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    Nouvel Ordre De Phoenix (GW1)

    Nouvel Ordre De Phoenix (GW1)

    Talya Sandari & Bartholos

    Talya looked up from the table in the war room inside Nouvel Ordre De Phoenix, as Bartholos entered. She loved the way he looked in his armor as he strode toward the table with purpose. But today was not a social call and the two warriors kept their private life as private as possible. Although it was no secret that the two had been together for some time, one did not crack jokes about the two sharing a bed. When it came to their profession, the two warriors were very serious when in mixed company. Often times lives depended upon their actions and they could ill afford to be caught flirting, so they kept that to a minimum when around others. Only on rare occasions would the two feel comfortable enough in certain parties to allow their affections for each other to be shown.

    "Good morning Bartholos. What is it that I can do for the leader of the Shining Blade this morning?"

    Alone in the room together, Bartholos could take Talya's comment anyway he chose. A smile touched his lips before a more serious demeanor took control.

    "Talya, I have need of your guild's help. Reports of Mantle activity have increased as far reaching as the Shiver Peaks. My army is stretched thin and I need at least one extra scout if you can spare for a mission."

    "The Shiver Peaks?" Talya questioned.

    "At least 4 of our guild are headed to Sorrow's Furnace as we speak. If I can get word to them, perhaps they can do some additional investigating."

    "That will help, but it doesn't alleviate my immediate need for someone in Maguuma Jungle."

    Talya stood from the table and walked the length of the room before turning back to Bartholos. Although Mara had been born in the Dalada Uplands, the Maguuma Jungle was like a second home, but she was with Tallos and no doubt Sonja and Hobarrt right now in Sorrow's Furnace. For stealth, their best bet would have been Tora, who unfortunately was with Hai and Anton in Cantha on another important mission. Talya let out a frustrated sigh, why was it that she was left here to have to maintain the guild while everyone else was out on missions. She would have bone to pick with Rafarin when he returned.

    "Kiara, I can spare her. She's not familiar with the Maguuma Jungle, but if she is going with a group of the Shining Blade, she'll be fine. She's a good Ranger and if you're needing someone for scouting and some abilities in stealth, she'll get the job done."

    Bartholos seemed relieved as well as a little pleased. The Mantle were up to something, and he was determined to get to the bottom of it and stop it before it spelled disaster. Taking advantage of the lack of company, Bartholos closed the distance between him and Talya, pulling her close he smiled and whispered.

    "I owe you, but I imagine you'll collect on that debt later."

    Talya laughed.

    "Likely the butt of my sword to your skull for leaving on this mission without me, but I think we may come to an amiable solution."

    " Balthazar guide your sword Bartholos." She whispered as they shared a fleeting moment together.


    Kiara Danae

    Once Bartholos left, Talya headed to Kiara's room. She had no doubt that the young ranger would be thrilled, but she had serious doubts her older sister would feel the same. She knocked on the door to Kiara's room before entering.

    "Pack your bags kid, the Shining Blade has need for a scout."

    "Seriously!" Kiara responded with enthusiasm.

    Talya laughed.

    "Seriously kid. Make sure you pack all the provisions you need and come see me before you leave."

    Kiara nearly knocked Talya over giving her an enthusiastic embrace. Talya just shook her head and laughed while Kiara scrambled to pack her things.
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