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    Guild Wars Character Bios

    Guild Wars Character Bios

    The thread to post information about your character.

    While there's no need to be draconian about what must be included, the more detail and thought you put in, the easier it will be for your fellow players to get to know who they're reading about.

    Some questions to consider:

    What is your character's...



    Race (if not human) and/or place of origin?


    Physical description?




    Noteworthy possessions?

    Family situation?

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    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    Name: Anakita Snakecharm

    Gender: Female

    Age: 32

    Birthday: September 6th

    Nationality: Tyrian from Ascalon (Human)

    Profession: Ranger, secondary Monk

    Animal Companion: Azh, a female Melandru’s Stalker that Anakita has raised from kittenhood

    Occupation: When not adventuring, Anakita regularly works for both the Ebon Vanguard and the Sunspears, training recruits and sometimes commanding missions and combat. She is also an ally of the Shining Blade, and helps them as needed.

    Physical Description: Average height, athletic build. Ash-blonde hair in multiple braids to about her shoulder, with brown beads capping a few of the braids that frame her face. Skin is naturally pale, but it is visibly apparent that she doesn’t avoid the sun and spends quite a bit of time outside. Anakita has grey eyes and a friendly face, but she sometimes looks a bit world-weary. She is pretty but not exceptionally beautiful, and rarely attracts attention for her looks.

    Personality: Anakita is a faithful and loyal friend and companion, though she can be rather taciturn and introspective. She can also occasionally be a little moody, but when she’s in a bad one, she tends to go off on her own or just become more silent, so it usually has no negative effect on others. Anakita is not easily angered and has a fairly long fuse, so she is difficult to provoke. However, she has a strong sense of justice, and harm done to innocent people who can’t defend themselves is sure to get her involved in righting the wrong.

    She has natural leadership qualities, but also a level of self-doubt in her own abilities that can sometimes be crippling. Her lack of parental role models in her early life has made her question her own ability to be a role model to others, and she has a tendency to seek approval from those she sees as authority figures even when doing so is to her own detriment.

    Anakita is rather plainspoken and can be blunt, so she is uncomfortable playing games of politics or social status, and is not very good at such things. However, she’s very competent at her job, and has a good track record of winning the loyalty of those around her.

    Family situation: Anakita has a twin brother named Rhodri, from whom she is currently estranged. She has no other living blood relatives.

    Recently, Anakita married a warrior named Stefan. They are raising three children. Djalila, age six, is Stefan’s daughter from a previous relationship. Kimi, age eight, is an orphan from Cantha they have taken in permanently; though Kimi is fond of them, she considers them guardians and caretakers rather than parents. Gemma, also age eight, is Anakita's biological niece.

    Anakita has a new traveling companion, a Shining Blade scout named Ryder, who is becoming like a sister to her.



    Anakita was born in the village of Ashford in Ascalon, the younger of a set of fraternal twins. (The elder was a brother, Rhodri.) Her family were descendents of minor nobility, but her parents chose to live a fairly simple existence; her father was a priest of Melandru and her mother was a nature-based healer. Her early childhood was pleasant, and she has good memories of her parents. However, her mother and father’s work took them away from the home more and more frequently for prolonged periods, and when Anakita and her twin were five years old, they received word that both of their parents had been killed in the chaotic fighting between Ascalon, Kryta, and Orr.

    For a few months, Anakita and Rhodri were passed around between kindly neighbours and members of the community, but eventually the economic strain of two extra mouths to feed became too much, and the twins were sent to live at the orphanage in Ascalon.

    The orphanage, too, was a place Anakita remembers relatively fondly. The children were treated well, and their needs were met. She enjoyed the company of lots of playmates. Adult attention was lacking, though, with the few caretakers for a large number of orphaned children, and Anakita always wished for someone to take on a more parental role.

    Rhodri also thrived in the orphanage, but for different reasons. It was there that he first demonstrated a tendency to be extremely manipulative, especially toward his sister. It was imperative to him that he felt in total control at all times. He was superficially charming, but seemed incapable of deep connection to others or true empathy. The lack of adult supervision allowed him far too much rein, and his character suffered for it. Those negative qualities would follow him for the rest of his life, and he would never make any serious attempt to break the habit of manipulation and control.

