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    Name: Distoni Mackenbrot
    Titles: god of darkness, god of aether, the dark one, the forsaken one (these last two are often quoted by his enemies)
    Major Powers: Supreme control of aether energy*.
    Minor Powers: Those powers associated with a Maralb**.
    Items of Note: See * and ** below
    Brief Description: As a Maralb, Distoni does not have a physical appearance, being an ethereal being. However, Distoni's avatar** typically appears as a a young adult male, about 5'10', but he slouches, so he appears shorter. He is of average build, but again, he tucks his shoulders in so he appears thinner. His other features are unremarkable, gentle, but not smooth, clean-cut, but not sharp. His hair is a dusty tan colour, and generally kept just barely above the ears or a little longer. His eyes are a fine blue, like a winter's morning, and about as cheerful.

    World Hidden on/attached to: Tyyran

    History: Distoni does not remember much of his birth, which is irregular for Maralbs. He was born in a providence controlled by a radical group known as "The Vengeful" who see themselves as the representative of some god who demands the elimination of those unworthy of existence, being, in practicality, anyone who is not one of them. He himself was "initiated" into their ranks, but he had little say in the matter. He does not fight, however. He provides for those who eat as a baker. He has been doing so for quite some time, although he finds little joy in what he does.
    He is often known to go out into the wilds for some time, however, what he does is unknown to many.
    He has only a few friends, two in particular, a Pepl named Kingston and a Zduhac named Wuir, the latter being his closest friend.

    Special notes:
    *Aether energy is darkness, the opposite of light, but not like we normally think of darkness. Light is an energy, whereas what we call darkness is merely the absence of that energy, not truly the opposite. The opposite of light would then need to also be an energy, something similar to light, but working in the opposite direction. This is aether, true darkness. It is a sort of negative light, like you might see looking at film. It makes everything look as it would in a negative, and it contains the same strength as light. When light and aether mix, they cancel each other out and create darkness, which is why aether energy is often referred to as darkness.

    **Maralbs are a wraith or shade-like creature sustained of pure magical substance. A Maralb is not born, but rather is killed into existence. When a being dies in a magic-rich environment, especially when killed or murdered, all the emotion (particularly hatred and malice) thus released can cause a Maralb to come into existence. The Maralb will have all the memories and emotions of its host (whichever emotion was present at death being the strongest, again particularly hatred and malice), to the point that it will believe it is that person. The Maralb is then bound to a specific location, be it the dead body, the house where the person was killed, or even an entire city in certain cases. Apart from being attuned to magic, a Maralb also has the ability to enter and afflict one's dreams, causing nightmares or visions. A Maralb can be destroyed by satisfying its deepest wish. Often this is manifested in vengeance for the death of their host, but it can also be for the welfare of a spouse or other such noble desires. It is possible there are other ways of destroying them.
    While their literal forms are bound to one place, they are capable of creating avatars: magical manifestations made of physical matter which they can send out into the world. They may only create one avatar and it must be created in person, but an avatar cannot be killed but for a few ways. One is that the magic forming them be dispelled. Another is that their physical form be destroyed beyond repair. This often requires them to be separate from the matter that forms them, for they can recover from nearly any wound if they are surrounded by the material from which they are made (for example, if the avatar was made of dust, throwing it into the sea could destroy it. Or, if it were made of water, leaving it in the sun too long would cause it to evaporate. And so on.). A Maralb can also influence the dreams of people who are near the avatar.
    Because a Maralb has no actual physical appearance, their spectral forms have no uniform look. They will often appear as the ghost of their host, although they can range from angelic to wraithish.

    NOTE: In this story, they cannot be killed be satisfying their deepest wish. They also cannot invade peoples' dreams, however, they have limited telepathy, and can enter dreams if invited.

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    Name: Jared
    Titles: Royal Advisor to King Barrett of Fotia
    Major Powers: Unknown
    Minor Powers: Can communicate with Luca through mirrors
    Brief Description: Jared is about 6' and 210 pounds. He has dark skin and is bald. Jared often wears dark colors.
    World Hidden on/attached to: Planet Nero
    History: Jared is the royal advisor to King Barrett of Fotia. He has helped filled Barrett in on what he has forgotten since his coma. Jared seems to have other intentions as well. He communicates secretly with Luca of Pagos about their respective rulers. They both are concerned with awakening the rulers powers.

