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Thread: Neshephton

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    Isabelle Lucianos

    Isabelle wasn't happy about having to make a deal with Dustin but she believed that finding out what he knew was the most important thing, especially when Tatianna would be leaving for her meeting with the Cardinal shortly. She found Samuel who was helping the newly turned Helen. She motioned for him to come over to her.

    We have a problem...

    She muttered to him in such a quiet voice that even a vampire would have trouble eavesdropping. Samuel frowned and once Isabelle explained what was going on, he replied.

    ...We'll have to give him what he wants. If we don't then...

    It went without saying that Tatianna and members of Isabelle's family could be killed. Isabelle sighed angrily though, she didn't like making a deal with Dustin before he told them what Nathan had planned. Worry came across her face as she thought of the leader of her family she wasn't the best of terms with.

    What about Marilena? Won't she be angry that I'm cutting deals without her input?

    I'll take the blame. If she demands to know, I cut him the deal. My family is the one going to deal with him and Helen anyway.

    Isabelle had a relieved smile on her face at Samuel's response.

    Thanks, I appreciate that.

    Anything for my little cousin's girl.

    Samuel replied with a smile of his own. They were heading down the tunnels to where Dustin was waiting. Samuel sadly agreed he'd have to leave with them to Natium. Dustin couldn't fully be trusted and Helen was a newborn. She needed an elder vampire with her to teach her how to properly act. Especially around humans.

    What about Veronica?

    He and Veronica just got back together and Isabelle felt bad Samuel would be leaving again.

    If it's meant to be, we'll be together. She'll understand.

    At least he hoped she would and he'd come back as soon as he could. Isabelle agreed with Samuel and they headed inside the room where Dustin was waiting to work out the his deal in exchange for his information about what Nathan was going to do at the bridge tonight.

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    This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here
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