    The sheer number of orphans created by the fighting, along with the lack of reliable records, meant that it took quite a bit of time to identify relatives who might still be living. In Anakita and Rhodri’s case, it took three years, but shortly after their eighth birthday, authorities found that their maternal grandparents were alive and well, residing in Surmia. The grandparents had no idea the twins had survived, and as soon as they found out, they sent for the two children, raising them for the rest of their childhood.

    The transition from the orphanage to her grandparents was actually a difficult one for Anakita. The grandparents were not cruel or abusive, but they were very strict and rigid in their habits and expectations, and very old-fashioned in their values. As wealthy and titled minor nobles, they lived a life of privilege and, compared to anywhere the children had lived before, one of luxury. But there was little demonstration of affection, and very little warmth. Anakita felt isolated and misunderstood, and got little enjoyment from the material possessions when true emotional connection was so absent. (Rhodri’s reaction was quite the opposite, and the lack of requirement to engage emotionally was a relief to the male twin. It was there that he perfected the intrigues of politics and society that would form the backbone of his adult career.)

    When she turned seventeen, Anakita’s grandparents made certain assumptions about her future, and began to seek a suitable and advantageous partner to arrange for her to marry. To their surprise, Anakita announced that she needed some time to be by herself… and took to the woods for several months. It was there that she began training as a Ranger. She did not burn bridges with her grandparents, and periodically returned to Surmia for awkward visits, but she never again lived with them, nor was she ever willing to accept an arranged marriage.

    Anakita did some independent adventuring for the next few years, helping people where she could but doing little of particular note to society at large. The Searing completely changed her world. She returned to her home to fight for her people, a quest that would eventually take her across the entire Tyrian continent, and later to Cantha and Elona as well. Anakita works regularly with the Ebon Vanguard, the Shining Blade, and the Sunspears (who offered her an honourary command as a courtesy, but before long she became an important part of the organization.)

    She fell in love with a warrior, Stefan, who was one of her traveling companions in the trek through Tyria. Shortly before they were to be married, he received word that he was the father of a child he never knew about, conceived with an old flame who had broken his heart and left him without ever telling him she was pregnant. Anakita and Stefan sought out the child, Djalila, who it turned out had lost both her mother and the grandmother who had been raising her. When Djalila was found, she was working as a servant to a unit of Kournan soldiers, cooking for them and fetching wood and water. Though Anakita and Stefan brought her to a safer and kinder home, she is still struggling somewhat to adjust to their care. They are also looking after a second child, Kimi, who Anakita met in Cantha only moments after the little girl was orphaned. In a fit of compassion inspired by her own past as an orphan, Anakita offered to provide a home to Kimi.

    Upon their marriage, Stefan and Anakita purchased a small house in Beetletun (Kryta,) which they are working to renovate and expand, to be able to accommodate any friends who need a place of refuge. As such, they have made Kryta their second home.

    Anakita is happy with her life as it is, and with what she has accomplished. However, she never goes long without hearing that her services are needed to vanquish yet another danger, and whenever she can, she continues to heed the call.

    Noteworthy possessions:

    Anakita owns five sets of armour, which she interchanges depending on her location, the weather, and the people around her. The armour she is wearing in an RP scene is indicated by her small avatar picture, and is one of the following:

    (Ebon Vanguard)





    Her weapon is a Sundering Destroyer Flatbow of Fortitude (inscription: "Strength and Honour") given to her by Hobarrt Mckinnley.

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    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    Mara Dayne

    Name: Mara Dayne

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24

    Hair: Blonde

    Eyes: Blue

    Height: 5’ 3”

    Race: Human from Tyria in the Dalada Uplands

    Profession: Monk & secondary Necro

    Occupation: Mara was basically a monk for hire before she met Tallo Diauss. Now she is the healer for a small guild but still makes herself available for those in need.

    Animal Companion: Fang a moss spider that Mara had since she was in an egg sack can often be seen accompanying Mara on her journeys.

    Physical description: Mara is small in stature, but not the smallest of her guild. She’s petite and typically wears her hair up. She has striking blue eyes and bears tattooing along the back behind her ears and along her hairline. For someone as short and petite as Mara, she has a surprisingly mature voice that leads her to seem older than she actually is.

    Personality: Mara is generally a quiet person and often contemplative. When she was much younger, she was easily distracted during missions and often reprimanded in a brotherly way by Tallo. Although not as adept at being a healer as Tallo, Mara strives to do her best and takes it personally when party members are severely injured. Mara is kind and compassionate but tends to be independent and a loner at times. She would rather follow than lead, but if placed in a position of leadership will reluctantly fulfill the role.

