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    The New Teen Titans: Out of Reality!

    The New Teen Titans: Out of Reality!

    About a year ago, the New Teen Titans were brought together by a dark mistress naming herself Raven, a young woman surrounded by secrets and emotionally closed to the rest of the team. Little by little, she gained their trust, or at least most of it. She proved they could believe in someone and still give them some room for privacy. Those beliefs, though, got shattered when they were betrayed by Terra, a girl who acted within the group with the only purpose to destroy them, guided by Deathstroke, one of their biggest enemies.

    Now, as Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Starfire, Cyborg, Changeling and Raven mourn the loss of one of their teammates, they will have to face a bigger danger yet, when reality starts shifting around them and changes them from the core.

    ((If you want to join or comment, please visit the OOC -out of character- thread.))
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    It was a regular day at Titans Tower, well, at least as regular as it could be considering what they were going through. One of their teammates, Terra, betrayed them and died trying to kill them for good. That’s some serious burden they had to deal with. Still, they were copping the best they could. It was a blessing they had such fantastic facilities, a pool and everything they needed to relax.

    Too bad their little moment of quietness wouldn’t seem to last long.


    Raven walked into the pool area looking a little confused. It wasn’t just her usual coldness, it was something else that was bothering her. Could it be mourning or could it be something else? As usual, she was hard to read, but this time she wasn’t even trying to be unreachable. She sat down for a moment and then looked at her teammates, studying them, trying to understand this strange feel she had.

    “Dick, Donna... Could you all please come here? There is something bothering me and I need to talk with you...”
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    Donna climbed out of the pool, grabbed her towel and began drying her hair as she walked over to Raven.

    "What is it Raven?" Donna asked.

    Across the room, on the other side of the pool, Changeling was sitting on a lounge chair absorbed in his own thoughts; he had been the most effected by the loss of Tara and, though he was trying to put on an outward appearance of being fine, inside he was having trouble coping.

    Today seemed to be an even worse day for Changeling. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he really felt physically worse today than he had before and he wasn't sure if it was an illness coming on or just part of his depression making him feel physically ill. Had anyone there been focusing on Changeling, they might have noticed he did not look quite right, almost as if he was out of sync; like a TV whose picture wasn't coming in very well.
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    When Donna asked, Raven had to take a moment to gather her thoughts. It was getting harder and harder to focus on whatever was troubling her. For a moment, she noticed Gar’s shape was going out of focus, but the next instant the thought escaped her. Completely. Where there was alarm, only some anxiety remained.

    “Donna. You know my powers are not precise when it comes down to predicting the future, but I do get some glimpses and what I’m sensing about the days to come is really frightening me.” She took a moment again not to lose track of what she was saying. “It’s not like what happened with Tara. It’s something bigger; I think it will affect us all, but not just the Titans. I just don’t know how to explain it.”

    She sat in a pool chair and put one of her hands on her neck as if trying to ease the tension. “Dick.” She looked at him as we came near to her. “Can you explain this to me? It’s not Trigon nor Slade, that I know for sure, but I just can’t put it together--.”
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    Donna leaned down, putting a comforting hand on Raven's arm. Looking up at Dick, Donna said "Perhaps we should gather everyone else in the meeting room and put our heads together to see if we can help Raven figure out what is troubling her."
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    Robin nodded to Wonder Girl's call. “You got it right, Donna.” Then, turning to Raven. “With everything we've been through, if we if we have learned something, it's to trust your instincts.”

    “Guys!” He raised his voice calling the attention of Wally, Victor, Kory and Gar who were still around the pool. “Put on some clothes and let's go to the meeting room; it looks like there's a situation that needs to be addressed immediately.”

    A few minutes later, the Titans were sitting in their T-shaped table, some of them still with their hair wet, when Robin approached the blue cloaked girl.

    “Raven, if you would like to explain the situation--”


    Raven stood up in front of the group avoiding eye contact. She still didn't like being the focus of their attention, but this time there was no way around it.

    “I hope you forgive me because I don't have anything solid on this, but I can tell you reality is flickering. I really don't know how to explain it, but it is being reshaped and even the past is being affected. I can sense it in people's emotions, they're changing and taking new forms--” She looked at Gar, the Changeling, once again going out of synch. “Azarath protect us all. Something's wrong with Garfield Logan!” She pointed at her green teammate, but then, the blur passed, along with the memory of it.

    “Er-- What was I saying?”
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    Everyone in the room seemed to be effected by the haze that had caused Raven to lose track of what she was saying and for a moment no one could concentrate on anything or stay focused on one another.

    After a moment someone spoke up, a new voice that was known to all of them.

    Osprey leaned forward in his chair, resting his arms on the table; though at that moment he was not in costume as his powers were not active, so it was more of Oliver leaning forward and saying, "Whose Garfield Logan and why are were you pointing at me Raven?"

    Where once, a green skinned boy had occupied a space in Titans Tower, now someone different sat in that chair; but this person had always been there.
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    Raven frowned for a moment... "I'm sorry, Oliver, what was I talking about?" She leaned back and sat down doing her best to regain her focus. "I really don't know who's this Garfield Logan you mention. Actually, I don't remember saying that name..."

    Frustration was running over Raven's face. She was trying real hard to put every piece together. She knew something was escaping her, but she just couldn't place it.

    "I'm sorry, I really am, I don't know what's been taking over me. But I promise you, I'm not making this up. Something serious is happening."
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    "It's ok, Raven. Let's just see if we can sort it out." Oliver said.

    "Raven," Cyborg said from where he was sitting at the table, "Can you describe everything about the...sensation, you are feeling. I will start a search through our databases to see if anything pop's up. I'm also doing a full sensor sweep of the Tower to see if anything out of the ordinary is detected."

    "That's a good idea Vic," Donna said, "and perhaps we can give a call to S.T.A.R. Labs and see if they have noticed anything."
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    Raven sat down right next to Cyborg and pulled her cowl back. You could tell from the lack of light in her eyes and the slight quivering of her lips that she was really concerned about this matter. She had faced many dangers before, even her own father, but she always knew what she was fighting... Even when it came down to Terra, Raven's suspicions always ran deep. But now it was different. She knew something was off, as if between blinks, a dark force was taking their world away. Now, she had to put all of these ideas into words and explain it to a man who believed mostly in science; a man who not long ago used to call her "witch".

    "Victor," she paused for a moment trying to put her thoughts together, "I have a very strong feeling about our entire environment. As if everything was being manipulated, as if even the air was possessed. I know I'm not being very specific, but it's not a hunch, I can feel it, almost touch it." Raven knew her words weren't giving much to work with. How could she translate these emotions into facts? "Maybe the energy levels are shifting around us. That's something you could measure. Or something in the infrared level...? I'm sorry if I can't really help you more."
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