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    Darien told Gerius that they would be off and then returned to his office where he saw Cyrus waiting.

    "Go downstairs to the main lobby and wait for me there. I'll be down in a few minutes."

    He then headed off to get ready himself, as well as wrote out a note for Jules and Sarah, letting them know that he would be out of town for awhile and if they needed anything to ask Gerius for help. Once the note had been sent off with a messenger, he quickly changed into comfortable traveling clothes and packed a small bag with the bare essentials, knowing that he would be able to get anything else he needed once they got the farm.

    Once he was ready, he headed downstairs and saw Cyrus waiting like he had told him to and then said, "Let's go, Cyrus."

    Without waiting for a reply, he left the church and headed toward the nearest gate.


    "Bethany doesn't know where she is and neither do I." Carli said, shaking her head.

    "Now get off of my property before I report you to the constable for trespassing."


    "Good." Sarah said with a smile.

    "I'm glad you know that much."
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    Cyrus frowned at the dismissal but did as he was told and went down and waited for Darien to come down.

    He stood up when Darien finally came down and grumbled, "About time."

    He left the church with him and went for the gate. "And why aren't we using a carriage or something?"

    Janis growled, "If you report me to the constable you will regret that decision."

    "And why shold I believe that neither of you know where my wife is?"

    "I think you both put her up to this."

    Jules laughed, "Yeah I do know that much."

    She shook her head, "I just hope that my husband never finds me."
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