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    Characters ~ put em here~

    Characters ~ put em here~

    Follow this character format please

    (Note~ please read up about the world, races, and other things I have posted so there is no confusion thanks )

    Nameyour character name)
    Race: (elf, human or dwarf)
    Gender: (male, female)
    Age: (how old, or how young the character is)
    Hight: (how tall the character is)
    Weight: (how much the character weighs)
    Homeland: (city, kingdom)
    Looks: (what does your character look like)
    Personality: (what does your character act like?)
    Skills: (what can your character do)
    Past: (what is the backround of your character)

    If making a dragon please follow this format and put it under your characters description.

    Name: (name of the dragon)
    Age: (how old is the dragon)
    Size: (how big is the dragon)
    Color: (what color is the dragon)
    Skills: (what 2 or 3 magics can the dragon use)
    Unique Skill: (what is the unique ability of your dragon)
    Personality: (what is the dragon like)
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    Re: Characters ~ put em here~

    Re: Characters ~ put em here~

    Name: Arkvid
    Race: Elf
    Gender: Male
    Age: 200
    Hight: 6ft
    Weight: 125
    Homeland: Avanog, Vella

    Looks: looks like hes in his 20's. Has a good build tall, muscular, and well toned. His skin is unblemished and is the color of a light bronze. His forest green hair reaches the bottom of his pointy ears that stick straight up but they are shorter than most elves almost to where he could be confused with a human. Dark silver green eyes that show no emotion and a narrow face. Clothed in simple garments of cotton covered with a dark black robe with a Moon Rose on its chest. Always with him is his staff made from enchanted Ebony wood from the magical forest of the elves. Also underneath his black robe is an enchanted longsword that hangs to his side.

    Personality: Reserved, Calm, ruthless at times, caring for those he likes, mean to those he does not. Logical and quiet.

    Skills: Highly skilled with a sword, staff and just about any kind of magic.

    Past: As a product of magical experimentation of his own will he was captured along with his parents when he was 68 still a child by the elves standards. His parents were executed for doing the forbidden act and he was up next but managed to break free from his binds due to his new acquired traits. Rejected by his mentor of magic and the three orders of magic he turned to the position of a renegade wizard and worked for many criminals, lords, kings, pretty much anyone willing to pay the price. Later he joined a few others in creating the underground and illegal order known as the Black Order, dressed in black robes with a Moon Rose on its chest, not many know its meaning, or what it even stands for. After expanding his skill with magic, he and the high council retired from the dirty work and took on apprentices and taught their way of magic and their way of doing things. Now at the age of 200 he sits on his throne with the other 6 Black Wizard masters getting jobs for his apprentices and taking a hefty sum of the pay out.

    Name: Veon
    Age: 50
    Size: A bit bigger than a bus
    Color: Black
    Skills: Fire, Water, Nature
    Unique Skill: May morph into a person
    Personality: Intelligent, Reserved, Loyal, Calm, Wise.
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    Re: Characters ~ put em here~

    Re: Characters ~ put em here~

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Hight: 6'3"
    Weight: 200
    Homeland: Traol, Vellgin
    Looks: He has long brown hair that hits his shoulders. He has green eyes. He is in good shape. He has a scar on his chin from a a knife or sword cut.
    He is never without his wooden staff from the magical forest. He wars the red pendant and robes to show his willingness to take a life if the job calls for it.
    He also carries a small dagger hidden beneath his robes as a last resort should his magic fail him.
    Personality: Reserved and tends to have a plan that will put him in first. He doesn't care for those that think they can lead him. He has in the past performed illegal spells and will likely continue to do so.
    Skills: Skilled in magic. Also has been trained with a sword but has become rusty with it as he's focused on his magic.
    Past: He was trained growing up by his father to use a sword but he turned to magic after a while when he discovered he had a better talent for that. His father was highly disappointed with him and has disowned him as a result. He in turn has nothing to do with his family now. His family consists of his parents and two brothers. One of which, Bendric, looks nearly identical to him but is a year younger. Growing up they used to switch places and annoy people. Bendric followed his father into the mercenary knighthood.
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    Re: Characters ~ put em here~

    Re: Characters ~ put em here~


    Name: Thomas
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Hight: 6'
    Weight: 220 pounds
    Homeland: Fort Dalo, Kernn
    Looks: Thomas has short black hair and brown eyes. He's muscular in build and carries a sword and often is seen in his guard armor
    Personality: Thomas takes his job of protecting the princess seriously, although privately he is easy going and likes to joke around.
    Skills: Thomas is a skilled sword fighter
    Past: Thomas was raised by his uncle after he was orphaned as a small child. He was a trouble maker in his youth, often causing petty crimes. To get him straightened out his uncle gave him two options. Jail or doing something productive with his life by training to be knight. Thomas chose to become a knight. Eventually he assigned to be Princess Cassandra's personal bodyguard. A job he enjoys because once he got to know her, he fell in love with her. However, they have kept it a secret from Baelmont.

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    Re: Characters ~ put em here~

    Re: Characters ~ put em here~

    Princess Cassandra

    Name: Princess Cassandra
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Hight: 5'4
    Weight: 125 pounds
    Homeland: Kernn
    Looks: Cassandra has blond hair, blue eyes, and an hourglass figure
    Personality: Cassandra is a kind person and smarter than she lets on.
    Skills: Thomas has taught her how to protect herself with a sword, although she didn't tell her father that.
    Past: Cassandra is the only child of King Baelmont, because she was not a boy her father doesn't have much use for her. Cassandra does not like her father much since her duty is to look pretty and smile. Her grandfather said she should be educated and her father agreed eventually since he'd have a problem marrying her off if she was just a dumb blonde. Thomas, who is her bodyguard, was the first real friend she ever had and she loves him. Although she would never dare tell her father since he doesn't let her out of the castle and talk to "common" people.
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    Name: Jerilyn
    Race: appears human...
    Gender: Female
    Age: 30
    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 130
    Homeland: Grand Marshes

    Appearance: Mid-back length white hair, customarily braided at one side of her head. A leather headband graces her forehead and is adorned with several feathers she has found in the marshes.