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    Name: Luca
    Titles: Handmaiden to Queen Selene of Pagos
    Major Powers: Unknown
    Minor Powers: Can communicate with Jared through mirrors
    Brief Description: Luca is about 5'3 and 110 pounds. She has curvy brown hair and a slender build. She often wears blue or purple dresses.
    World Hidden on/attached to: Planet Nero
    History: Luca is the handmaiden to Queen Selene of Pagos. She had been very helpful to Selene in helping her remember somethings she has forgotten since her coma. Luca seems to have other intentions as well. She communicates secretly with Jared of Fotia about their respective rulers. They both are concerned with awakening the rulers powers. She is also physically stronger then she appears.
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    Name: Gwynn Raincrow

    Titles: Goddess of Storms, Bringer of Rain, That Weird Kid

    Major Powers: Gwynn has the ability to transform into cloud form at will, making her invulnerable to most physical attacks, since they go right through her. However, this is more a defensive power than a combat ability because she is not able to counterattack in this form, though she can move from one location to another. Gwynn can become the cloud almost instantaneously, but reassembling her molecules afterward is a more complicated process, usually taking her 30 seconds to a minute of mental concentration to return gradually to normal.

    When in human-like physical form, Gwynn is able to conjure small localized rain and lightning storms with a radius of at most about twenty feet outward from herself as the epicenter. She is not damaged by her own lightning, but nor can she yet target it more specifically than focusing a storm on her current location.

    She's still learning.

    Minor Powers: Gwynn has the ability to permanently alter her physical form, a power which replaces physical growth or change by aging in the long-term. However, it takes a tremendous amount of work and energy, so it's not something done on a whim, it's more like a chrysalis process. She would only change into a form she intended to stay in for a long time. Its purpose is to prepare her to enter a new life stage, if one should come.

    Items of Note: Gwynn wears a small silver compass on a chain around her neck. The necklace has no special powers, but checking the magnetic fields around her now and then helps her keep her storm abilities focused.

    Brief Description: Gwynn looks like she's about sixteen years old; she has the mind of an adult and does not physically age. She is about five feet tall and has a petite build. Her straight black hair is chopped off rather bluntly at chin length, and her skin is too pale to look entirely healthy. Normally her eyes are a startling and rather disconcerting red, but when she's using or about to use her powers they turn stormy grey. She usually wears simple dark-coloured clothes.

    Because Gwynn had to choose her new form without having actually seen a humanoid up close, she is not a perfect copy. Though she's fairly pretty, there's just something indefinably "off" about her facial features, and she didn't realize red eyes would not be a normal colour because red is pretty and her favourite. Nor does Gwynn manage the physical stance and posture of a teen very well, and her movements are abrupt and birdlike.

    Gwynn's social skills are somewhat lacking simply because her opportunities for interaction have up till now been minimal, and she is often unaware of fairly simple human concepts, but she has great interest and joy even in the most mundane things.

    World Hidden on/attached to: Planet Nero

    History: Gwynn awoke as a lizard, with no memories of particular events but with a minor degree of innate knowledge about the cosmos around her. Once she had learned all she could as that lizard, she went dormant for a month in her chrysalis and assumed her current form.

    Her sheer lack of history and knowledge is actually one of the defining points of Gwynn's current existence. Who am I? What am I? What can I do? and Why should I do it? are all very relevant questions to her at present.

    Gwynn's main challenge is that she feels rootless and disconnected. She has nothing she thinks of as home, no relationships with any sentient creatures, and no sense of her past.

    For her current incarnation, Gwynn has chosen a form that she believes will help her make connections and put down roots. Her quest for knowledge is at least as much about learning emotions as learning practicalities.

