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    Dr. Johnny Oleson

    Johnny chuckled when Pierce rolled his eyes at Jordan agreeing with her new boyfriend. Johnny didn't see what the big deal was of telling Sophia. Johnny was glad he hadn't waited too long to tell Jordan how he felt about her. Pierce and Johnny both told Sophia what they wanted and when the food was served they were glad it tasted so good. Although Pierce was lost in his thoughts if he should tell Sophia that he liked her.

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    Sophia Morales

    The group had a fun dinner although Alberto refused to charge them for it, so they left the waitress a big tip instead. When the group left the restaurant, she took them in the direction of music.

    Now time for the best part...We picked a perfect time to visiting Mazatlán. The Carnaval is in full swing.

    It was a lively celebration with music, dancing, and good food going around. She smiled at Pierce.

    I told you I'd make sure you have a fun time.
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    Pierce Vanderbilt

    Pierce grinned when he saw the Carnaval in full swing. It was definitely his type of party.

    That you did.

    He grabbed Sophia's hand so she would dance with him. Johnny danced with Jordan for a little while but eventually he started to get tired. They would have to leave early for the boat that would take them to Lima tomorrow.

    Have fun you guys but I'm heading back to the hotel.
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    Sophia Morales

    Sophia was having a good time dancing with Pierce. Jordan had enjoyed herself but when Johnny said he was tired, she yawned as well. Pretty soon they would actually have to start looking for Paititi. She remembered Mr. Vanderbilt telling her to get as much sleep as she could now. She told Sophia and Pierce to have fun while she headed back to the hotel with Johnny to get some sleep. Sophia told them bye and then asked Pierce.

    You think we should head back and get some sleep too?
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    Pierce Vanderbilt

    Pierce told Johnny and Jordan goodnight and shook his head when Sophia asked if they should head back to the hotel as well.

    Not yet. We should enjoy the festival some more.

    Pierce was having too much fun to turn in early for the bed.
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