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Thread: Worlds Apart

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    That's okay then, Banshee. If you need anything just post here. I'm keeping an eye in this thread.

    **waves at Sil**
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    my reply is same as banshees, also a friend of mine gonna join soon maybe 2.
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    The more, the merrier!
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    I would absolutely like to join! Could I be the Shadow? If you want to stay away from trademarked characters, I understand, but, well, I have a personal liking for the Shadow.

    That is, provided you start up again?
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    Sounds like a plan. We're just witing for Auto Destruct to make his return.

    By the way, is anyone else having problem to post? The post box is all wrong and I type white in white bakcground, just trying to figure out I'm typing right...
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    awesome character awesome movie?
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    Seems like an interesting story although neither Jen or I know much about Pulp genre. We might have some characters to bring in though if the story does truly get started.

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    This definitely has our interest. We each have a character from another story that died off that we could introduce here.
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    Perhaps, since there is so much new interest, we should start another pulp story line? Just throwing it out there...
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    That could work too but I think we should wait a bit more for Auto Destruct, I'm still very interested in that setting though
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