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    Isabelle Caspian

    Oh I see. Well I hope you get a chance to check out the shop. You won't regret it.

    Isabelle replied to Jasmine and told her good night. She entered her hotel room unaware that her ex boyfriend had finally decided to reenter her life.

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    Spencer Caspian

    Spencer was struggling to get free of Bruno's grip. It wasn't any good, the other vampire was much stronger. He saw Isabelle enter their hotel room and tried to yell at her to get away but he couldn't speak. The choke hold he was in made it difficult to breath. He kicked at a nearby end table to knock it over. The lamp on it crashed into the wall.
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    Nathan Betancourt

    Isabelle wasn't aware that anything was wrong when she entered her hotel room. She was setting her purse down on the table near the door and had her back turned to everyone else.

    Now where were we-

    She had a seductive sound in her voice that disappeared when she heard the lamp crash into the wall. She turned in shock.


    She yelled out and her fangs were flashing when she saw Bruno had her husband in a choke hold. Before she could move though Nathan approached her.

    Hello Isabelle. Did you miss me?


    Isabelle looked at Nathan like she was seeing a ghost. She hadn't seen him in ten years, she thought he was dead. She had hoped he was dead. He had been one of the worst parts of her life. He had made her do a lot of things she regretted. Like attacking Gerret...Spencer had helped her coven forgive her for the crimes she had committed with Nathan. It had taken her longer though to forgive herself.

    No I didn't. Call your goon off!

    She yelled at him but it wasn't like Nathan was going to listen to her. He never did. Nathan sneered at her as he picked up a piece of wood that had broken off the end table.

    No I don't think so. I've been waiting a long time for this. You never should have left me.

    He was going towards Spencer when Isabelle grabbed his arm.

    No! Do what you want to me but leave Spencer alone. He didn't-

    Nathan used his free hand to throw Isabelle against the wall.

    He turned you against me!

    What you wanted was wrong!

    Isabelle yelled back at him through her pain. Her head and back had hit the wall very hard.

    No! What I did wrong was not realizing how weak you truly are. You hated that coven all your life but Prince Charming comes along and suddenly you think I'm the bad one. I was there for you when no one else was. I would have gave you the world but you turned your back on me. Sided with them, with him.

    You were there for me when it was convenient for you! Don't act like you loved me, you only love yourself.

    Isabelle yelled back at him as she got to her feet. Nathan shrugged because it was true. He hadn't loved Isabelle, he used her when he saw fit.

    Well it doesn't matter now does it? You aren't going to get to live happily ever after anymore Cinderella. And this time there's no one to heal your prince.

    Nathan said and shoved the wood into Spencer's chest as Bruno held onto to him so he couldn't get away. Isabelle screamed out and tried to get to Spencer's side. She was too late though. Bruno let go of Spencer after Nathan staked him and Isabelle had tears running her face. She had loved Spencer all her life even when she thought of him just as a childhood friend. She whispered against his chest that she loved him even if he couldn't hear her now. Nathan grabbed her arm to pull her off of her husband.

    I hate you!

    Isabelle screamed through her tears. She tried to bite him with her fangs. Nathan sneered at her as he twisted her arm and was able to keep her back enough so she couldn't hurt him.

    Baby you did remember I like it rough. Now don't cry, you'll be with him again very soon.

    If you want to kill me, do it. At least then I wouldn't have to look at your face anymore!

    Nathan mocked Isabelle as he grabbed a pair of handcuffs that Bruno was holding out for him.

    Oh I'm hurt that you don't think I'm handsome anymore. Isabelle we've been through so much together, I have something very special planned for you.

    Isabelle glared at Nathan. Nathan told Jasmine and Bruno to come along. When she saw that Jasmine was the same woman who had distracted her in the hallway, she was shocked.


    Nathan put a long trench coat around Isabelle so no nosey hotel guests would realize she wasn't able to move her arms. He was leading her out of the room when he saw that Isabelle noticed Jasmine.

    Oh that's Jasmine. You'd like her, you two are very similar in some ways. But unlike you Isabelle, she's loyal.

    Then she doesn't know the real you.

    I wouldn't say that, would you Jasmine?

    He didn't give Jasmine a chance to respond because he didn't really care what she had to say. Spencer and Isabelle had rented a car for their stay in Athens and Nathan made Isabelle tell him where it was. He sat in the back seat with Isabelle while Bruno drove it. They headed down to one of the beautiful beaches near the city. Bruno parked near a dock where he and Nathan then left the car.

    You ladies wait here while we get the boat.

    It wasn't like Isabelle would have much of choice as she tried to move her hands but she was stuck. Turner had rented a boat using Spencer's name and Nathan went to pick it up. Once alone with Jasmine, Isabelle tried to appeal to her.