    Family: Mara has no family that anyone is aware of. She rarely speaks of herself or her family connections. All that is known of Mara is that she had a mother who was a Monk and a father who was a Necro. She has often times been seen with Eve or members of her guild, but she is just as content with being on her own. Mara is not married or involved in a relationship, despite the insistence and teasing of her guild sisters.

    History: Not a lot is known about Mara’s background. She is pretty tight lipped about her life before the guild. What is known is that she was born in the Dalada Uplands before the Charr invasion. Like so many displaced by the Charr, her parents had moved around quite a bit. But it wasn’t only just the Charr that had displaced her family so often; it was the reaction from both professions that frowned upon the union of her mother and father.

    Mara barely remembers her father, and she isn’t sure what happened to him. She remembers at some point during her childhood that he was no longer there. Her mother and her continued moving from place to place until her mother grew sick and died. Mara not yet strong enough in her abilities to heal her mother instead was horrified at the fact she had created a minion from her mother’s dead corpse.

    It was clear to Mara that she would always bare the markings of both of her parent’s professions. Instead of balking from her discovery, Mara decided to embrace it and works at perfecting both her Monk and Necro abilities. The young monk set out on her own and wandered through Tyria, helping those that she could and often times finding herself a member of a party to important mission. It was during these wonderings that she met Tallo and joined his small guild.
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    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    ((I warn you that I only know what Tigers told me about Guild Wars the other night. So feel free to reclassify this character and tell me where I went wrong...))

    Name: Jacobi

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human from Tyria and Kryta

    Profession: Ranger and Mesmer

    Physical Description: He is 6'2 and has obviously had to work hard in training for his combat. He has brown hair that reaches his shoulders and has a scar on his left cheek from a blow that he received in combat. The scar turns people off from him initially. But if they get to know him they see that his appearance is not showing his true personality. He will joke with those that he becomes close to.

    Personality: Friendly once someone gets to know him. He looks a bit beaten so people expect him to be grim. Especially when he's not shaved for a few days.

    He believes in justice and will try to help those in a weaker position. Past companions have gotten annoyed since this cuts into their profits. Those companions tend to not remain companions for long.

    Weapons: A dwarven bow that his friend made for him. He saved the dwarf Gitmori from a lynch mob and they became friends as a result. He gave him this fine bow a couple of years ago just because of their friendship.

    Family: He has a brother who is the exact opposite of him. They have often been on opposite sides in a fight but they have never faced one another. Bolovor also uses a bow but his is a normal human bow.

    History: He has had many companions over the years. All of them have liked him for his bravery but his unwillingness to let those that can't pay go without support tends to cause tension between him and others.

    His brother always considered him a fool because of how much he cares about helping others.

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    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    Name: Constance Terpein

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human with some Norn blood

    Age: 24

    Profession: Warrior/Monk

    Occupation: Inn-keeper/supply runner

    Physical description: Constance is 5’10” and of a sturdier build that most Ascalon women. She has blond, slightly better than shoulder-length hair and ice-blue eyes that look far too sad for someone so pretty. Her skin is pale like the snow swirling around Yak’s Bend – even her lips appear bloodless as though ice runs through her veins.

    Personality: A typical middle-child. She feels responsible for her siblings getting along and feels as though she is ignored by everyone when they aren’t looking for assistance. Constance takes authority figures very seriously, to the point of doing something foolish or dangerous if told to do so by someone she reveres. Her thick skull is both a blessing and a curse.

    Despite her seriousness, Constance is a bit of a loudmouth. She says what she means and means what she says – often making herself clear at an inopportune time. She will often make remarks in the background of other people’s conversations with no thought to the effect that the chat may be private. Her voice has a booming quality which, while effective for directing troops and refugees, is not becoming of a young lady.

    The only things Constance has in common with her family is her love of stories and powerful singing voice. She enjoys listening most of all, but has been known to come up with songs of bardic quality while on long wintry treks.

    Noteworthy possessions: A set of Ascalon armour, a double-headed axe and a round shield.

    Family life: Constance has five brothers and three sisters; she is the third youngest with one brother and one sister younger than her. (Langsted – 34, Treiss – 33, Antonia – 30, Debraine - 28, Tobar – 26, Gregor – 25, Matthias – 22, Sabrine - 19) Her siblings are all Elementalists at various stages and most of them use their talents for craftsmanship rather than war. She is currently single and is living back home in Yak’s Bend. Their mother has passed on, but their father, Hermand, still manages the family business. The Terpeins run an inn of sorts and manage a large proportion of the trade in the area – most of it legal trade between the Humans and the Norn. They have also been known to trade with dwarves and centaurs on occasion.

