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    Elysia: Search for the Gods

    Elysia: Search for the Gods

    The once great home of the First. Now it stands silent, empty, and decaying. The wonderous towers of the First abodes crumble into the streets and the statues proclaiming their glory are naught more then scattered ruins being slowly turned to dirt by nature's reclaimation of the world.

    Long ago, gods walked the streets, drifted through the air, and scemed against each other. Now, nothing remains but questions. Where did the First go? What made them depart their paradise? Will they return?

    The only hint may be a fountain that remains in surprisingly good shape. One half of the stone work beneath the waters glows faintly yellow, the other half faintly red.
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    He comes stumbling across the ruins. A man probably based on how he moves and well, yeah, the beard. Its rather scruffy looking and the man looks like he doesn't know what a bath is. Its past his prime in life and if one had to say it, the could call him a hobo. Its as good a description as any.

    He stops and looks at the fountain, rubs his eyes, and looks again. The glowing lights below are far brighter then they were initially. The man circles the fountain several times, tosses a stone in and circles again. The glows remain despite the splashes.

    "Well, that's not normal." the man says with a sigh and shuffles back the way he came until he vanishes from sight into some ruins.

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    On the far side of the planet away from any ruins or forest an open stretch or land
    with some rocks. The sky darkens too a near pitch black with lighting and thunder raging
    in the darkness. High in the sky an eerie light appears glowing in the darkness, with each
    passing second the eerie light grows and grows till it tears it's self apart creating a gaping
    hole in the sky. Through the gaping hole a Planet vastly different from the current planet
    with which the gaping tear appears above. In a flash of blinding light across the sky the
    Portal closes as an object is flung down to the planet. the Object crashes head long at
    unheard of speed going from high in the sky from the portal to impacting the side of the
    mountain causing boulders and rock shard so scatter as it bounces of an crashes in to
    the ground making a large creator. As dust and debris float in the are a hand emerges
    from the cloud of dust, slowly dragging the rest of the male body with it. Once fully onto
    the flat ground the Male rolls onto he back with his arms and legs spread in different
    directions. The Male reached in too his pocket an removed a small satchel, untying it
    and dumping the bag upside down half of a bean falls out....

    "Half... Well I suppose it beats being empty... At least it will
    keep me from dying."

    The man picks up the half bean and drops it into his mouth and eats it.

    "What has that fool gotten us intoooo...."

    The mans words trail off as he passes out, alive but still injured.

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    CHAPTER 1 aTF (after The First):
    The Search for the Gods


    A very soft Boom Tube portal opened. It didn't echo anywhere because it wasn't loud enough, but still some birds paid a bit of attention since nothing actually happened at Elysia anymore. The most beautiful palaces on this side of the universe were still in the ground, no presence was felt, and still, the little fountain that separated what used to be House Dexter and House Sinister, mysteriously remained.

    Five creatures came out of the Boom Tube, some familiar, some, not so much. The small one leading the group spoke with a very forced and rough voice. Something that didn't really match his childish appearance--


    "We've come to warn you of a great danger that is coming!," the boy known only as Little M said out loud.

    A dove stared at him for a little while, then approached him and started biting his feet.

    "Hey! What are you doing!", he jumped around but the little bird just wouldn't flee. "This must be a Dexterian trick! Suicidal Squad! Come at me!"


    "It's Suicide Squad, not Suicidal--" said Vermin as he rolled his eyes deeply irritated.

    "I am your leader and I will call you any way I want!," protested Little M.

    "You're not the leader of this outfit. It's me. I AM the leader of the Suicide Squad, not you." Vermin stood proud in front of the rest of the group.

    "You're not!"

    "I am, too!"

    "You're not!"

    "I am, too!"


    "Stop fighting!," barked the Werewolf in tears. "Can't we just get along, please? Woof?"

    "Oh, shut up, you-- uh-- you--" Vermin shrugged. "What was your name again? How come I can't remember it?"

    "I don't know--" the Werewolf shrugged. "That's weird."

    "Walking through realities can do that," said Little M covering half of his face with his bat-cape. "Anyway, who cares about your name, you're just cannon fodder."

    "Wha--" the Werewolf's eyes filled with tears.


    "Oh, get over it," said a very doll like woman as she waved her hair in hypnotizing ways. "No one will miss you."

    "", emoticoned the Werewolf.

    "You were nicer as a Troll," Vermin pointed out. "You may look beautiful on the outside, but you're still horrible inside."

    "And you're still undead," responded Barbie with a grin on her face.

    The fifth arrival walked out of the Boom Tube and joined the rest of the group.

    "And you are--?," asked Vermin relatively confused. "I don't remember you, either."

    "Grrrrr-- Arrrr--- Urrrrrr--" he replied.

    Everyone looked at him with mixed emotions.

    "First I forget my name," said the Werewolf, "and now we get a new member--"

    "The more, the merrier," said Little M. "I'm going to call you: BILLY, THE MUMMY!"

    And the creature growled affirmatively.

    "So, let's save this universe!," said Little M going back to his somber and tough voice.

    As in response, one of the palaces crumbled down to pieces right in front of them.

    "You should have brought a maid if you expect me to clean all of that rubble," said Barbie.

    "It looks like we're rather late," said Vermin stating the obvious.

    "There's nothing Little M and the Suicidal Squad can't do!," said the kid in the bat-suit.

    "It's Suicide Squad, you little b--" insisted Vermin.

    "Oh, shut up!" said Little M furiously. "We came to save this universe and that's exactly what we're going to do!"
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    "Leonius!!!!," the Werewolf barked. "That’s my name! I remembered!"

    At Leonius revelation, Little M and the entire Suicidal Squad rolled their eyes.

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    Little M and Vermin were looking around wondering what their next move should be, when all of a sudden--

    “Meta meta mon mon--” the Werewolf started talking incoherently.

    Little M glared at him and frowned.

    “Meta meta mon mon--”

    “Is he having a stroke?,” Little M asked Vermin.

    “With him it’s impossible to know,” replied the Vampire doing his best not to pay attention.

    “Meta meta meta meta-- Mon mon!”

    And just as suddenly as his mumbling started, he turned on some sort of sound device he had in his pocket and some strange music started to play.

    Barbie and Billy stood by both of his sides and the three of them danced a perfectly synched choreography to the rhythm of this song:

    Vermin covered his face with his palm deeply embarrassed.

    “Someone please kill me now--” he was actually undead, but no one would dare telling him so.


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