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    Jasmine Torres

    Ah I see.

    Jasmine said with a smirk on her face when Samuel said his wife was at home.

    It must be lonely for you then. To here all by yourself. I'm a little lonely tonight too...

    She reached over and touched his arm. The smirk turned into a seductive smile.

    We could keep each other "company" tonight.
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    Samuel Caspian

    Once Samuel realized what Jasmine was implying they could do tonight, his friendliness disappeared. He grabbed her wrist and removed her hand from his arm.

    No. I'll spend the night alone.

    He wouldn't be taking Jasmine up on her offer. Even if his wife wasn't there and would probably have no way of knowing, he would never cheat on her. He finished his drink and moved to stand up.

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    Jasmine Torres

    Secretly Jasmine was glad to hear that Samuel was loyal to his wife. When she had been a prostitute, there were always far too many men who were willing to take her up on her offers while the wives were waiting at home. It was nice to see a good husband even if he wouldn't be returning home to his wife again. She grabbed Samuel's arm to stop him from leaving.

    Oh don't be like that. She won't know and if you want...You can pretend I'm your wife tonight.
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    Samuel Caspian

    Samuel once again removed his arm from Jasmine's grasp.

    That may be true but I would know. Now you're a very pretty lady and I'm sure you'll find many willing men who will want to keep you from being lonely tonight. But I'm not one of them.
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    Jasmine Torres

    Jasmine sighed at Samuel.

    Well it's your loss. But if you change your mind...

    She grabbed a cocktail napkin and wrote down her cell phone number. She winked at him as she put the napkin into his pants' pocket.

    Give me a call.

    After Samuel left it would appear to everyone in the bar that Bruno was going to take Jasmine up on her offer instead of Samuel. They pretended she was picking him and after a few minutes, they headed towards the elevator. Bruno dialed Nathan's cell number and told him.

    He's heading up.
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    Samuel Caspian

    No offense dear but I won't be regretting it.

    Samuel replied to Jasmine and he wouldn't be calling her either. He actually threw the napkin away as he walked out of the bar towards the elevators to go up to his room. Bruno grabbed it from the trash and when Nathan received the call, he replied.


    Samuel would have no idea what was waiting from him in his hotel room.
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    Nathan Betancourt

    When Samuel walked into his hotel room, he was ready to go to sleep. There was still a few hours left before dawn but he was tired from being in meetings and he could use the time to catch up on sleep. Plus he almost felt guilty about what had happened with Jasmine. He wasn't going to take her up on the offer but he felt like he was almost cheating on his wife. He missed her and couldn't wait to get home to her. He stripped down to his boxers and was walking towards the bed, when he felt something like a bee sting in his arm. He barely saw the needle sticking out of his arm when he blacked out. Nathan had found out a long time ago, thanks to testing drugs on his own coven, how powerful a dose he could give to a vampire to have an effect. Vampires needed a much stronger dose of any drug to have an effect like blacking out then a human would need but it was still possible. While Samuel was passed out he used the hotel phone to call Jasmine's cell phone so she and Bruno would come up. After they arrived, he had Bruno put Samuel on the bed and he handcuffed Samuel to it. He told Jasmine and Bruno to trash the room and make sure there were "presents" for the police to find as he waited for Samuel to wake up. Nathan was sitting on the bed holding a wooden stake as he waited. Samuel's head hurt as he started to wake up. When Nathan heard him groaning, Nathan told him.

    Wake up Samuel.

    He wanted Samuel awake when he did this. Samuel tried to grab his head that was pounding but couldn't. His hands were handcuffed above his head. He struggled against them when he heard Nathan's voice. He was still out of it a little because of the drug Nathan had forced into his arm.


    He said looking around and Nathan sneered at Samuel.

    I know we've never been properly introduced...I'm Nathan Betancourt.

    Samuel looked up at Nathan in shock. It was true they never had actually met face to face. Samuel had learned enough about Nathan from Isabelle, Chase, and the rest of Isabelle's coven. When Chase had needed help rescuing Rachel from Nathan, he had agreed to help and had blown up the pub to hurt Nathan's rebellion.

    You...You're supposed to be dead.

