variety of flavours and textures. So how did this happen? How does food get better food than us? Uh, no offence by the way.”

    Miles just waved it off.

    He took one last look at his plate, heaved a great sigh and pushed it away. “Miles, tell me about next week.”

    The large man who until now had concentrated on his dinner swallowed hard, washed it all down with a pint of lager and reached into his coat for something. After a few moments, he pulled out a piece of paper which he handed over to Vallan.

    He read the paper quickly, and then looked up at the human. He was a large man, but not very tall. No one would have called him handsome, or even given him a second look. He had once been a member of the order, but had left under mysterious circumstances that he refused to discuss.

    Vallan had met him one day while looking for a house. Miles had shown him a stunning property outside of town, exactly what he had been looking for. In fact, it had been so perfect that Vallan had purchased the proterty a year earlier, under a different name. He continued with the transaction as if he was interested and found that all of the documentation looked authentic, and discovered that Miles was in fact a master forger. He then exposed the game for what it was and as Miles started to run away, offered him a job instead. The two had been working together since.

    “So is this legitimate?” asked the lean vampire.

    “As far as I know it is,” replied the large man. “There’s a struggling puppy colony just outside the city that is being harassed by the Order, and they want something for protection. As long as their taxes come through, the ruling families don’t care what happens to them. It seems simple enough.

    I met with a lady by the name of Veli Frost. She’s a representative of the ruling council of the hamlet of Tilon. That document is a signed requisition, allowing her to proceed with the purchase. I’ve checked the document, and verified the names on it and that the money was in the listed account.”

    Vallan nodded and replied, “Let’s do it then. If they’re buying from me, then they don’t want either the Order or the Families in their business. More food for my plate, I guess.” With that, Vallan shuddered as he thought about the terrible statement he had just made.

    “Same time tomorrow, Vallan? I’ll pick a better place this time.” Miles said with a chuckle.
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