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Although there are five kingdoms, there is not race leaders for each kingdom. The Humans have asserted themselves to power and took the Dwarfs lands of Kernn the West Wall Mountains are where the Dwarfs live now. The Humans also control Vellgin. Vella is controlled by the Elves who have never took part in wars unless it affected their woods. Giants roam the Blue Isles that lay to the south. They are nomadic people who keep to themselves although they are very hostile when their territory has been invaded. They do not leave the Blue Isles because they do not know how to build boats yet.

Aragoth thus far has one continent which has no name, it is made up of Vella to the east, Velgin in the middle, and Kernn to the west. The Distant Isles lie to the north in the Gera Sea and the Blue Isles lie to the south in the Sarak Sea.

Vellgin is the oldest known human kingdom in Aragoth. Known for its old human stone castles that are spread over the vast flat rolling hills of the land. A constant spring means it rains every few days or so. Traol is the Capital city, where the King's castle is. The southwest region of Vellgin is swamp land or marsh lands, they have been dubbed as the Grand Marsh's which allways seem to have a fog about them. To the East is Vella the Vella woods, the begging of the Elves kingdom. To the west is the human king of Kernn. Boarded by the Sarak Sea to the south and Gera Sea to the north. There are a few lakes and some rivers.

The cities of Vellgin are Traol, Harrowmoth, New Peak, Fordall, Smill, Brone, Stegil, Doim, Delln, Vacus, and Varrgon.

Kernn is the birthplace of the Dwarfs so it is believed by all. But no Dwarf king presides over Kernn, instead a Human king has reigned over its lands for awhile. The Dwarfs live in the West Wall Mountains that cover the west coast of Kernn, while the Humans live everywhere else. To the East boarder by Vellgin is the East Wall Mountians, just on the other side of those southeast is the Grand Marsh's. The space that fills the void between the two mountains is known as the Vast Valley where most of the cities are located. Kernn has cold winters where snow fills the mountains but avoids the valley. And warm springs with lots of rain. It is also boarded by the Sarak and Gera Sea. Over the West Wall Mountains is the Endless sea.

The cities of Kernn are Fort Dalo, Sparrowscreek, Privel, Barow, Grandale, Velmont, and Stilgno.

Vella is one giant forest, it is often referred as the Vella Woodlands by outsiders. Vella is the name of the oldest tree in the woods, located in Avanog the capital named after the first Elven king. It is in Avanog that is believed to be the birthplace of the woods. To the east is the Endless sea, to the west is Vellgin, Vella is also boarded by the Gera and Sarak Seas. Its generally spring all year round, except for a few days where it will get cold for a brief while. The cities of Vella are carved into the gigantic trees of the woods. The farther you get away from Vella, the tree, the shorter they get. Trees around Avanog are 1200-1400 feet tall, from there all trees around for a great distance are 500-1000 feet tall and on the edges they are 300-500 feet tall. The larger trees are also wide enough to carve homes, palaces and even grand halls into them. An attack on the trees means you declare war on the Elves. Or at least your an enemy.

The cities of Vella are Avanog, Ckai, Quiel, Arrao, Natol, Vie and Silven.
~The Distant Isles~
The Distant Isles are where the Dragons were found or the birthplace of the dragon. It is also home to the Magistairium, a grand stone city that covers a great distance. People go too the Magistairium for two things, to either become an apprentice or a scholar. Scholars become elders and have a seat on the Council of Magic where they make laws for magic. Apprentices become masters and are part of Orders that assist whom ever the Council feels deserves it. The Council of Magic is like the Congress of magic things.

cities of The Distant Isles are the Magistairium.

~The Blue Isles~
The Blue Isles received its name for the blue tropical leaves of its trees. With clear waters and sandy beaches it is warm all year round, and rains a lot. The Isles are roaming with the Giants who are nomadic people. No one knows what else the Isles hold for no one has ever stayed long enough to come back. Except for one crew who described the trees, water, and recored the map.

the cities of the Blue Isles are unknown.