    Listen I know how Nathan is. He's charming and he can make you feel like the only woman in the world when he wants to... I thought for a long time I loved him but he's too selfish to love anyone else. He's just going to use you and make you do a lot of terrible things for him. He made me...Jasmine you need to get away from him.
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    Jasmine Torres

    Spencer tried to fight but it was no use. He wasn't going to avoid a wooden stake this time. He yelled in pain as Nathan staked him. It was just like the first time he had the misfortune of meeting Nathan. Nathan had crashed the wedding of Emma and Marcus and he and Spencer had fought over Isabelle. He had been staked that time too but Nathan had missed his heart that time. Spencer had been lucky because a healer named Anna was there to help him. This time...he wasn't so lucky. He fell onto the floor in pain when Bruno dropped him. He had just enough time to whisper that he loved Isabelle before he died. Jasmine didn't say anything when Nathan and Isabelle talked about her. She knew he didn't expect an answer from her. She knew how he truly was and although things like this bothered her, she was loyal to him. She sat next to Bruno when they drove to the beach to get a boat. When Isabelle tried to appeal to her, she sighed as she looked out the windshield.

    I do know how he is.

    There was probably a brief moment of time that she thought she loved Nathan but she quickly got over that. He wasn't capable of loving anyone and that was okay with her.

    I have no illusions about him and love. He isn't capable of it and I don't care. He saved me...

    He saved her from being like her mother. He saved her from living in fear of Micha. She was weak before Nathan came into her life, he had made her stronger. Even if it was just to use her when he wanted to.

    I owe Nathan my life...I'm sorry Isabelle.

    Although they had only met briefly, she felt she could have been friends with Isabelle if they had met in a different way. She was sorry that Spencer had to die and that Isabelle had to as well.
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    Nathan Betancourt

    Isabelle sighed as she listened to Jasmine. Nathan was right, Jasmine sounded like the woman Isabelle had been before she realized she loved Spencer and was accepted by her coven. Loyalty given to someone who didn't deserve it.

    I'm sorry too...Someday he'll probably take your life that you say he saved.

    She knew Nathan well enough to know he'd kill Jasmine if she ever betrayed him, just like he was going to kill her. Nathan didn't make them wait long before he returned. The nice thing about rental companies that catered to the vampires was they sometimes just left keys waiting because they were short handed at night and "Spencer" had prepaid for the boat anyway. He grabbed Isabelle and forced her to walk down the docks to a boat.

    You remember once Isabelle you told me you always wished you could see the sun rise? Because your mother told you how beautiful it was but you never could experience it because you were born a vampire.


    Isabelle replied not liking where he was going with this. She had revealed too many things to Nathan when they were together. She had been born to a human mother and there were many things she wished she could have experienced with her. Leave it to Nathan to remember such things.

    For old times sake I thought I'd grant you that wish. I hear the sun rise is beautiful out on the sea.

    He said forcing her onto the boat and handcuffing to her the railing of the boat. Bruno was driving the boat and as the dawn started to come, Nathan ordered him and Jasmine below deck. He gave Isabelle a kiss that she hated.

    Enjoy your sun rise Isabelle. I know I will.

    He headed down the deck where there were no windows. He, Jasmine, and Bruno would be safe from the sun's rays. There was a small peep hole through the door that led below deck that Nathan could see Isabelle through. He watched in delight as the sun rose and Isabelle was burned to death from its rays. It was a slow way to go and the more he watched Isabelle suffer before she died, the more he enjoyed it. Her screams could be heard through out the boat but they were in the middle of the sea with no other boats near by.
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    Jasmine Torres

    No he won't. I'll never betray him.

    Jasmine replied to Isabelle. She knew the other vampire was right though. If she betrayed Nathan, he would kill her. But she was loyal to him, so she didn't have to worry about that. She followed Nathan onto the boat and when Isabelle screamed out as she died from the sun rise, she tightened her jaw. Another painful way for someone to die and more lessons on what happened to traitors from Nathan. They rested the day on the boat and when it was night again, she asked Nathan.

    So what now?
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    Nathan Betancourt

    Before Isabelle died she didn't think what Jasmine said was true. There was a time she had thought she'd never leave Nathan either. Before she could tell her that, Nathan came back to seal her fate. When it was night again, Nathan replied to Jasmine.

    We tie up the loose ends.

    He didn't want things coming back to him. He threw the handcuffs into sea so they wouldn't be found. They abandoned the boat at another beach near Athens and headed back to the city by hitching a ride from an elderly couple. They claimed their car broke down. It was tempting to Nathan to kill them but he decided against it since he would have to give the police an explanation for those deaths as well. He decided to just thank them, let them go on their way, and head back home to his coven in Budapest. He had Turner work his magic and make it look like to the police Spencer had been having an affair on his wife. When Isabelle found out she killed him in a fit of passion. She then felt terrible remorse for it though and left a suicide note. The police ruled it as a murder/suicide when they discovered Spencer's body and dug into his personal life. Secret emails and calls from a lover were discovered. They came to the conclusion that Isabelle had taken their rental car to the beach and ended her life on the boat that was found in another dock a few days later. Her note that they had left in the room said she couldn't live what she had done and she'd rather see the sun rise for the first and last time then have to deal with it.
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