    At the moment she is somewhat malleable, but she also has a strong internal moral compass that she is only beginning to discover as she sees what exists outside her comfortable but limiting lizard burrow.
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    Name: Angel
    Titles: Goddess of Nurture
    Major Powers: Healing and energy absorbing
    Minor Powers: Creating portals
    Items of Note: Angel carries a walking stick that she uses in battle
    World Hidden on/attached to: Planet Nero
    Brief Description: Angel appears to be in her early 20's. She has curly blonde hair and green eyes. She has a curvy build and is about 5'4. She often dresses in purple. She is viewed as a very caring person and always wanting to help others.
    History: Angel doesn't realize she is one of the First. On Planet Nero she lives in the city of Eirini. She is in charge of the orphanage of Nero. She is very loved by the children and takes great pride in raising them. She is engaged to a knight from Pagos named Milson:

    They do not see each other as often as they would like because of his duty to Queen Selene.
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    I guess I should probably put these two here:

    Name: Grimcleaver
    Titles: None (for the moment)
    Major Powers: None
    Minor Powers: None
    Items of Note: Grimcleaver possesses an enchanted battleaxe which can cut through nearly anything.
    Brief Description: Grimclever is a tall man, about 2.2 meters (About 7'2"). A barrel-chested man, his build is thick and his shoulders broad. He is very muscular from his daily regiment, which usually consists of beating sense into fellow barbarians. His hair is long and shaggy, both on the top of his head and from his chin. His eyes are the sharp brown of a hawk, and quite nearly as keen.
    World Hidden on/attached to: Nero

    History: Grimcleaver's history is sorted, and often told in a series of exaggerations and lies. From the closest possible reconciliations, Grimcleaver was an orphan who was never adopted, and when he came of age, was drafted into the army (though it is unclear for which side) to fight in the Great War. His tactical skill, as well as his natural size and strength, won him renown, and he rapidly rose through the ranks. A dispute over command happened, and Grimcleaver, after scoring a decisive victory and a major blow to the enemy, left the army with his men still following. He began a nomadic mercenary band; however with the end of the Great War and peace between the two sides, his hand quickly turned to pillaging and raiding; first for survival, then after for pleasure. During these raids, he found his enchanted axe in some holy or sacred sight, and with it, new power. His raids became more precise, and more often than not, fewer people were hurt during the process. All the while, more and more barbarians were flocking to join his hoard.
    His fate changed about three years prior to the story. His band had been hired by a lord to quell unrest and rioting. While they worked at first, the insurrection quickly escalated, and soon the band of barbarians was facing a full-fledged army. While they fought magnificently, and Grim himself fought in a valley of bodies on either side of him, a sudden, clear sound pierced through the clashing of war. It was a song, a simple, sweet song. It reminded Grim of an old lullaby he had once heard, and all the desire to fight was seeping out of him. He soon realized his enchantment, and fought like a devil to hold on to his violent thoughts, until, at the last, when everyone had lain down their arms and stood, mesmerized, he spied a small girl, a young lady, dancing and singing. He stumbled up to her, axe in his hand, and demanded that she stop singing. She paid him no heed. The thoughts of stopping her were jumbled, muddled, as if he didn't know how to stop her, or could not think clearly how to make himself attack. With all the effort he could muster, he raised his axe over his head gave a final ultimatum. It was then that the girl wavered, and fell to the ground in a faint. "I wasn't strong enough to stop the bloodshed," Grim heard her whimper as she passed from consciousness. Something touched Grim, some deep seed of compassion, and he lowered his axe to his side. He scooped the girl into his arms, and roused his men from their state. He ordered them to gather the fallen and injured barbarians and head back to the camp. To the resisting forces, he ordered them back to their homes. He then took the girl back to the camp and laid her in the sick tent with the injured barbarians.
    Not much later, he heard a song rising over the camp; a song sung in a sweet, feminine voice. He ran to the sick tent, and found all of his men recovered, sitting and watching the girl dance. Grim himself noticed that several wounds he had received in the fight had closed as well. He saw her dancing, and noticed blood on her face, running down her cheeks from her eyes; a sign of brain trauma, Grim knew that much, but it did not seem to bother her, and in truth it looked like it was drying. He soon found out that the girl was named Mercy Vylkar, and that she was a healer. Since then, she has been with the band of barbarians in a place of honour. Grim sees that she is treated with the highest respect, and many of the barbarians see her as a sort of mother figure, despite her young age. Grim, however, does not see her that way, choosing instead to see her for the strong-willed, kind-hearted, and admittedly attractive woman that she is. Not that he would admit that last one, though.
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    Name: Mercy Vlykar
    Titles: None (For the moment)
    Major Powers: She is a Thokka dancer of the Sjora school. She is capable of performing several types of mana-dances, although they are all of a decidedly pacifistic nature.
    Minor Powers: None
    Items of Note: Technically, she is not really a Thokka dancer, but she is capable of performing Thokka dances.
    Brief Description: Mercy stands about 5'3'. She is not exactly pretty, but there is a modest beauty to her. Her dull brown hair hangs to about mid back, and has small waves in it. Her face is smooth and soft, except for a small scar on her right cheek. Her eyes are a simple brown, the color of fresh dirt, with the same simple warmness.
    World Hidden on/attached to: Nero

