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    The New Teen Titans: Out of Reality!

    The New Teen Titans: Out of Reality!

    Okay, the first post for our New Teen Titans story is posted. Here’s the basic idea of what the plot is going to be: Since the entire era of the New Teen Titans is getting wiped out of current DC continuity, we’re going to build a story where they start being replaced with all-new characters. Not all at once, but eventually they will start to fade away into nothingness as reality shifts around them. Their memories will start to change as well, they may not notice what is really going around, but will know there’s something odd, something new and something missing.

    The original cast of the New Teen Titans will be what we call NPC -non player characters-, meaning that they will have no “owner” in this game. Still, we can claim to use them for plot purposes. Our main characters will be the ones we introduce as we start replacing these old New Teen Titans with some new ones of our own creation.

    At this moment, Aahhz and I will be playing in this game. For the moment, let me use Raven and Robin. You pick one or more of the original cast as it suits you, too.

    If anyone else wants to play, you’re most welcome! The IC -in character- thread is here.
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    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I have to say that I loved that introduction for Osprey! Very dramatic for the readers, even if the characters are evidently a little lost!
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    Thanx, it took me a bit of time to figure out how to phrase the event without assuming to much on anyone's part, but still making it smooth.
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    I think it's about time I come up with my new New Titans character, lol. I have to figure out who he or she is going to be. The other day I had a character figured out, but somehow it slipped my mind... Could it be that reality is changing? Heehee.

    Anyway, Aahhz, I how you don't mind I kind of established certain closeness between your character and Raven. In consequence, there is going to be certain rivalry with Wally West. I'll do some more pitching of this game in Facebook and see if we can get more players
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