Person in charge of all of the healer's guilds in Ninx: Melia

Age level breakdown for trainees:

Level 0: 15-18
Level 1: 18-20
Level 2: 20-22
Level 3: 22-24
Level 4: 24-25
Level 5: 25-26

Different tests must be passed in order to move up to the next level. While there are specific ages in each group, if the trainee shows promise, she may take the level test early and progress through the levels at a different rate.

Each level test may be taken a maximum of three times. If still not passed after the third time, then the trainee is dismissed from the guild (if at level 0) or put on probation until they pass the exam.

There is a healer's guild in each city in Ninx and while each one has their own ways of doing things, Melia is in charge of all of them and passes down orders and regulations from the king. Also, each guild follows the same breakdown for the age groups.