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    A Night in Paris

    A Night in Paris

    Nathan Betancourt

    Nathan couldn't wait for the night to come. Ten years he had been waiting for an opportunity like this and he was so excited the time was almost near. Soon he'd be on a plane to Paris and get to meet up with old "friends". He looked at Turner, one of the few male members of his coven.

    Will it be waiting for me?

    He asked and Turner nodded his head. He was a tall but lanky built man with brown hair that went past his ears.

    Yes. It took a little bit of work to find one but it was delievered to this address this afternoon.

    Turner replied handing Nathan a note. Nathan was pleased at the news and turned to Bruno.

    Go make sure Jasmine is ready. Our plane is leaving in less than an hour.

    Will do boss.

    Bruno replied and went to find Jasmine. Cara was listening to the dicussion and pouted.

    Can't I go too?


    Nathan replied and most members of the coven would have dropped it at. They knew not to question Nathan.

    But I know my way around Paris. I've been there lots of times-

    I said no. Only Bruno, Jasmine, and I are going.

    There was no way Nathan would even consider taking Cara with him anyway. He thought she was too stupid to be able to carry out his plan. He could trust Bruno and Jasmine enough to follow orders. He had been waiting for this night for so long he wasn't going to let Cara screw it up. Cara was going to argue until Turner muttered at her to drop it.
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    Jasmine Torres

    Jasmine had been all set to spend another night spying on Arrah but Nathan had other plans tonight. He told her what they had to do tonight was much more important then Arrah. That had surprised Jasmine, she figured the child was high on his to do list. That was until he told her and Bruno what they were going to do tonight in Paris. Once she learned that she understood why he was willing to let Arrah go a night without her following the child. She was dressed in a short tight red halter dress and had finished styling her hair into a updo when Bruno knocked on her door.

    You ready Jas?

    Almost. I just need to get my shoes on.

    Okay, well you better hurry up because you know the boss hates to wait.

    I know he does.

    Jasmine replied at Bruno and put a pair of red high heel shoes on. She opened the door and Bruno nodded his head in approval of how she was dressed. Once they met up with Nathan the three of them headed to the airport to board a late night flight to Paris, France.
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    Nathan Betancourt

    Nathan was glad he didn't have to wait long for Jasmine to be ready. One of the reasons she was the top female in his coven was because she didn't make him wait. He knew he could actually depend on Jasmine to do what was needed and follow his orders. It wasn't a long flight to Paris and once the trio was out of the airport, he told Bruno and Jasmine.

    I'm picking up the package, you two head to the hotel. After I get it, I'll wait on one of the rooftops across the street, so signal to me when you're in the room.

    Got it boss.

    Bruno said and hailed a taxi down for him and Jasmine to take while Nathan headed down the street.
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    Jasmine Torres

    You won't be waiting long.

    Jasmine replied to Nathan and got in the taxi with Bruno. On the way to the hotel, Bruno muttered into Jasmine's ear.

    How should we play it?

    Hmm...Like we did in London.

    Jasmine whispered back against his ear. To the taxi driver they were acting like lovers in the back of his cab. And that's what they wanted him to think. They got dropped off in front of the hotel and headed in. When they were greeted at the front desk, they pretended like they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Turner had made sure they had reservations for a room on the same floor as the Slaters. The hotel seemed to be a popular place for tourists to he had to "rearrange" another guest's accommodations. Although the nice guy that was still left in Turner gave the guest a luxury suite that was probably ten times better then the room he had made sure Jasmine and Bruno were checking into. But he would never tell Nathan that. The worker at the front desk was annoyed at Jasmine and Bruno's actions and quickly gave them their key so they could get in a room and stop acting like teens in the lobby. They took the key and headed into the elevator.
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    Jasmine Torres

    On the ride up the elevator, Jasmine checked her phone to make sure they knew the correct room number of where the Slaters were staying. Bruno threw their two suitcases inside the room they had been given and he and Jasmine walked down the hall towards the Slaters' room. She pulled out the pins that had kept her hair up. They were lockpicks and the easiest way to carry them into places was in her hair. If she set off metal detectors in an airport it was really easy to play them off. She would always say she never realized they were made out of metal and she was able to usually pass through to the plane with little trouble. She was glad this hotel was still old fashioned in using keys instead of key cards. She was picking the lock when a hotel worker was coming down the hallway towards them. Bruno muttered to her.