    History: Mercy was raised in a distant providence which has a nearly constant "springtime" climate. Her parents were well-to-do farmers, so she was able to enjoy childhood instead of hard labour. She lived near a stream where she would often play. When she was five, she met a school of Thokka dancers dancing at the river. They accepted the child into their midst and taught her a simple mana-dance, with the promise that she must keep it secret. She kept this promise, and over the years, she met the same school on random (albeit, random from her perspective) occasions, and was taught more and more dances. She shunned some of the dances, which were more warlike, preferring instead to be taught dances that helped and healed. Always, however, with a pledge that she keep the dances a secret, and only used them in emergencies and when no one was watching.
    It was shortly after here sixteenth birthday, when she was to be sent to study healing arts that the school met her for the last time. They wished her well, releasing her from her vows of secrecy, replaced instead with a caution that she not be too open about her powers, as they will be shunned by many. They also taught her one final dance, one she should only use in times of dire emergency. It would remove every violent though from anyone or anything in the vicinity, but there was a catch. Normally, that dance was performed in a group of at least three, but it could be performed alone. Each violent thought removed put stress on the dancers. When the stress was shared among many dancers, it was not very dangerous; however, when it was performed by one, and being unable to target a specific person but rather a small area, the strain of every violent thought in that area would be placed on a single person. Too much could overwhelm the dancer, possibly even causing permanent injury or death. Although, they reassured her, no record of any deaths or even serious injury existed, but all the same, be careful.
    She left to study the healing practices, but when she saw the suffering of the sick or wounded, she quickly resorted to her healing dances, albeit privately. Still, her teachers were amazed that her patients recovered instantly, and an uneasy environment quickly developed. It was not long before Mercy was shunned by her teachers, her fellow nurses, and even some of her patients who had heard of the rumours of her "divine" powers. Realizing that this was exactly what the dancers had warned her about, she felt the only recourse was to leave the city.
    For several years she lived as a nomad, picking up spare jobs for doctors here and there, never staying too long for any sort of reputation to build, however, she could never turn a blind eye to the suffering of people, which caused her to be exiled from many places under the pretense of witchery. Never, though, did it stop her from easing the sufferings of anyone she met.
    Three years prior, she was in a city during a time of upheaval. There were always many sick or injured people about, and though it wearied her much, a large part of her time was spent in secret dance. While people questioned their instant recovery, no one connected it to the young lady in a white frock. Soon, though, some very large men brandishing hefty weapons entered the city. They were there to "keep peace," but looked ready to start war. There was an uneasy calm for some weeks, and there were lest injured people about. Perhaps it was working after all.
    Then came the assault. Thousands of people with makeshift weapons were attacking, fighting, and the large men were fighting back, killing hundreds, and a few dying themselves. Mercy tried her healing dance, but people were dying faster than she could heal them. It had to stop. There was only one way.