    Backstory: Constance’s misery started a full century before she was born. Her great-grandfather Haruth was an earth elementalist sent to survey the Shiverpeaks for new iron veins. Their survey crew was stranded in a blizzard. Three of the team of five died from the cold before they were happened upon by a Norn hunting band. The two humans were taken back to their camp, but Haruth was the only one to survive the journey. A Nornish woman took pity on the man and nursed him to health in her tent. Long story short – the two made a match, much to the chagrin of the Norn community. Still, Haruth was not weak and he proved himself time and again until no one could deny that he was as much a part of the community as any full-blooded Norn.

    And so it went, the Terpein line continued to grow in number and in fame. All the Terpeins showed great talent with elementalism and became highly valued members wherever they cast their tents. They were also renowned storytellers and singers – a welcome addition to any hearth. Haruth had but two sons, the eldest, Naison, marrying a human woman who had wandered into the Shiverpeaks. Naison’s third son, Hermand, married an Ascalon adventurer named Mariska, who gave him five boys and four girls before she died.

    Most of the children followed in the proud Terpein traditions – all, in fact – except for Constance. From the very beginning, it was obvious that little Connie was different from the rest. While the others played in the blacksmith’s shop and watched their father forge tools from the ores he had gathered the day before, Connie only had eyes for the shining, sharp edges of the few weapons her father produced. As a child, she spent her days running through the mountains – instead of stopping to look at various rocks and plants – almost like she was training. When she came of age to be choosing a profession, it came as no surprise that she left Yak’s Bend in search of something her family couldn’t provide. Her father said she just had too much of her mother in her.

    Young Constance knew what she wanted to be – a warrior. Her eyes were quick, her bones strong, and her mind analytical. All that remained was to discover if her heart was true enough for the work ahead of her. The Searing came with little warning, but Constance proved ready. She shot through the ranks of Prince Rurik’s army, earning the trust and admiration of her colleagues. It was looking good for her career – until that fateful day they had marched to the Frost Gate. Prince Rurik had managed to convince the dwarves to allow the Ascalon refugees passage through their lands to Kryta. They were almost through when a snow guard gave way, burying Rurik beneath a crushing weight. Constance ran to assist, but he insisted she continue moving the refugees to safety. Against her heart’s cry, she did as he asked. To this day, she holds herself responsible for Prince Rurik’s consequent death at the hand of the enemy.

    Having done her part in sending the refugees through the mountains on their initial traverse, Constance returned home to Yak’s Bend. Her family was surprised to see her, but welcomed her anyway. She was unnaturally quiet and not even her younger siblings were able to get a word out of her regarding the battles she had fought. Taking up the family trade, her father set her up as the head of the inn – only sending her on the long treks to the furthest outposts. Constance takes to the flagon more than she did before she left, but still her lips remain sealed. Her siblings are convinced it has something to do with the war, but the full reason for her aloofness remains a mystery.

    Winner of the dubious Vaarsuvius Award for Verbousness!

    I support altruism.

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    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    Tallo Diauss


    Race :


    Physical description:
    Tallo has an athletic build and tends to “show it off” whenever possible.

    Despite his studies in healing and protection prayers, Tallo tends to use his Divine Favour to smite his enemies and raise spirits to aid in battle. He is easy going and respectful of everyone. There is forgiveness in his heart for all though it resides deep within a tempest of anger that he strives to keep under control.

    Noteworthy possessions:
    Destroyer Staff, Wayward Wand, Tormented Staff, Traveler’s Walking Stick, Norn Smiting Staff

    Tallo left home at a young age right after losing his family during the searing. He studied in Cantha and learned the ways of the ritualists to help purge the evil that Shiro Tagachi threatened to unleash upon the world. Tallo joined the guild Nouvel Ordre De Phoenix at the behest of his friend, Rafairn Exile, a paragon from Elona, whom he met during his extensive travel of the world. Being a member of this guild has given Tallo the opportunity to meet great new friends, some of which have become a kind of surrogate family. He frequently goes on adventures with Mara Dayne whom he and a few other guild members have adopted as their “little sister”. Recently there has been a bit of tension between he and Hobarrt Mckinnley, also of the same guild, as Mr. Mckinnley disapproves of the fact that one of Tallo’s friends is a Charr.