    Someone's coming.

    Then this is definitely like London.

    Jasmine replied and as the worker got closer, Bruno said loudly as he moved close to Jasmine and touching her like a lover would.

    Come on babe it's not that hard to unlock a door.

    It is when you keep distracting me.

    Jasmine replied with a smirk on her face which caused Bruno to laugh and started kissing her neck.

    I just want to show you where the "real" Eiffel Tower is.

    I'm sure you do tiger. Just give me-Dang it now look what you made me do!

    Jasmine said as she pretended to drop her small purse on the floor. The contents were spilled everywhere and Bruno accidently kicked some under the door. Jasmine sighed in annoyance and they both got down on their knees pretending to look for the key. The worker came over to them and asked in French.

    ~Is something wrong?~

    ~My husband is too eager to get into our room and I dropped my purse. I think the key might have went under the door.~

    Jasmine replied in French and tried to reach under the door with her fingers to find a key but had no luck. The worker told them to wait a moment and got a master key from the maid's closet to let them into the room. Bruno and Jasmine thanked the worker after they picked up the things Jasmine had dropped and locked the door behind them. Jasmine laughed.

    "Real" Eiffel Tower?

    We're in the wrong city for me to say Big Ben this time.

    Bruno replied with a chuckle and they looked around the room a few minutes and saw a luggage tag that said Emily Slater on it.

    This is the right room.

    She told Bruno and opened the blinds that led to a small balcony. She had carried a laser pointer in her purse that looked like a pen. After turning it on, she blinked it a few times to give Nathan the signal that she and Bruno got inside the room.
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    Nathan Betancourt

    While Jasmine and Bruno got themselves into the Slaters' hotel room, Nathan went to pick up his special delivery. He was glad that the address that Turner had given him was correct and it was waiting for him. Once again he was pleased that he had decided to keep Turner around. When the little punk had attempted to use his computer skills to hack into Nathan's bank accounts and steal from him, Nathan had planned to kill him. That was until he realized he could turn Turner and make him a part of his coven. Skills like that were hard to come by and since Turner had joined the coven he was proving himself useful again and again. Nathan was waiting on a rooftop across the street from the hotel when he saw the laser pointer. As always Jasmine never made him wait long. He held the box in his arms as he jumped across the street with little effort and landed on room's balcony. Nathan set the box down on the bed and started to open it. Bruno told him.

    The Slaters aren't here yet.

    That's fine. It gives my new friend time to get acquainted with the room.

    Nathan replied and pulled out a gaboon viper from the box. Bruno jumped back when he saw the snake like a little girl. Nathan raised an eyebrow at him. Bruno was a large man and had taken on a lot of men as a boxer and yet he was scared of a snake.

    Are you scared of snakes?

    Sorry boss but snakes give me the creeps. He won't bite will he?

    He won't bite you.

    Nathan replied and set the snake down to slither around the room. He wanted to make sure it looked like the snake was very comfortable in the room. He told Bruno to put the box on the balcony as they waited for the Slaters to return. Bruno would have gladly waited on the balcony so that the glass would give him some protection from the snake.
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    Dustin Gabriel

    Dustin Gabriel was totally unaware that he and his wife Ellen shouldn't go into their hotel room. They were enjoying themselves in Paris. It was the first real vacation they had taken in their lives. Before the war back home they had been too poor to even move to a better neighborhood away from rogue vampires. After the war they had started new lives. They had to since Dustin had once being a part of Nathan's rebellion until Nathan had used Ellen to try and kill Rachel and Chase. Ellen had been almost killed and had to be turned into a vampire to save her life. Dustin turned on Nathan and told the local coven everything he knew about Nathan's plans. They had been given immunity and started new lives. The past ten years had been the best years of Dustin's life. Finally they were free of vampires like Nathan. Still he wondered if Nathan was still alive, after a decade everyone assumed he had to be dead. That's why Dustin and Ellen had put off this trip for so long. She had always wanted to go Paris but the idea of leaving the safety of home was strong. Nathan surely hated them for betraying him. Dustin knew how cruel Nathan was to his enemies. Still ten years was a long time and it was the week of their wedding anniversary. Dustin felt it was worth the risk to take Ellen to a place she had wanted to visit since she was a child. He unlocked their hotel room door and asked her.