    I'm glad everyone thinks I am. It makes fools like you come out of hiding.

    Samuel tried to break his hands free but he was stuck. Nathan yawned at Samuel. There was no way Samuel would be able to break them. Nathan had had those specially made to make sure of that. Even Bruno, with his strength, couldn't break them.

    Don't bother, not even a vampire as old and strong as you can break those. You're lucky you only blew up the pub that seriously hurt my rebellion ten years ago.

    Why is that?

    Samuel said with a glare on his face.

    Because your death will come quicker then Dustin's did.

    Nathan replied and shoved the stake into Samuel's heart to kill him. Once Samuel was dead he told Jasmine and Bruno it was time to go.

    Jasmine make sure you properly dispose of that phone.

    He was certain she would do so and jumped out the window to reach their hotel room across the street before the sun rose.
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    Jasmine Torres

    Jasmine and Bruno it didn't make Nathan wait long when he called. Jasmine brought the handcuffs that Nathan used to handcuff Samuel to the bed and she helped Bruno trash the hotel room. They made it look like Samuel had been throwing a little party. The "presents" for the police to find were drugs and drug paraphernalia. They also made sure it looked like Samuel had been robbed because Jasmine took his wallet and his watch. She was glad that Samuel had a quicker death then Dustin and Ellen. At least being staked was a faster way to go then being bitten by a snake. Although a part of her felt bad. He wouldn't be going home to his wife that he clearly loved and after the police investigation, she would probably think he never truly loved her. Since they were going to make it look like Samuel had been killed by a drugged up prostitute that he picked up at the bar. Bruno made sure the police would find the phone number Jasmine had written down by the phone. When Nathan said it was time to go, she nodded her head.

    I will.

    She told Nathan when he said to properly dispose the phone. It was a burner one that she had gotten for the trip. While Nathan headed to their hotel, Jasmine and Bruno decided to use the little time before sun rise to take care of the phone. No matter how big or nice a city, there was always a part of it that most citizens didn't like to acknowledge and wanted to forget existed. Where the prostitutes, the homeless, drunks and drug addicts lived. They found the neighborhood and found a woman who had short black hair and a similar build to Jasmine. Jasmine snapped her picture with her Blackberry and sent it to Turner. He did some quick research and told Jasmine that the woman was prostitue who had been in and out of jail since she was 14 years old and heavily abused drugs. The last time she was sober was probably the last time she was in jail which was less then a week ago. Jasmine thought the woman sounded way too similiar to her own mother for her to actually feel bad about framing her for Samuel's death. Jasmine left the burner phone and Samuel's belongings they had stolen near her. The woman was passed out from her latest drug binge that she didn't even realize they were near her. Jasmine and Bruno then joined Nathan at the hotel to rest for the day and then head back to Budapest.
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    Nathan Betancourt

    Nathan, Jasmine, and Bruno returned home the next night. Samuel's body was discovered three days later when the hotel realized he hadn't checked out. Police were surprised to see that he been staked because they didn't have much dealings with immortals. Upon investigation it was concluded that he had picked up a prostitue at the hotel's bar. The bartender remembered a woman with short black hair trying to pick him up but he hadn't seemed interested. The police figured Samuel must have later changed his mind since the last phone call from the hotel phone was to the cell phone number they had found. Samuel had drugs in his system that matched what drugs were found in the room. The official report said that he and prostitue had gotten high and something happened that caused her to stake him because he was a vampire. It was possible he had lured her to his room to drink her blood and she had protected herself. She then robbed him and ran off. They traced the phone to one of the bad neighborhoods and found a woman matching the description with the phone and Samuel's wallet. She didn't remember being in the hotel that night but she also couldn't remember her full name. The lead detective learned that the woman had caused many problems over the years. She once knifed a girl for taking her whiskey bottle, so she was probably capable of more violence then they had realized. The hotel was a fancier one and its owner wanted the case solved as fast as possible. He didn't want his business to be hurt by this case. Although the woman claimed she was innocent she wasn't believed and was going to be put on trial for Samuel's murder. Before a trial was started she ended up killing herself from a drug overdose which to police confirmed their belief she was guilty and they closed the case.
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