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    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    Name: Sonja Redflame

    Gender: Female

    Age: 30

    Hair: Red

    Eyes: Light Blue

    Height: 6’0”

    Race: Half Human / Half Norn from Vabbi

    Profession: Sonja is an Elementalist, specializing in fire. Her secondary is Mesmer.

    Occupation: None. Sonja has the Nomadic blood of her Norn heritage and that of her adventuresome father.

    Physical description: Sonja is tall of course due to her Norn blood, although compared to her Norn counterparts, she is still rather short. She has fire red hair, like her mother and light blue eyes and is rather curvaceous. Like most Norn and Elementalists’ Sonja wears little clothing.

    Personality: Sonja is rather outspoken, she embodies much of the Norn spirit in all aspects of life. Sonja loves a challenge, the more difficult the better. Next to Talya, she is perhaps the most outspoken member of their guild. She has a sense of humor that can be sarcastic but often times more playful. Sonja can be flirty with men she finds attractive, but she is by no means a woman that gives her affections away easily. In the true tradition of the Norn, she is attracted to men who prove themselves worthy. Others may find this behavior as arrogant, but it is the Norn way.

    Noteworthy possessions: Destroyer Staff, Kurzick armor

    Family: Sonja’s family on the Norn side is often marred in mystery. It is said she is related to Jora, perhaps her mother was a cousin or distant family member. On her human side, her father is the younger brother of Prince Mehtu, making her cousins to Princess Tahlkora.

    History: Born in an encampment along Drakkar Lake, just outside Sifhalla, Sonja was immediately submersed into the life of the Norn. Although half Norn she did not possess the ability to take on the Spirit of the Bear. Her mother and father raised her in the traditions and customs of the Norn. Although her father was human, he had proven himself worthy.

    It wasn’t until Sonja was about 10 years old, that her life drastically changed. While hunting with her family an avalanche swept down the hillside, carrying her mother off the edge. Her injuries too severe, Sonja suffered her first real personal loss. Unable to face another day in the Far Shiver Peaks without his wife, Sonja’s father took her to his home land of Vabbi, in the land of Elona. Here Sonja discovered a very different world from the harsh life of the Norn in the Shiver Peaks.

    Sonja had a difficult time adjusting to the life of the Vabbians. There were no great tales by the fireside of great hunts; there was no snow, no real challenges to face like those in the Shiverpeaks. What made matters worse; her father was a Prince, the youngest brother to Prince Mehtu. Once back in what was considered civilization, Sonja was expected to learn to behave like a Princess. Although she would never be addressed as one, her behavior over the years showed the influence of her father’s people.

    But Sonja never lost the true spirit of the Norn, she remained outspoken, much to the chagrin of many of the people. She was not one to shy away from challenges even against men. Even though it was never eluded too, Sonja’s free spirit may have had a direct impact on her cousin Tahlkora.

    Having been adept with the elements from a young age, Sonja embodied the elements of fire. She joined the Sunspears for a brief period, finding herself restless inside the control environment of an established militia. Leaving the Sunspears, Sonja instead travels the lands seeking adventure and the next great challenge. Her travels have taken her as far as Cantha and back home to the Far Shiver Peaks.

    During her short stay with the Sunspears, Sonja met Rafarin Exile and Talya Sandari. Having fought alongside them, she joined their guild and often travels with them when a challenge calls.

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    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    Re: Guild Wars Character Bios

    Hobarrt Mckinnley


    Name: Hobarrt Mckinnley

    Gender: Male

    Age: 34

    Hair: dark red

    Eyes: green/blue

    Height: 6'4"

    Race: Human


    Hobarrt rarely considers being anything other than a warriour. He did learn a few ranger skills early in life, however, to tame and protect his pet Black Widow Spider, Reigni, who he found on one of his many escapades in the underworld.

    Physical description:
    Hobarrt has a large muscular build typical of those of his profession.

    Hobarrt has an abrasive personality that borders on being brutish and crude. Those that he loves are spared his sometimes rude behaviour, however, and he is highly protective of his friends and family. For the most part, he would rather slash first and ask questions later.

    Noteworthy possessions:
    Destroyer Sword and Shield, Tormented Shield, Undead Sword, Eternal Shield, Darkwing Defender, Sephis Sword, Elemental Sword.