    She has high cheekbones and a squarish face; almond-shaped, intense amber-brown eyes that appear to have a gold ring around the iris. Her lips are full and quick to smile. She looks to be in her twenties although she is older. She wears a soft leather tunic, cinched at the waist with a belt containing various pouches and two hunting knives. Jerilyn is actually quite beautiful and smiles often in spite of walking with a staff due to her slightly crooked leg. Her parents told her it was from a disease she survived as a child, but she tries not to let it stop her. She is shapely otherwise, making the crooked leg barely noticeable. However Jerilyn cannot run well.

    Personality:Jerilyn’s handicap has made her isolated from people but she is very gentle and kind. Jerilyn tends to remain very quiet around new people,painfully shy you might say because she has not been around many people until her healing ability became known. Then her contacts have been not that satisfying… people are still cruel. Jerilyn though is quick to forgive others. She is naturally inquisitive and curious. Because of her own suffering she has intense compassion on others.

    Skills: Knows plants, herbs. She has developed an uncanny ability to heal.

    History: Jerilyn’s family moved to the Grand Marshes to get their young handicapped daughter away from the cruelty of others. She does not remember that part of her life but the scars of her torment, live in her subconscious. Her youth is a blank to her and this bothers her sometimes. Her brother, Tannim, left the marshes to find a better life only recently,he stayed longer in the foggy marsh because of his love for Jerilyn.

    She misses Tannim terribly but soon found Atch, a native of the Grand Marsh who took her under his wing and began to teach her about the land, animals and plants, plus survival skills. Atch gave her a staff with a diamond like crystal held in place by the masterfully carved tines of the wooden staff. To look at it one can not imagine how the stone could be inside the intricately carved wood. It seems impossible.But her mentor made the staff for her and she treasures it.

    Jerilyn learned her lessons well and Atch soon asked her to tend a sick hawk.She used all the skills Atch taught her with intuitive finesse. The hawk recovered quickly. One day she healed a hunting falcon for a soldier. Since then the local peoples have been bringing sick animals to be tended by her but they fear the foggy area she lives in. Atch watched over her and protected her from most contact with the people.So she has become a bit of a local legend. They call her the ‘Bog Witch’ even though she is not a witch. Animals have a natural attraction to her and become instantly calm around her. Atch has encouraged the tales to keep the people from bothering Jerilyn too much.
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    Re: Characters ~ put em here~

    Re: Characters ~ put em here~

    Name: Eruraviel
    Race: Elf
    Gender: female
    Age: 120 in human years but appears to look about 14
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 150
    Homeland: Silven, Vella

    Appearance: Eruraviel or Ariel as she is known by humans has a lighter colored copper tone to her skin than most, alluding to a noble birthright. She has the characteristic features of high cheekbones and pointed ears of her people. Her hair is dark and at times appears to be slightly blue in tint like the feathers of the raven. Eruraviel’s eyes are a bluish green swirl like the colors of the Gera and Sarak Seas. She is rather tall for a female and thin, giving the appearance of anything but a warrior.

    Personality: Eruraviel is duty bound by both her birthright and responsibilities, which tend to conflict with her independent nature. She is driven and has an incredible desire to succeed in any task put before her. Eruraviel is loyal and trustworthy, and a very fierce competitor, but she can sometimes come across as arrogant and demanding. Eruraviel has high expectations, but none higher than she sets for herself. Failure to her is not an option, so she will push herself and sometimes those within her group to their limits to succeed. She can be a wonderful friend and companion, but often time is misunderstood for her drive. As an elf she is a lover of nature and takes extreme offense to those that abuse it. Eruraviel has a special connection with the forest and the elements in nature that hides a very powerful and natural ability with magic that is untapped or tested.

    Skills: Eruraviel is very skilled with the sword, bow and staff. She prefers to use a bow or quarterstaff as her weapon of choice but can use a sword with deadly precision if necessary.

    Past: Eruraviel is of noble birth, but she does not speak of it in front of strangers and would prefer it not be spoken of in the company of her own kind. At a young age she showed great promise not only in magic but with the use of weapons as well. Bonded to a pale blue dragon named Sky since birth it was her father’s hope that she would pass the trials to be a part of the Magistairium’s Dragon Riders and one day sit upon the Council of Magic. But Eruraviel felt her place was amongst her people, protecting it from intruders and although she did not refuse her father’s wishes, her heart was not into the testing from the Council.

    Failing to be accepted for reasons that her father and Eruraviel herself did not understand, she returned home to bury her shame commanding an army of elves guarding the borders of the forest. Although she was relieved in one sense to not be separated from her home, she had never failed anything before and her drive to succeed increased to the point others were becoming uncomfortable by her risks and demands. Complaints reached her father’s ears and loathe as he was to do so, he removed his daughter from command to try and renew her focus. Taking Sky, Eruraviel for the first time entertained the idea of leaving her home in the forest for a short while to run away from her shame of failure.

    Name: Sky
    Age: 20
    Size: a little smaller than a bus
    Color: light blue
    Skills: Water, wind and nature
    Unique Skill: Invisibility

    Personality: Sky is driven like his rider, but his determination stems from the desire to protect her from those that would harm her, including herself. He may come across as a suck-up to his bonded because he defends her actions, trying to explain the purpose of her decisions. He is extremely loyal, likes to smile big toothy grins to make Eruraviel smile, and is easy to get along with.
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