The Magistairium is the vast stone city on the Distant Isles, it is the Magical Community of Aragoth. The Magistairium is broken up as such.

~ Council of Magic~
100 of the greatest scholars who are usually old, they decide whats legal, and whats illegal. The Council of Magic is pretty much the Congress of the Magical world. They decide who gets their support in wars.

~Army of Magic~
The Magistairium has an army, and yes you guessed it, its a bunch of wizards, oh and not to mention dragons with their bonded riders who are like flying wizards swords, oh ya, and a dragon.

- Dragon Riders, are from the Magistairium, not birth, but that is the only place a person can become a dragon rider.

There are 3 orders of magic...

Red - these wizards wear a red pendant around their neck. They use lethal force to get the job done and they mean serious business.

Green- these wizards wear a green pendant around their neck. They use non-lethal spells to get the job done.

Blue- these wizards wear a blue pendant with a diamond studded into it around their necks. They are strictly healers.

There are another two categories but they are not apart of the Magistairium or its army.

~The Black Order~
The begging of this order is unknown, but it is a group of highly trained wizards who have no care for the laws. They will use any spell with no concern of what might happen. They are paid mercenary most of the time to get a job done. They deal in under the table interactions, because of the illegal part.

These are self taught wizards who will preform any spell, they are not exactly criminals, but will be prosecuted for being caught breaking the laws of the Magistairium.