    Recently Hobarrt achieved the title "Legendary Skill Hunter" by acquiring every elite skill that exists for every profession in the world. This title was mostly one of vanity for Hobarrt, though, as he has no intentions of ever using any of them save for his new warriour talents of course.

    The Mckinnley's lived in ascalon for generations and were loyal to the Kings all the way back to Doric himself. Hobarrt had issues with King Adelbern, however, and became more loyal to Prince Rurik until the kingdom was invaded by the charr. Hobarrt's family survived the searing, though his parents have passed on into the mists. He has two little brothers Shaun, a ranger, and Ryinn, who, against much protest by his older brothers, chose to become a mesmer.Being reunited with Gwen of Ascalon has soothed the tension between Hobarrt and Ryinn, though, and he no longer regards his youngest brother as a "girlie" boy as he had for many years.

    Hobarrt joined his current guild simply because the guild hall suited his tastes in architecture. He has become very fond of Mara Dayne and Anakita Snakecharm. He, like many others of their guild mates, regards Mara as a little sister and would most likely have the head of any prospective suitor staked and on display outside the castle walls before they had a chance to even look at her for any extended period of time. He often has disagreements with nearly everyone else in the guild, though, especially Tallo Diauss and their leader Rafairn Exile, who would certainly have been usurped and slain on the guild hall floor if not for the fact that he is a very powerful ascended paragon and borders on being angelic. Hobarrt's first act of rudeness and disrespect within the guild was asking Rafairn "What's with the prom dress, lady man?"

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    Talya Sandari

    Name: Talya Sandari

    Gender: Female

    Age: 28

    Hair: Platinum Blonde

    Eyes: Blue

    Height: 5’8"

    Race: Human from Tyria. Born in Regent Valley.

    Profession: Warrior with skills in Necromancy and as a Ranger

    Occupation: Assistant Guild Leader for Nouvel Ordre De Phoenix

    Animal Companion: Abyss her Black Wolf
    Physical description: Talya has a medium build and short platinum Blonde hair. She's physically fit and despite her slender appearance has strength that can rival any man. Talya is attractive but her looks are the last thing she thinks about.

    Personality: Talya is a natural born leader but like any leader at times has doubts about her abilities to lead others. She has a very authoritative attitude that has earned her the nick name "Queenie" amongst her Guild brothers and sisters. Talya is loyal, courageous and like Hobarrt would gladly give her life in defense of her guild, and her friends. On the outside, Talya is strong, but inwardly she hides her fears and emotions close to her heart.

    Family: Talya has no living relatives.

    History: Born in Regent Valley between Wizard's Folly and Fort Ranik, Talya was the first and only child born to Nicodemos, the Weapon's Master for King Adelbern. Her father was an unknown member of the legendary Guild, Ascalon's Chosen. Friends with Mordakai, Devona's father, she preceded the younger warrior in birth by 4 years.

    Around the age of 5, Talya's mother died, leaving just her and her father. For the next four years, Nicodemos had left Talya in the care of Mordakai's family when duty called. Shortly, just before the Battle of Kyhlo, Nicodemos came to the decision to leave Ascalon for somewhere safe to raise his daughter. Hearing about the opportunities in a land far from Ascalon, a place called Elona, Nicodemos bid farewell to his friends and headed toward the Land of the Golden Sun.

    It would be months after Mordakai's death that Nicodemos would hear about his friend's fate. Ashamed that he had left his guild so soon in their time of need, he could never bring himself to return to Ascalon. Instead he tried to focus on the fact that had he remained he would be dead as well, and Talya would be an orphan. Years would pass and Nicodemos would take up his weapon's talents in the service of the Sunspears.

    In the meantime, his beloved daughter would follow in his footsteps. First in the art of weaponry, and second as a warrior in the service of Elona as a proud Sunspear. During their fight against Abbadon, Talya would lose her father to a band of Corsairs on his way to the Issnur Isles to conduct business. With the loss of her father, Talya did the only thing she knew how to do to grieve, she threw herself into her role as a warrior and her commitment to defeat Abbadon.

    It was during this time she met a Paragon by the name of Rafarins Exile. Often time the two clashed heads, but eventually they became good friends and like her former home of Ascalon formed a guild with the Paragon. With the fledgling Guild, Nouvel Ordre de Phoenix, the two new friends and allies slowly began to recruit new members to their guild. Although small in nature compared to many guilds, the members became like family and Talya felt a new responsibility to those under her care.

