Magic is all around in Aragoth, it is the life of all things from people to plants. Anyone can use magic, if they applied themselves to the learning and practice of it. Most wizards are taught at the Magistairium, but there has been many cases of self-taught people.

~ Different Types of Magic~
There are various types of magic, normally a wizard is stronger with one specific type, but there are well rounded wizards too.

~The Basic Magics~
-fire, water, wind, lighting and nature (earth)
All wizards learn the basic elements at a young stage in the learning process, this provides the person with the fundementals of magic.

~The Advanced Magics~
-Light (healing spells designed to heal people, used by the Blue order)
-Dark (killing spells designed to kill people, used by the Red Order)
-Enchanting (making something stronger with magic)

Magic may be combined into another type, if it is stable, so far the only stable combinations are
-Ice = Water + Wind
-Mud = Water + Nature
-Steam = Water + Fire
-Lava = Fire + Nature

Magics may be used in conjunction to increases the effect of a spell i.e. A wizard casts water then casts lighting upon the water thus making it more effective than by it self.

~Levels of Magic~
There are 10 levels of magic, they get more destructive as they go up anything higher than a 7 is illegal by the Magistairium's laws. most Wizards cannot get higher than a 6 without help, but there have been many that could go beyond 6 and up to 10.

~Forbidden Magics~
Normally Forbidden magics are very complex, and could have bad repercussions for abusing them.

-Teleportation (blink! you're gone)
-Time (stopping, going back, and going forward in time)
-Necromancy (messing with the dead and unnatural beings)
-Resurrection (bringing back the recent dead)
-Reanimation (bringing back the long dead)
-Conjuring (spawning demons and other creatures)
-Human Infusion (infusing a human with magic)
-Arcane (magic with no base element)
-Spells that are levels 7 - 10

There are 3 laws imposed by the Magistairium they are absolute, breaking one of them either means death, or imprisonment.

Law 1 - No using Forbidden magic.
Law 2 - No using magic to commit crimes.
Law 3 - No using spells above level 7.

~Shapes of Spells-
Most spells come out as a sphere or streak at there most basic levels, higher levels can pretty much take whatever shape or look like the caster wants it too.