‘I don’t care. I love you” he had said – and Sylvia couldn’t help but look at him incredulously while her logic dictated that the drugs were definitely affecting the poor boy’s brain. Yet, he had just said it again. That he loved her. Didn’t he hear what she said? About Pierce - the baby – the STD? Why did he insist? He could have walked away and she wouldn’t have held him in contempt. Sylvia knew that she wasn’t much of a catch – especially not in her current situation. Why didn’t that matter to Sergei?

Despite her confusion over the matter, Sylvia couldn’t help but laugh at Sergei’s threat. Sniffling, she wiped her eyes with an already damp sleeve and smiled. She chose to ignore his promise, for the most part. Working through it was…unlikely, but now that she was here, she wasn’t about to let go of a good thing.

“Oh yeah? You and what army?” she retorted with a smirk. A squeal of delight from behind her – and a consequent knowing grin from Sergei – had her whispering, “Alright, you win this round.” Marianna climbed onto Sylv’s knee and practically threw herself on her dad, his ribs only rescued by Sylvia’s last minute grab. “Whoa sweetie, take it easy on your poor dad.”

The little girl was not leaving Sylvia’s lap and so she was trapped yet again, not that she minded.