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    Nathan's Factory: Home to his Coven (continued)

    Jasmine's Room

    Jasmine was of course given her own room. She was the first member of the coven and seems to be the most loyal. She prefers a simple design.

    Sia's Room

    Being the best drug dealer in the coven has earned Sia the right to have her own room. She likes the warm, cozy feeling of the room even though she's pretty cold to most of the coven.

    Turner's Room

    Nathan considers Turner important because of his computer skills. Turner has many interests and his room is a catch all for those.

    The Gym

    Nathan has a gym built for coven members who like to exercise and keep in fighting shape. There's a boxing ring in it for Bruno and it is large enough to give Sacha plenty of room to practice martial arts. There is also some other exercise equipment. Nathan rarely uses it himself though.

    The Lab

    This is where Elena and some of the other females make the drugs. Because everyone are vampires there isn't a need for a kitchen. Although there is a large steel refrigerator that coven stores blood in.

    Turner's area

    Turner has a computer area near the labs to his work at and Nathan can keep an eye on him.
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    Bardou Townhouse

    Rachel and Chase were new to the community and moved into one of the many available townhouses. It is a nice three bedroom, one bathroom home. It's perfect for them right now since they are just starting a family. In the future if Rachel and Chase have more children they will probably move into a house.

    Living Room/Dining Room

    The first floor of the townhouse is large. There is a living area and room for a dining room table near the kitchen. Rachel and Chase are social people but at times they are homebodies. They'd rather spend most of their nights at home watching movies or playing board games then going out all the time.


    Rachel and Chase also love to cook at home. They have to eat at the dining room table for their meals because the kitchen's layout isn't large enough for a table but the room does have plenty of counter space.

    Laundry Closet

    Off of the kitchen there is a closet that contains the townhouse's washer and dryer.

    Rachel and Chase's room

    The bedrooms are located on the second floor. Rachel and Chase have a spacious bedroom with lots of closet space. They decorated in a way to reflect both their tastes.

    Rafe's room

    Rafe's room is decorated with an ocean theme. His room is not as large has his parents' room but it is still big enough he'll have plenty of room to play with his toys.

    Ming's Room

    Ming's room is decorated with a Chinese theme to embrace her native culture. She loves the color pink as well. She's started to decorate the walls with pictures of her family and her favorite drawings.

    Spare Bedroom/Home Office

    Rachel and Chase made the extra bedroom a home office for Rachel to use when she's writing or planning lectures for the school. There is room for Rafe to play while Rachel is working and room for Ming to spend time with her mom too. There is also room that guests could sleep in there on air mattresses.


    The bathroom is a little small it is still nice. Rachel and Chase like the bathtub because it's large enough for two people and they enjoy taking baths together.


    Rachel and Chase have a nice decent size backyard for a townhouse. They like to plant flowers and spend time outdoors. There is also room for Rafe and Ming to play. When the weather is nice, Chase grills outside.
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    The House of the Ro Family (Bath Houses, Other Rooms & the Gardens)

    Additional Rooms and the Gardens

    There are may other rooms in the Ro house that reflect the style and nature of its builder as well as the family who regularly dwell within.

    Fireplace Room

    There is a room with a fireplace that stands adjacent to a library as well as one of the larger living rooms. This room is best used during winter, where wood can be placed in the iron fireplace. Cushions and couches provide a comfortable place to relax and read or chat with friends and guests. Windows can also be opened to let in fresh air during warm summer days or cool summer nights.

    The Dojo Room

    This room is where Shigure trains and meditates. It is here that he will train his children and any who wish to learn the ways of the sword. It is a model of the dojo he had in Japan. The dojo can be reached from within the house, but it can also be entered through the garden by sliding fusuma. The dojo is handcrafted built in the style of a 16th century samurai mansion. the furnishings, Shigure had imported directly from Japan and are antiques of his own collection. The main floor holds the tokonoma*, a small tea room, a meeting room, dressing room, bathroom and larger mat area for practice. A small alcove on the second floor holds the office, an additional bathroom, and a small library for the dojo.

    *In the traditional room, a raised alcove interior room is reserved for the display of wall-scrolls (kakemono) and art. In this room the tokonoma hold Shinto artifacts for prayer and meditation.

    Violet's Library

    One of Shigure's gifts to Violet in a very Eastern-style house was her own, personal library where she could relax and enjoy a good book. There are books there in English, Japanese and her native Russian. There is a first floor on the ground level and a smaller alcove on the second floor full of books.

