Dragons - Dragons are identifiable by their color. Some dragons will have characteristics of both their parents but will only have a single color. So these are the way purebreads are. Dragons have some of the strongest magic in the land.

Green - Some of the most hostile dragons alive. They will destroy just for the sake of destroying

Blue - They are more apt to flee then they are to fight in a battle. They also will not attack other dragons and will only fight to defend themselves as a last resort.

Gold - They have the ability to transform into human shape with magic. Other dragons can be taught this spell but none have mastered it like golds since they are taught from hatching

Reds - Typically angry and will destroy those in their path rather then avoid a fight.

Silver - These are water dragons. They have been known to cause trouble on the sea with ships. Unlike other dragons, they do not fly in the air. They swim.in the water with thier wings.