    After Abbadon was defeated, Talya began to grow accustom to leaving her guild and explore new lands, offering her services to those in need. Her past would catch up to her as she would encounter Devona, the two sharing their lives and losses, rekindling a childhood friendship. During her travels she would also meet Bartholos, leader of the Shining Blade. Aiding him in quests and fighting alongside him, a kinship as warriors grew and from there a friendship blossomed into love. Their relationship kept quiet for the most part, only members of the Shining Blade, a few select friends and her guild know of Talya's love for Bartholos.

    As the war between Kryta heats up, Talya secretly worries for Bartholos' safety and aids him where ever she can. Although Ascalonian by birth, her home and heart have become Elona, but she still feels drawn to do what she can for what remains of her homelands. Placing Princess Salma on the throne and defeating the White Mantle has become as important to Talya as her father's service had been to Ascalon's Chosen.


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    Nimue Dominia

    Name: Nimue Dominia

    Gender: Female

    Age: 26 ( Born 1052 AE)

    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Brown

    Height: 5' 7"

    Race: Ascalonian from Green Hills County

    Profession: Mesmer and Elementalist

    Occupation: Charr hunter, occasional hired adventurer

    Physical description: Nimue has a slender frame. She was more suited for the stage than as a soldier. She is a handsome woman, with shoulder length hair she always wears up in a bun. Her eyes are a deep enchanting color of brown that holds more sorrow than joy these days.

    Personality: Pre-Searing, Nimue was full of life. Only 18 at the time she was a wonder to behold on the stage and it showed in her performance. Nimue lived for the stage, her life revolved around it and it was as much a part of her family as her real family. She was full of wit and style, and loved to laugh.

    After the Searing, Nimue like many others, would never be the same. The once vivacious young woman was now withdrawn and full of hatred and rage toward the Charr, who had destroyed her home and taken everything she had ever loved. She was no longer the vivacious young theatrical actress of the stage.

    Family: Nimue no longer has any living relatives, they were all taken from her during the Searing.

    History: Born to a family of actors, Nimue was no stranger to the life of the stage. It was where she had met Lady Althea, and although younger than the other woman, they had become fast friends. With shared interests, Nimue spent a lot of time either on the stage or with Althea. But she also dedicated some time with a traveling band of actors nestled within the lush area of Green Hills County.

    She had met the traveling troupe when she was 16, falling for a charming young man named Marek. For two years she had shared her passion and her love with Marek whenever their Caravan arrived in her region of Ascalon. Life was good and Nimue couldn't imagine anything better. She had the theater, good friends, a family and someone to love. She was a proud Ascalonian, with no doubt in her people, her king or the strength of Althea's betrothed, Prince Rurik and their military men.

    The Searing changed all that, took everything away from Nimue, her dear friend Althea, her family and her love. No more would she step out onto the stage to perform, to laugh and love as she had before. That part of Nimue had died in the Searing along with her loved ones. All that remains is a quiet and withdrawn woman her finds no joy in life, not even the killing of Charr.

    Since that fateful time, Nimue has dedicated her life to eradicating Charr. She bares a hatred for these beasts like so many others, with no desire to stop until ever last one of them is dead. She rarely speaks, and she isolates herself from others, especially those she knew from Ascalon. Her memories are too painful and bare to draw close to those she knows will eventually die.

    It was during her travels that she met Mara Dayne, the young monk who was attached to one of her groups as the healer. Although reluctant to admit it aloud, she liked the shy monk, who spoke about as often as she herself did. She couldn't imagine that anyone would dislike her, she was a kind soul, surly sent to this forsaken patch of dirt by Dwayna herself. By the end of their mission, Mara had extended a hand of friendship and an invitation to meet those of her Guild.

    It was the closest thing that Nimue had done since the Searing that showed any kind of commitment that didn't involve the killing of Charr. Although never fully making her pledge to the Guild, she wears the colors and symbol of Nouvel Ordre De Phoenix, because of the kind gesture of this humble monk who touched a place within her that she thought forever dead.

    Nimue spends most of her time hunting Charr, and working as a hired hand. She continues to keep people at arm's length and using the hatred within her to keep the fires burning in her quest to eradicate the Charr. The only small glimmer of any emotional connection to people remains in her taking up the coat of arms for Nouvel Ordre De Phoenix.

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