    She began the dance just as they had taught her. It was complicated, and she hoped she could remember the steps as well as the words to the song. The song: she often hummed the tune or sung the words while she treated patients conventionally. It should not be too difficult.
    It hit her like falling from a tree. She physically reeled as the mass of violent thoughts hit her; there were so many! She stumbled, but turned her step and resumed the dance. Still the strain piled on her. She closed her eyes to focus. Soon she heard a strained voice say: "Stop your blasted singing." She couldn't stop; if she did, the fighting would resume, the killing would resume. "Stop singin', or I'll... I'll...I'll chop... you... in two, I will. I... I won't hold back... just 'cause you're a girl."
    She could feel the strain overcoming her. She willed her arms and legs to keep dancing, but they would not obey. Her lips stopped singing. Pain, she felt pain. She could feel the void coming to her. Pain. Pain. Before she succumbed, she lamented that she could not save the people. Darkness. Pain. Nothing.
    She woke in a dark tent. There was the smell of unwashed, sweaty men, but there was also the smell of blood. It was a smell she had come to know too well. The groaning of men in pain was the next thing she noticed. She stood, wearily. Her own body resisted, her legs, particularly her left, felt heavy. Possibly broken, she knew, but that was little concern; she had to help these poor men. Her thoughts were muddled, and her head hurt worse than ever. She felt a trickle running from her eyes. She was crying, probably from the pain. The smell of blood was strong; so many injured men. Fortunately, the healing dance was nearly second-nature to her, she could do it without needing to think about the words or the steps.
    By the time it was over, she herself felt much better. A big barbarian approached her and thanked her for healing his men. She recognized his voice as the one who threatened her, but simply said, "You're welcome," and made her way to leave. However, before she could, a large hand was laid on her shoulder, and the barbarian lord, who she soon learned was called Grimcleaver, offered to give her a feast and a place to sleep, if she wanted it, as thanks. She accepted, and since has been diligently healing those barbarians that injure themselves one way or the other. She occasionally thinks of moving on, but the barbarians need her, and they do not judge her, nor are they frightened of her powers. She has a soft spot for Mad Mikey (a crazed barbarian with half a sword in his back, who behaves more like a dog than a person), who has become a sort of guard dog for her. She also respects and, in some ways, admires Grimcleaver, even if she will never agree with what he does. She knows that deep down, he cares for his men like a father, not that he would ever admit it, though.
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    Name: (Unknown) called The Guardian
    Titles: The Guardian
    Major Powers: Has strong affinity with Universal Energy. He can even store it for use on worlds where UE is low or nonexistent. He uses UE primarily for defensive abilities, and so is seemingly invulnerable.
    Minor Powers: The Guardian is a fast learner, able to decipher complex uses of UE and repeat them.
    Items of Note: He wears a pair of ornate vambraces, which are more decorative than practical.
    Brief Description: The Guardian is a hulking mass of muscle and flesh. He is incredibly broad, which is an odd appearance for a man of 5'6". He is bald and hairless, mostly. His skin is a brazen colour, though not exactly tan. His hands are enormous for his body, being almost the size of a normal man's head. His head is blocky and squat. His eyes are small, hazel in colour, but they possess a clear keenness, so that at a glance into them, one can tell he is not the neanderthal his appearance might suggest.
    Worlds hidden on/attached to: traveling

