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Thread: Worlds Apart

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    Gracias Auto Destruct ))) I┤m going to try my "english" if it gets to bad and simply un-undestandable.. I'll understand jejejeje. I did like Banshee┤s character.
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    Hello everyone! Kibita reporting for duty! , I've been reading and doing some research to make sure that I'm on the right path n_n as soon as I am, I'll make my introduction ^.^
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    Kibita and Btz˙ are both friends of mine, just so you know
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    Greetings, im one of banshees friends looking forward to play, at the moment i have send my info to auto destruct, seeing you all around
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    Welcome to the game, Ramuh!
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    Sorry that I've been out, guys! A lot's been going on lately. My brother's been having heart problems, one of my friends has slowly worsening Crohn's Disease and needs to be driven to the hospital and back every so often, my mother hooked up with her old, old friend Terry so I've been away helping her clean her house to ready up for a five day visit from him, amongst other events -- overall, it's been a really busy week for me. Fortunately, it seems to have settled down. :] I'll certainly start posting regularly again.
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    Oh, it looks like you have a lot in your hands, AD. Good luck with everything.
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    Guys, I was wondering if you were still around. It looks like Auto Destruct may have run into some trouble, but I was wondering if you were still interested in continuing with this story or if you would be interested in looking somewhere else.
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    I'm here, I was just lurking at the background waiting, but I'm still interested in the story. I have been kinda busy myself but now the semester is over so I as soon as the story starts up I'm coming up with a new post.
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    *Curious peer*
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