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    Justice League New York Embassy

    [rainbow][h1]The AntiMeteor[/h1]
    or Meteor from Earth Z[/rainbow]

    Meteor waved his hand in front of Rob’s eyes over and over again, trying to find at least a faint glow of intelligence within.

    “I can’t believe you chose my moment of anguish to go all Yoda on me. *Please tell me you’re not meditating or something, because that look in your eye keeps screaming ‘I’m stupid’. *
    I lead successfully the Justice League Las Bahamas.
    It''s only worth now that I lead the JL New York!

    Member of the cast winner of the 2005 Ophelia Award for Best Marvel/DC/Adventure Storyline: Formerly Known as Justice League Embassy
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    The Gnat's limp unconscious body was now imbedded deep within the body of the Pepto-Beast. A thin stream of air, conveniently created by the Gnat at the start of the encounter, now keeps him alive. As the two beasts pound on each other, what is going through the Gnat's mind. I wonder.....


    (The song 99 Luftballons by Nena is playing softly in the background) - Oh yes! The Gnat IS a child of the 80's.

    The Gnat appears to be sitting on a large piece of bubblegum floating on a river of Chocolate. (Kind of obvious, but I'm going slow at first). He is sitting with Xena warrior princess and Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Gnat is relaxing comfortably upon the walls of the bubblegum raft enjoying the sights of his two favourite TV beauties, who appear to be talking. He couldn't quite make out what they were saying, but the Gnat had never been really interested in what they had to say.

    As the raft floated quietly down the river, the Bubblegum boat began to heave gently. The Gnat looked up and noticed that his two lovely companions had started to square off angrily. Gone, unfortunately, were Willow and Xena. Instead, Magnum PI and Mr. Rogers now seemed to be preparing to fight.

    He looked over at the ocean of Chocolate. "Ocean!" The Gnat asked himself. "Where did the river go?" He added. Just then a large M&M shot out from the brown sea around him (which had started to smell a bit funny BTW) and in to the air. Minutes later, it stopped briefly as it reached it's apex, then decended almost instantly upon Gnat (he never studied physics).

    The M&M struck the Gnat so hard that the whole Bubblegum boat was driven right under the steaming pool of stinky chocolate. As the Gnat's head returned to the surface, he reached for the boat, which was undamaged, and hung on as the waves increased and M&Ms seemed to be leaping up into the sky all around him.

    The Gnat just clung on to the side of the boat as best he could as he watched the bodies of two dead copies of himself float away on the rough waves, still clutching at each other's throats. (poignant imagery, OR WHAT!)
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    Blog Entries

    Life was cruel. Well, not really, but from Bob's point of view, it was downright evil. What did Fate have against him? He just wanted to live a normal life, maybe have a normal wife with a normal dog in a normal suburban home, drive a normal car into a normal job, like other normal people. But his life was far from normal, with an entire alien population in his mind, and the city of New York being covered in poo and pepto from two battling behemoths. The entire series of events had put Bob into a state of shock, that was just now beginning to wear off.

    You would think that the shock wearing off was a good thing. But did I fail to mention that Bob's life was far from normal? The shock began to wear off in the form of laughter. Low and soft at first, but slowly growing in intensity. Yes, poor unfortunate Bob had finally snapped.

    Tershal: I don't like the sound of that laugh.

    Gina: Bob? Are you ok? Talk to me Bob.

    Haze: I think the Dude has, like, snapped.

    Hera: It's all your fault too. Think of what you put that poor boy through.

    Haze: Mom! He's not a boy, and it's not my fault!

    Hiker: (More maniacal laughter) Yes! The sounds of insanity! There's nothing better!

    Yesmina: You're the expert in insanity!

    Bob: (shouting) ENOUGH!

    All the voices in Bob's head fell silent. The look in Bob's eyes was one of a man who finally snapped.

    Bob: I've had enough!

    Bob closed his eyes. If he had these aliens and their powers, it was time to use them, instead of the other way around.

    Hiker: (shocked) Hey, what do you think you're doing? Stop it! That tickles! HEY!