    History: Nothing is known of the Guardian's history. Absolutely nothing. It is speculated that he might be a First, but this too is unknown. The Guardian is mute and makes no attempts at communication. His mind is shielded from telepathy, although this is said to be for the protection of telepaths, not the Guardian. Only one other man knows anything of the Guardian's history, and he refuses to speak of it.

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    Attachment 1370

    Name: Nalia al'Vatar
    Titles: High Councilwoman of Maginus of the Enchantress Guild; Goddess of Illusion & Deception

    Height: Tall (5'8")
    Weight: Too thin
    Age: Ageless; late twenties
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Long ebony curls
    Eyes: Emerald
    Colorings: Pale ivory skin
    Markings: A triad of scars in the shape of a triangle, front-toback on her torso

    Family: Silvyan al'Vatar (mother), Neohr al'Vatar (father), Ey'inds al'Vatar (brother), Katryan al'Vatar (sister), Mattson al'Vatar (brother)[/I]... All are deceased.

    Major Powers: Illusion/Deception* With a thought she can makes things appear from thin air. They crafted with the finest detail and difficult to distinguish from the original inspiration.
    Nightmare* Can create, destroy, use and control Nightmare power that preys upon the darkest fears of those nearby. It is a power that feeds on fear and can be used to kill another in unforgiveable ways. It haunts the Dreamworld and has it's own Nightmare Realm.
    Telepathy* her mind and willpower are sharp and can abuse the thickest of psychic walls. To those she shares a close bond with, she can sense them, their emotions, their state of being, and current whereabouts.

    Minor Powers: Immortality* Cannot die easily.
    Seductive* When necessary, her actions speak for this.
    Teleporting* Can makes objects (and herself) appear, disappear, and reappear from and to places of her choosing.
    Empathy* Can sense a person's feelings, emotions, and hear their calls.

    Items of Note: Nalia is the Head of the Enchantress Guild, an all female city within the Province of Maginus. Secretly, as such things are forbidden, she loves and is carrying on an affair with Alain Terran LeCavalier, Head of he Province of Taroc.

    Brief Description: Nalia harbors a quiet personality that is more watchful that mouthful, more observant than curious- though curiosity does occasionally plague her. Nalia has large, emerald eyes that will pin the person they are talking to or observing and not release them until she is finished. She is calculating and often airs on the side of cold as her skin is to touch. Life has been tumultuous in the past, so Nalia calculates everything. Her steps, her thoughts, her words and actions down to the way she tilts her head. Everything has a symbolism. Everything she does or says has a purpose, backed by an intense willpower and unstoppable drive. In shorter words, she can be quite stubborn. It is what makes her such a powerful magik-weilder as she is. her power radiates not so much from her use, as she is not overtly showy, but in the way she holds herself. As if she is something greater than what she is. Despite all this, Nalia is fiercely loyal to her loves and hides the fossils of a ruined childhood behind her emotionless emerald eyes.

    World Hidden on/attached to: Emporium

    History: Nalia is an Astralian by birth, being born to a Silvyan and Neohr al'Vatar. She was the youngest of four children and, like many Astralians, is experienced in the arts of creating and doing things that make the impossible seem possible: soul projections, teleportation, telekenesis without words, constructing and deconstructing things down to their barest elements and geometric properties to re-create or create something new entirely. She is gifted in this area and terribly blessed in the tantric arts. Plainly said, from a young age, she could use subtle shifts in her own body to attain information about others as well as magnify her own astral projection to something almost life-like and non-transparent. The stars seemed bright and hopeful for young Nalia al'Vatar, but her own darkness dimmed them and all but snuffed them out.

    It was during the Great War of Magik, when all the provinces vied to be the primary in the eyes of Rekōdo City. Each province sought to obtain the Five Provincial powers and nearly eradicated all of Rekōdo's way of life before it was finally brought to an end. The Provinces agreed to equality in rank and a Magik High Council overseen by a worthy bloodline, chosen only by the Provincial Ancestral spirits. It was in the Second Era that the Magikal Laws were made and bound by the highest powers of Rekōdo. Over the weeks after, the magikal hum in the air began to calm and headlines appeared with stories of war and heroism and fatality. One column in the papers told the story of a young child who murdered her mother and two siblings. The mother, a healer during the war, was slain by a dark magik wielded by her own child. The father had gone missing five years earlier in the war and the second son was also listed as missing. they hadn't a chance, the papers read, the little girl snapped hearing her favorite brother was lost and from her body a darkness deeper than what lay beyond the night sky consumed them and drove them mad until their death.

    It was Alain LeCavalier who lead the search into the darkened ruins of the family's home and picked up the little girl who stood weeping in the middle of the wreckage The child was put under investigation by the High Council for such an atrocious crime and was thought to be mentally damaged, but Darmon of the Maginus Province saw the child's power for what it truly was. She had tapped into the Nightmare Realm just as one taps into the DreamWorld. The Realm was a darkness that blotted all dreams and the Dream World. The Astral High Minister did not know what to do with the child, for such Dark Arts were unaccustomed and unwanted in his province. Darmon welcomed Nalia al"Vatar, the last of her family name, to the Maginus Province.

