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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Sanborn View Post
    It is Shae'la, and she is no longer part of the Family Bush at all.

    Jas and Saja are now twin brother/sister children of Meteoro and Jasmin.
    ah, I'll fix that when I add Jenny and Corey's updates.
    not part of the Family Bush.... her's is in the first image.
    I used the info you posted awhile back....
    Paran'ti (maternal grandfather,deceased)
    Jain'te(mother, deceased)
    Naros'ki(father, deceased)

    and I added Saja already.

    I tried something different this time.
    instead of trying to do it a post and add the extra things I typed it in paint.
    it looks a little cleaner in my opinion.

    Edit/Added: I fixed Shae'la's name and added Jenny and Corey's changes.
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    So.... technically Cao was eventually going to have a child via Egidion (and almost did in an alternate future). We just never got to finish RPing it...

    ...Does that count? Q and I had a name picked out n' everything....
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    Por favor. His name is Gedeon.
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    Kara is the mother of K Dogg's children.
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    K Dogg had children? Too cool.
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    Well I never got a chance to really RP that story with him because real life must have gotten too much for K Dogg and he went MIA.
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    Wonder what he's up to. I miss seeing him around.
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    Yeah. I miss him and Mil.
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