    The room in cozy in setting with comfortable chairs, gentle lamps and small windows that can be sealed shut for the sun-sensitive of the house. There is a wooden ladder in the corner that serves as a secretive stair to the second story of the library. There is a stone fireplace that meets a wooden pained ceiling. There is a private archway behind the ladder that leads to a small room with scrolls, maps and artifacts Shigure's collected over his many years of existence and travel.

    Bath Houses (ofuro)

    In the garden, along the pathway that leads to the Koi Pond and Tea House in the back, is a Japanese bath house. Traditionally, one showers and uses the toilet in a room adjoining the o-furo. Ofuros are usually small and deep, but can be larger to accommodate a larger amount of people. Bathing is a sacred thing in Japan, but it can also be a luxury. This heated tub, akin to an American hot tub, is set off a stair path near some secluded trees and behind a stone wall for privacy and peace.

    The Gardens

    In the inner-most courtyard, surrounded by the main residence and the guest residence is a small, tsuboniwa garden. Large, flat stepping stones lead from gravel and thick green grass of the garden to the residential houses. Bamboo reeds and the tsukubai stone basin for hand washing and purification were set among the natural elements in an organized fashion. There are also small stone lanterns, ishidoro, lit throughout to complete the design elements (earth, air, fire and water). The garden is covered so the sun-sensitive family may enjoy it during the day time. Lanterns and electric lights hang from the ceiling to provide the light.

    The backyard and front gardens are meant to be a peaceful, reflective space. It is also one where the family can play and enjoy nature. The organized harmony with nature and their houses is important and reflected throughout the property. A stream runs across the front half of the property and then bows back across the last portion of the backyard's garden. There are various bridges ranging from moon bridges to simple, flat stepping stones that allow for travel across it before it meets up with the koi pond in the back.

    Many of the plants are imported from their native Japan. There are trees such as maple, wisteria and sakura and flowers of different colors and sizes. The gardens can be seen from anywhere in the house, but are especially beautiful from the verandahs.

    After walking over the steep moonbridge, one comes to a wooden gazebo in the middle of a small island on the koi pond. It is privately surrounded by trees and flowers and serves as a small, romantic escape from the world beyond the Ro estate's walls.

    There is a swing in the middle of the gazebo and a bench around the inside wall. It can seat two or many and is tranquil. The only sounds to be heard are the wind, the small waterfall and the koi as they swim in the decent-sized pond.

    On each end of the island with the gazebo are four stone lanterns that sit among the koi at the water's edge. Each lantern is differently designed and stands at the four compass directions of the island. Each design reflects an aspect of the wind that touches it first (as winds are named for the direction in which they come). They are lit at night and serve as beacons for those trying to find their way to the gazebo in the gardens. Many lanterns such as these, called Ishidōrō. Such lanterns are ancient in origin, being introduced to Japan as far back as the 6th century.

    The Back Gate

    At the back of the property, the tall, wooden fence reminds guests of their enclosed paradise. A gate marks a second way back out to the world. From here, one can look back and reflect upon the tall, serene trees, the scents of wisteria and sakura blossoms, the trickling sound of water trickling from the fall, the touch of the gentle breeze upon their skin and the taste of peace that is the garden and property of the Ro household.

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    The Chapel - Budapest

    On the grounds of the community

    The chapel is a modest-sized stone building near the centre of the community. It was built only recently, but copies an older style. The landscaping nearby is simple, but includes tended flowers in the spring and summer.

    The sanctuary is not large, but contains space for anyone who wishes to attend weekly mass or prayer services, which Father Marek conducts. The masses are Roman Catholic, but the many of the prayer services are fairly interdenominational Christian gatherings.

    Boris, the Lycan leader, provided a carved cross of his own workmanship for the small church.

    The chapel building also includes a small interfaith prayer room. It is open for anyone's use at any time, and is quiet and private.

    There is a small confessional adjoining the sanctuary for those who prefer to maintain traditional Roman Catholic confession, although Father Marek is also happy to speak to people in his office if they would be more comfortable.

    Marek's office is simple, furnished with just a desk, three chairs, a computer, some bookshelves and filing cabinets, and a carved wooden crucifix on the wall.

    The chapel building also includes a meeting room with several comfortable chairs. It is available for family pastoral counseling, group discussions, lectures, and church functions.

    The chapel has a small library of religious books, which can be either read sitting on a comfortable bench or chair, or checked out. The checking out is done on the honour system, and the library is not staffed, although Father Marek is happy to answer questions about it.

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