    It was uncustomary for someone born of one Province to go to another. It was only done under extreme circumstances and Darmon was much better to train the young girl in controlling her power. He used her abilities to uncover hidden artifacts and magikal Totems and set her onto the task of finding out what each one did. There was no fear of her dying, as many pupils had in the past, for the darkness she tapped protected her and her ability to create duplicates of herself allowed her to test the Totems from afar. Many of them were ancient, powerful beyond what even Darmon himself could have imagined.

    As she grew older, Nalia saw that Darmon had his own advantages to her abilities and broke away from him. She started the Enchantress Guild, an all-female city within the lands of the Magini people. Nalia combined her knowledge of Dark Arts and Astralism in forming the guild and all the relics and magikal Totems Darmon had collected. The other Provinces agreed that none of them should be the keepers of such potencies, but that there should be a separate guild to do so, so that no one of them would hold a vast power over the other. Under Alain LeCavalier's suggestion, Nalia was put in charge of the Guild for her efforts and abilities to work with the Totems and uncover their secrets. That is her position and she proudly has earned a co-seat on the Magik High Council aside her old mentor, Darmon.
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    Name: Kali
    Title: None currently
    Home: Unknown. Currently she resides on The World of Emporium
    Place of birth: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Hair: Normally black but alters when she shifts.
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5’9”

    Appearance: Kali has long dark hair that she sometimes wears braided. She has an athletic build and an intoxicating beauty. Her true appearnace is unknown at this time.

    Abilities: Many of these abilities have yet to manifest themselves.

    Empathy – Kali is a strong empath she sometimes loses herself to the impulse of the feelings around her, especially anger.

    Shape shifter – Kali is shape shifter. Her changes seem to revolve around the attributes of darkness, but she can take on a human form.

    Pheromones - Kali can give off pheromones that attract others to her. The Pheromones can be used to manipulate and seduce the wills of others, an attribute that Kali wil not pleased with but can not always control.

    Telepathy – Kali does have the power to use dark telepathy for “suggestion."

    Necromancy - Kali has natural abilities to manipulate the dead and dying. She can exploit the corpses of the dead to inflict pain and suffering on her foes as well as heal.

    Necrotic Touch – When over come by darkness or while in a form of darkness, Kali can destroy the flesh and eventually the person of whom she touches.

    Divine Healing – The antithesis to her Necrotic Touch is Divine Healing. The light side of Kali’s abilities allows her to heal a person even to the point of bringing them back from the dead.

    Teleportation – Kali can use the powers of darkness to transport unseen and heard from one dark location to another. It acts as a camouflage by moving her safely to areas where the darkness dwells.

    Flight – Kali can utilize her wings to move from place to place.

    Combat – Kali is becoming a skilled combatant. She carries the Sword of Shadow & Light. The sword contains the duality of light and dark like its owner, the attributes of the sword, reflect the foe she battles. When it is a foe of darkness, the attributes of light create a sword of pure light to expunge the darkness. A creature of light causes the attributes of Shadow to form a dark mist or fiery brimstone to torment the soul of light.

    Personality: Kali is pure of heart, despite being born with the features of darkness. She struggles with her anger and emotions due to the duality of light and dark that exist within her, as well as her empathic and shape shifting abilities. She tends to brood and has a quiet way about her not always willing to share her true feelings. She can be stubborn, and hot headed at times but would gladly give you the last scrap of food she had to eat.
    Family: Unknown

    Brief History: Not much is known about Kali's past, her last memory was of the slaving camps where she met Branwen. After their escape from the life pods, even that memory was denied her as a result of further memory loss when she crash landed on The World of Emporium. Kali feels the push of something greater, something she was meant to be or do, but inside she feels alone and empty as if something precious has been taken from her. For now, she remains on Maginus under the guidance and care of Nalia, a relationship that has not been that easy for either woman.
    Peace is a lie
    There is only passion
    Through passion I gain strength
    Through strength I gain power
    Through power I gain victory
    Through victory my chains are broken
    The Force shall set me free

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