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    The New Teen Titans: Out of Reality!

    The New Teen Titans: Out of Reality!

    Welcome to the biography thread for the characters in "The New Teen Titans: Out of Reality!" storyline. Aahhz already came up with a great character and I will have to add my new one, too (as soon as I figure him or her out).

    I will be also editing this first post to include quick links to the different bios.


    Character List:

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    (based on the Hawk and Dove character ideas)

    Oliver Francis is a 16 year old boy who hasn't had the easiest of lives. His father is an abusive drunk who has beat Oliver most of his life; his mother is usually so wasted on drugs that she doesn't even notice the abuse on herself or Oliver. Because of this abusive treatment at home, Oliver tries to avoid going home as much as possible.

    Oliver is a very bright kid; he does well in school, passing all his classes with high marks, but doesn't apply himself and his low self esteem doesn't allow him to see that he could have a future, even go to college if he so chose. This applies to sports as well, Oliver plays on a number of teams at school, and he does well in the sports, but he doesn't have the self-confidence to be a star player (he could earn scholorships to play for college if he applied himself).

    Even though Oliver has been abused most of his life, and comes from the kind of environment that could lead one to become a bully; Oliver instead has develped a moral compass that leads toward helping those who are being bullied, (The kind of moral compass heroes are made of) and he is known for stepping in when other students are being picked on; which has made him a bit of an outsider. He is liked well enough by the other players on the school teams for his ability on the field, but they don't hang out with him socially because of his morality and those that he tends to help not be bullied can't get him to open up to them (because of his low self esteem given to him by a father that does nothing but berate him all the time); so he tends to spend his time wandering alone in the city.

    This is what leads Oliver to gain super-powers.

    One day, Oliver was walking around some abandoned tentements when he saw a student from his school being push around by what looked like gang members. Oliver steps in to help the boy and a fight ensues. Oliver had been in fights before and could hold his own against one or two opponents, but he got over powered by the half-dozen boys of the gang who beat Oliver nearly to the point of death and then dump him down into the basement of one of the tentements.

    There was a reason that the tentements were abandoned. People who lived in them saw strange lights, heard mysterious voices and felt as if some other worldly presence was always around, all the time. At first people tried to ignore it, or brush it off as a hoax, as caused by chemicals or just the crazies who choose to live there, but eventually all the people moved out and anyone refused to live there. The people were right, for some reason, this area had become connected to another dimension and other worldly things did move through the area.

    As Oliver lay there, he was suddenly flooded with a great warming light and a voice that says to him, "Oliver Francis, you have shown great courage and a desire to right the wrongs of the world. For this reason I am choosing you as an agent to go forth with great powers and fight the evils of this world. Whenever there is injustice or evil present, call upon the name OSPREY and you shall have the power to stop the wrongdoing."

    With that, Oliver finds himself healed and when he finds wrongdoing, he can become the superhero, OSPREY.

    The voice that Oliver heard was one of the Lords of Order and Chaos, similar to the ones who created HAWK and DOVE, who has decided to test the experiment of having an agent(s?*) on Earth to fight against evil that could disrupte the balance between order and chaos. Oliver does not know this of course, he just knows he is a super hero now.
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