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Thread: Worlds Apart

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    It really depends on your standards. Doc Savage, one of the foremost and most idealistic pulp heroes, basically lobotomized the "evil-doing part of the criminal mind" before sending said criminal back into society. He did this often, in fact. The Shadow and The Spider, while good guys, just outright killed their enemies. There's a lot of moral ambiguity in the pulps when you look for it. However, generally this is all excusable when you consider WHO pulp heroes fought in the first place. The Spider's villains, for instance, would blow up buildings and kill hundreds of people just to say "hello."

    Okay, the first post is really lengthy and I really have no idea on how to make it shorter. 90% of it is exposition and scene-setting as bare as I can make it and I still think I may not have given you guys enough to work with. I think it's interesting enough not to skip completely over, not to mention almost completely necessary, and I promise my future posts will be much less long and boring. I'm just getting all of the weird, poorly-researched science out of the way so we can jump into the action.

    If you don't want to give a bajillion and one paragraphs of story like I just did, don't worry. Like the front page says, it's not how much you write, but WHAT you write.

    Also, everything new players need to know to begin is right there, smack-dab in the first post. Convenient, eh? If anything's unclear so far, I've spilled everything I personally know about the setting and the Strange family, and now we go from here. Anything that's not in that first post can be made up.
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    It looks quite interesting. A man in the body of a robot, a paralel world and British punctuality, lol.
    I think I'm putting together a character I'm going to play with. I'm going to search for an image to use.
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    I kinda established a "situation". My main character will make his debut in my next post.
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    Hi Auto Destruct. First: I’m new, very new at this, but Meteoro told me about your story and I have alredy read the out line. Second: could you please send me some info about the gender. And last..... I have to warn you about my terrible, terrible english.... I could be sord of and spanish Zorro who refuses to learn english )))))
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    Ha ha! XD If you do make a Zorro sort of character, he'll fit right into the pulp setting. In fact, it'd be awesome to have a suave Errol Flynn or Zorro type with a rapier in the roleplay. Oh, or a luchador. I don't mean to stereotype or anything, but lucha libre is awesome, crazy fun.

    I'm all about comfort zones. If you'd prefer to write a reply in Spanish, you could translate it to English with Google Translate (located at http://translate.google.com/?hl=en&tab=wT) and then post the translated version. Or, if you don't like that idea, I'm going to allow you to post in Spanish anyway. Either way, it's going to be pretty easy for you and pretty easy for us. Win-win. :]

    EDIT: Also, here's a map of the World's Fair: http://www.1939nyworldsfair.com/worl...tour/index.htm
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    Ohhhhh, I had no clue the World Fair existed! For a moment there, I thought you had made that page, but it looks like it has been there since 2006.
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    Of course it was real! It ran for two seasons: April to October in 1939 and 1940, and the only major power that didn't make an appearance was Germany, for "budgetary limitations." A time bomb was even discovered on the British Pavilion on July 4th, 1940, which I think allows for even more pulpy action, beyond Planet Mu and in our own world, given the right creative licenses.

    Unfortunately, the Unisphere (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unisphere) replaced the Perisphere and Trylon for the 1964-65 New York World's Fair.

    And there really was a German mathematician who pioneered the idea of wormholes back in 1921. :] This layout of fact gives a steady ground to base our fiction on, and sets the scene pretty well I figure.
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    Ok then, I introduced my character which is from the other side after all so I will pretty much joining the action later. It's a bit short and it doesn't have a lot of detail in it for an introduction but I hope it works.
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    Loved your character, Banshee. She reminds me a bit of Jessica Rabbit, in her looks at least. Later on I will post again.
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    Thanks! I was actually thinking about her as a less naughty Jessica Rabbit version,a bit classier if you want. I can't wait for the group to pass over so I can actually join the fun
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