    At that moment, Bob vanished. Somehow, someway, he managed to find a way to use Hiker's teleportation for his own purpose. Bob appeared in his supervisor's office. George was sitting behind a desk, and suddenly looks up at Bob.

    George: Bob! Where's my book? And what happened to you? You're a mess! And you stink too!

    Bob: Let me show you.

    Bob gave a twisted grin and George vanished, being teleported into the PeptoBeast, right next to the Gnat.

    Hiker: Ooooh. I like your style.

    Bob: Shut up!

    Bob closed his eyes again.

    Haze: Um, Dude. This isn't very cool. You, like, don't want to be doing this.

    Gina: Bob. You're not a bad guy. Come on now. Talk to me.

    Bob: I quit!

    Bob touched the desk and suddenly burst into flames.

    Haze: Oh man, I feel so used.

    Bob disappeared from the office, letting the flames grow. No one would even know he was there, and if anyone did see him, he was so disheveled and covered with pink, no one would even recognize him.
    QC1: From this day forth you shall be called "Sprinkle Berryweather".

    Kevin Flynn: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day... ...I got in!

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    Justice League New York Embassy
    [img=left]http://uploads.zcultfm.com/user_uploads/freeMeteoro2de4/antimeteor.jpg[/img] [rainbow][h1]The AntiMeteor[/h1]
    or Meteor from Earth Z[/rainbow]

    As Meteor looked around, he realized he was deeply annoyed. *Gnat was such a bad teammate, who couldn’t even bring him a new uniform. *And what was the deal anyway? *There was nowhere to turn to, nowhere to go. *He sighed just as a searing pain in his head brought him to his knees and changed him into…

    [img=left]http://server5.uploadit.org/files/Meteoro-meteor.jpg[/img] [rainbow][h1]Meteor[/h1]
    or just Meteor from this Earth[/rainbow]

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    The Supreme Lord of Evilness watched onwards as his flaming poo monster pummeled the pink goo creature into the baseball stadium. *Mad cackles echoed throughout the air above as below the two towering beasts tossed each other back and forth across the ballpark. *It was then the Supreme Lord of all things Evil got another one of his brilliant evil ideas of pure and utter evilness. *His hand reached into that abyss which was his obscenely long cape of evilness, retrieving a small spherical device. *He twisted the top of it, a loud hum emitting from the device. *And with cackle he threw it into the head of his poo golem. *He had just given his monster life. *No longer did he have to control it with his mind, leaving him free to terrorize those pathetic heroes himself while his creation destroyed the city. *Doctor Chaos was about to depart for the Justice League Embassy when he looked down at his flaming poo creature. *It was apparently trying to eat a hot dog cart...

    "No you fool! *I did not create you for eating hot dogs! *I created you for annihilation! *Now hop to it! And wreak havoc you pathetic imbecile!"

    Apparently the Supreme Lord of all things Evil did not take into consideration the consequences for insulting a 15 story tall pile of flaming poo. *And so the now sentient golem hurled a giant glob a fecal matter at Doctor Chaos, sending him flying into the baseball stands.
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    (OOC: Hey Guys check out BH # 5. cover drawn *by yours truely.

    http://www.brokenfrontier.com/forum/...=146804#146804 )

    Coin Artist

    :: Coin Artst watched as people ran out of the stadume. She shook her head and then used her coin to increase her inteagence. Andmake her self more power full. She then empted twl rutter rooter suplise ware houses on the poop. And the poop golame. And then some and Dr. Choas. ::

    Blood Lust

    Blood Lust showeed up watching this eating pop corn and what looked like catch up. Or was it catcvh up? It was verry red what ever itr was. As he stood in the shodows watching likwe a creatcher of the night. Dearing the day. Fearing it not. Mearly engying his asuptill of the ashadow. As if it were his freinf=d. As he mearly watched this and felt it was amusing.
    I'm am Dislexic this is as good as the spelling gets.

    Isaiah 5:20-24

    Check out cool wrestling web sight below.

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