    So has Paris been worth the wait?

    He tossed the key onto a table near the door and took of his coat. He was unaware that anyone else was in their hotel room. Nothing seemed different.
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    Ellen Gabriel

    Ellen Gabriel was having the time of her life in Paris with her husband. She had always wanted to visit the city since she was little girl. It sounded so romantic and so far Paris had been living up to what her childhood beliefs thought it would be. Before either her or Dustin had been turned into vampires, they had been too poor to even think of coming to Paris. They were too poor to even move to a better part of town. Their lives had changed for the better since the war ended. Although they had changed their names to Daniel and Emily Slater. The coven thought it would keep them safe from Nathan since he wasn't captured and killed with his allies when the rebellion ended. She hadn't been sure if they should leave the safety of home at first but if Nathan had wanted to come after them wouldn't he had done so in the last ten years? They couldn't keep putting off their lives because of him. She wouldn't have traded coming here for anything. It was a perfect way to spend their wedding anniversary.

    Very much so.

    Ellen told her husband with grin as she headed towards the bathroom. Ellen planned to take a shower. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She hadn't been prepared for what was waiting for her when she walked into the bathroom. She got too close to the gaboon viper and he striked. Sinking its fangs into her leg. She screamed out in pain as she fell down to grab her leg.
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    Nathan Betancourt

    Dustin was taking off his shoes when Ellen headed for the bathroom. He was going to tell her to wait for him to join her when he heard her scream. He yelled her name and ran to her side. He had no idea what had happened. He was too distracted by his wife to realize there was a snake in the room. The gaboon viper was in a bad mood and as soon as Dustin got too close to the snake it bit him in the arm. Dustin yelled in pain and was holding his arm when he heard a familar voice. He hadn't heard that voice in years.

    Hello Dustin.


    He looked up in shock. He hadn't seen him in ten years but Dustin knew Nathan hated him.

    Did you think you could betray me and get away with it?

    He had a syringe that had sedative in it to calm the snake so he wouldn't get bitten as well. The snake was hissing at Nathan but after the sedative took effect, the snake was asleep. Dustin replied to Nathan.

    You're the one who betrayed me. You crossed the line when you hurt Ellen!

    Nathan scoffed at Dustin. Ellen had tried to stop him from hurting Rachel, she got what she deserved.

    She got in my way. I told you that you were stupid to keep your little pet around Dustin. Now you'll both pay for it.

    No! It's my fault...she ever got involved with this...Please let her...go...

    Dustin tried to plead. The venom was starting to take its effect and he was in pain now. Nathan laughed at Dustin's suggestion.

    You know I can't do that. She'll tell everyone back home I'm alive and that will ruin all my fun. Not that it'll matter once your dead but just so you know, the gaboon viper is considered one of the world's deadliest snakes and you both are going to die very painfully while I watch.

    Nathan said leaning down with an evil grin on his face.

    You never should have let such a dangerous animal into your life Dustin.
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    Jasmine Torres

    While Nathan taunted his enemies, Jasmine and Bruno stayed by the door. Bruno was too creeped out by the gaboon viper to move around the room. Even if it was sedated now it gave him the creeps. Jasmine thought it was a slightly assuming that such a large man could be scared of an animal. Although once she saw the effects of the snake's venom on Dustin and Ellen she knew he had a right to be scared of it. It wasn't a pretty sight. They were in terrible pain, their bodies were swelling and blistering. The venom was a hemotoxin and eventually the couple started to bleed out of all their body's orifices. It was a painful and cruel way to die. If they had still been humans death would have come sooner but since they had been vampires, it was even slower and more painful. Jasmine knew Nathan was enjoying every moment of it. She saw Ellen painfully reach for her husband's hand and whisper that she loved him. Ellen had given up begging Nathan to stop, she knew it wasn't going to work. At that point Jasmine couldn't watch anymore and looked at the wall above them. She and Bruno weren't even needed in the room right now. The snake had taken care of everything but if Jasmine knew Nathan then this wasn't just about revenge. It was a lesson too. This is what happened to those who betrayed Nathan. When the couple was dead, she quietly asked Nathan.

    Now what?
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