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    Re: [OOC] Belluae Character Bios

    Re: [OOC] Belluae Character Bios

    Name: Megan Simmons
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Race: human

    Megan was born to a small family, but she was only allowed to remain with her family for a few years. Before she reached the age of 10, she was sold to the Cawley family, one of the wealthier families who lived on their own estate outside of Eranius, where she was to work in the house as well as any other jobs the family had for her. She detested the life she was born into and enviously watched as the children of the family worked on their schoolwork. A few times she asked if she could go to school and learn to read and write, but those questions were met with swift punishment and she quickly learned to not ask those questions, so she decided to take things into her own hands. Megan would sneak out of her room late at night and look over the children’s schoolwork, eventually succeeding in teaching herself to read and write.

    As the years progressed, Megan continued to detest her life even more until it came to the point where she couldn’t stand it any longer. Deciding to make a break of things, she packed up her meager belongings and slipped out of her quarters in the middle of the night, taking precautions not to be seen. She headed toward Eranius, figuring that she’d have a better chance of not being found in the city. Megan was jumpy around things and slept in alleyways at night, doing her best to stay under the radar and not be noticed. It took a few days before the Cawleys realized that she was missing, but as soon as they did, they sent out notices with Megan’s name and description.
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    Re: [OOC] Belluae Character Bios

    Re: [OOC] Belluae Character Bios

    Claudias Wolfenstein
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'9"

    Claudias is a slaveowner and doesn't like people telling him how to treat his slaves. He is also opposed to women professors or women receiving diplomas.

    He has been a trouble maker since entering the university. He has forced some students to pay him protection money from himself. And he also has cheated on exams and forced people to write his papers for him. He is always looking for dirt on someone.

    He believes those that try to force change through should be dealt with violently. He has left threatening letters around when there's a change he doesn't like.

    He managed to get one student expelled by framing him for one of his attempts.
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    Professor Clarence Lexius IV

    Race: Anthro-Goat
    Gender: Male
    Age: 72
    Height: 5'5"

    Professor Clarence Lexius, or Professor Lex as he prefers to be called, has been at Welbridge University since he first entered as a student at age 18. He was an eager student of law that had desires to grow up and change the world for the better. Unfortunately, under the monarchial rule, there wasn't much room for him to bring about the types of changes he was seeking. Upon receiving his degree, he stayed on at Welbridge University as a professor of law. While he couldn't make large, lasting changes, he did do what he could to defend the students and their rights. His eager fight for the students and desire to see them grow is what led him to become dean of Welbridge University at the age of 45.

    In his second year as Dean of Welbridge University, the young Lord Imperial had announced Science would be recognized and accepted in the Imperium. Clarence could sense change in the air, and felt that the season was coming for him to rekindle the desires of his youth; to see change in the Imperium. He couldn't have been more pleased six years later when the Lord and Lady Imperial opened the doors of the University to women.

    When Clarence was 65, he retired as a dean, but stayed on as head of the social and political sciences departments. He felt there was still much to do, and his position as dean made it more difficult for him to achieve his goals. So, turning over the reigns to Professor Robert Valitas, another Anthro who shared his ideals for change, he starting working his own plans for change, behind the scenes, and with the knowledge of only a select few trusted colleagues. He knew he didn't have much time left in his life, but he would make the most of whatever years he had left.
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