Dragons are an available feature to whom ever wants to have one. Dragons start small and can live for thousands of years, those bonded with them who are not elf gain elf like features and pretty much become half elf and obtain the pointy ears, the magical abilities, sight, and the skill with blades and bows. But they are still not as good as a full fledged elf. It is because of this Elves are considered connected to the Dragons naturally.

Dragons may come in any color you want, dragons will have a quick growth to get grown. Within the first few months of its hatching it is bigger than a large bus. Dragons will slow down in growth from there and only get a few feet bigger every month. After 10 years they will stop growing dramatically and only gain a foot or two every few years, but a dragon will never stop growing. Most dragons have the typical dragon look, with long tails and two wings and four legs, long necks and sharp teeth! Dragons have natural magic abilities, they also have amazing sight, after all they are born predators and those teeth and claws are not for show.

A dragon may posses several basic abilities. (3)

( if a dragon has fire and nature, it can make lava, if a dragon has wind and water, it can make ice... get the trend )

-fire spells
-lighting spells
-wind spells
-water spells
-nature spells

A dragon may posses a unique ability. (1)

-Morphing into elf like people
-Quake (shake the ground a lot)
-Mind Infiltration (breaking into a persons mind)
-Steel Wings ( wings get super hard, nothing may peace them.)
-Poison ( a dragon may have poisons, don't get scratched or bitten)

(always room for expansion)